Meanings of minor planet names: 29001–30000

Meanings of minor planet names: 29001–30000

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Contents: 29,001… 29,101… 29,201… 29,301… 29,401… 29,501… 29,601… 29,701… 29,801… 29,901…

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
29053 Muskau 4466 T-2 Park von Muskau, astride the Neisse River between Poland and Germany
29085 Sethanne 1979 SD Sethanne Howard, American astronomer, chief of the U.S. Nautical Almanac Office 2000–2003
29122 Vasadze 1982 YR1 Tariel Shakrovich Vasadze, Ukrainian automotive inventor
29125 Kyivphysfak 1984 YL1 "Kyiv physics faculty" of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
29133 Vargas 1987 KH5 Norman ("Norm") L. Vargas, American amateur astronomer who assisted in organizing the Palomar Observatory's 1.2-m Schmidt Oschin Telescope plate archive
29137 Alanboss 1987 UY1 Alan Boss, American astrophysicist
29146 McHone 1988 FN John F. McHone, American geologist, oceanographer and planetary scientist
29148 Palzer 1988 JE Wolfgang Palzer, German astronomer
29185 Reich 1990 TG8 Ludwig Reich, Austrian professor of mathematics at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (University of Graz), editor of several international mathematical journals, and a member of the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
29187 Lemonnier 1990 US3 Charles-Pierre Lemonnier, 17th-18th-century French astronomer
29189 Udinsk 1990 UY3 Udinsk (Ulan-Ude), capital of the Buryat Republic of Siberia
29197 Gleim 1991 AQ2 Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim, German poet, nicknamed "Father Gleim" for his patronage
29198 Weathers 1991 DW Del Weathers, American engineering and design team leader for Space Station Freedom
29203 Schnitger 1991 GS10 Arp Schnitger, 17th-century German organ builder
29204 Ladegast 1991 GB11 Johann Friedrich Ladegast, 19th-century German organ builder
29208 Halorentz 1991 RT2 Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Dutch physicist and Nobelist
29212 Zeeman 1991 RA41 Pieter Zeeman, Dutch physicist and Nobelist
29227 Wegener 1992 DY13 Alfred Lothar Wegener, German astronomer, geologist, meteorologist
29244 Van Damme 1992 OV1 Jozef Van Damme, Dutch teacher and literary historian
29246 Clausius 1992 RV Rudolf Clausius, German physicist and mathematician
29292 Conniewalker 1993 KZ1 Connie Walker, American astronomer
29328 Hanshintigers 1994 TU14 Hanshin Tigers, Japanese baseball club
29329 Knobelsdorff 1994 TN16 Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff, German painter and architect
29345 Ivandanilov 1995 DS1 Ivan Vasil'evich Danilov, Russian bell-ringer
29346 Mariadina 1995 DB13 Maria Dina Mannozzi, Italian midwife in Montelupo
29348 Criswick 1995 FD John Criswick, Canadian astronomy benefactor
29353 Manu 1995 OG Manuela Vedovelli, Italian astronomer and friend of Andrea Boattini
29355 Siratakayama 1995 QX3 Siratakayama volcano, Yamagata prefecture, Japan
29356 Giovarduino 1995 SY29 Giovanni Arduino, Italian geologist
29391 Knight 1996 MB Kent Knight, at one time President of Fort Bend Astronomy Club
29401 Asterix 1996 TE Astérix, famous comic strip character
29402 Obelix 1996 TT9 Obélix, famous comic strip character
29404 Hikarusato 1996 TS14 Hikaru Sato, Japanese amateur astronomer, secretary general of the Fukushima Astronomical Society
29427 Oswaldthomas 1997 EJ11 Oswald Thomas, Austrian astronomer, founder of the Astronomical Bureau in Vienna and of the Astronomischer Verein, originator of the "Sterngarten", now known as the Vienna Open Air Planetarium
29431 Shijimi 1997 GA26 Shijimi, a popular clam in Japan
29435 Mordell 1997 JB8 Louis Joel Mordell, American-British mathematician
29437 Marchais 1997 LG1 Denis Marchais, French amateur astronomer
29443 Remocorti 1997 NM10 Remo Corti, Italian amateur astronomer and telescope maker
29447 Jerzyneyman 1997 PY2 Jerzy Neyman, Poland-born American mathematician
29448 Pappos 1997 QJ Pappos of Alexandria, Greek mathematician
29456 Evakrchová 1997 SN2 Eva Krchová, Slovak amateur astronomer
29457 Marcopolo 1997 SO4 Marco Polo, Venetian explorer
29458 Pearson 1997 SJ11 Karl Pearson, British mathematician
29463 Benjaminpeirce 1997 TB Benjamin Peirce, American mathematician
29464 Leonmiš 1997 TY9 Leon Miš, Czech amateur astronomer
29467 Shandongdaxue 1997 TS26 Shandong University, China
29471 Spejbl 1997 UT7 Spejbl, a marionette, father of Hurvínek
29472 Hurvínek 1997 UV7 Hurvínek, a mischievous marionette, son of Spejbl
29473 Krejčí 1997 UE8 František Krejčí, founder of the popular observatory in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic
29476 Kvíčala 1997 UX14 Jan Kvíčala, Czech lawyer and amateur astronomer
29477 Zdíkšíma 1997 UE15 Zdislav Šíma, Czech astronomer
29484 Honzaveselý 1997 VJ6 Jan Veselý, Czech cyclist
29490 Myslbek 1997 WX Josef Václav Myslbek, Czech sculptor
29491 Pfaff 1997 WB1 Jean-Marie Pfaff, Belgian football player
29552 Chern 1998 CS2 Shiing-shen Chern, Chinese-American mathematician and educator
29555 MACEK 1998 DP MACEK, Czech micro-accelerometer satellite instrument
29561 Iatteri 1998 DU10 Giampiero Iatteri, Italian amateur astronomer
29562 Danmacdonald 1998 DM14 Daniel R. MacDonald, American astrophysicist
29565 Glenngould 1998 FD Glenn Gould, Canadian pianist
29613 Charlespicard 1998 SB2 Charles-Émile Picard, French mathematician and educator
29624 Sugiyama 1998 TA Tomiei Sugiyama, Japanese-American baseball team supervisor
29643 Plücker 1998 VR31 Julius Plücker, German mathematician and physicist
29646 Polya 1998 WJ George Pólya, Hungarian-born American mathematician
29647 Poncelet 1998 WY Jean-Victor Poncelet, French mathematician and engineer
29650 Toldy 1998 WR6 Mikulás and Viera Toldy, Slovak obstetrician and pediatrician, respectively
29672 Salvo 1998 XG9 Maria Elena Salvo, Italian astronomer
29674 Raušal 1998 XO12 Karel Raušal, Czech lawyer and amateur astronomer
29700 Salmon 1998 YU5 George Salmon, Irish mathematician and theologian
29705 Cialucy 1998 YP10 Lucia Boattini, elder sister of Andrea Boattini
29706 Simonetta 1998 YS11 Simonetta Boattini, younger sister of Andrea Boattini
29736 Fichtelberg 1999 BE7 Fichtelberg, the highest mountain on the Saxon side of the Erzgebirge, Germany
29737 Norihiro 1999 BG7 Norihiro Nakamura, Japanese baseball player
29738 Ivobudil 1999 BT8 Ivo Budil, Czech science popularizer
29750 Chleborad 1999 CA3 Cary W. Chleborad, American amateur astronomer and developer of precision telescope and observatory control software
29753 Silvo 1999 CY4 Silvo Sposetti, son of the discoverer
29824 Kalmančok 1999 DU3 Dušan Kalmančok, Slovak astronomer
29837 Savage 1999 FP5 Leonard Jimmie Savage, American statistician
29845 Wykrota 1999 FE21 Zininha and Henrique Wykrota, Brazilian amateur astronomers, founders of the Observatório Wykrota (a.k.a. Observatório Astronômico da Serra da Piedade) and of the CEAMIG (Centro de Estudos Astronomicos de Minas Gerais)
29869 Chiarabarbara 1999 GC1 Chiara and Barbara D'Abramo, sisters of the second discoverer
29910 Segre 1999 JV8 Corrado Segre, Italian professor of geometry
29980 Dougsimons 1999 SV6 Douglas Anthony Simons, American astronomer
29986 Shunsuke 1999 XW37 Shunsuke Nakamura, Japanese football (soccer) player
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