Media of Equatorial Guinea

Media of Equatorial Guinea

The media in Equatorial Guinea is primarily run by the state. Radio and Television Asonga (see below) are not officially run by the state, but by people close to the administration.



In 2003, there were only about 9,600 mainline telephones in use throughout the country. The same year, there were about 41,500 mobile phones in use nationwide.


Newspapers published in the Spanish include:

  • El Tiempo
  • La Opinión
  • La Gaceta
  • El Ebano
  • La Verdad
  • La voz del pueblo


There are three state-run radio stations:

  • Radio Malabo
  • Radio Bata
  • Voie de Kie Ntem

There is a radio station run by the son of the president:

  • Radio Asonga


There exist two state-run television stations, one in Malabo and one in Bata.

In addition, Television Asonga broadcasts from Malabo.

Freedom of Speech

Although the constitution of Equatorial Guinea provides for free speech and a free press, the government is said to severely restrict these freedoms in practise, censoring all criticism of the president and security forces. Access to foreign publications is limited.

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