MacCarthy dynasty

MacCarthy dynasty

The MacCarthy dynasty was one of Ireland's greatest medieval dynasties. It was and continues to be divided into several great branches. The MacCarthy Reagh, MacCarthy of Muskerry, and MacCarthy of Duhallow dynasties were the three most important of these, after the central or MacCarthy Mór line.


Notable people

Kings of Desmond 1118-1596

  • Tadgh, eldest son of Muiredach, 1118–1123
  • Cormac Mac Carthaigh, his brother, 1123-1127 & 1127-1138
  • Donogh, his brother, 1127 & 1138-1143
  • Dermod, his nephiew, 1143–1185
  • Donal, his son, 1185–1206
  • Fingen, his brother, 1206–1207
  • Dermod, son of Donal , 1207–1229
  • Cormac, his younger brother, 1229–1247
  • Donal Gott MacCarthy, 1247–1252
  • Fínghin of the Battle of Callann, 1252–1261
  • Cormac, younger brother , 1261–1262
  • Donal, eldest surviving son of Cormac, 1262–1302
  • Donal, eldest son of Donal, 1302–1306
  • Donogh, brother of Donal, 1306–1310
  • Dermod, son of Donal, 1310–1326
  • Cormac, brother of Dermod, 1326–1359
  • Donal, son of Cormac, 1359–1390
  • Tadgh, son of Donal, 1390–1428
  • Donal, eldest son of Tadgh, 1428–1469
  • Tadgh, brother of Donal, 1469–1503
  • Donal, son of Tadgh, 1503–1508
  • Cormac, brother of Donal , 1508-1516 & Tadgh IV, son of Donall, 1508–1514
  • Donal, son of Cormac, 1516-ante 1558
  • Donal, ante 1558-1596

MacCarthy Mor scandal

See Terence Francis MacCarthy and Chief of the Name.

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