McTay Marine

McTay Marine
McTay Marine Ltd
Type Private Company
Industry Shipbuilding
Headquarters Bromborough, Merseyside, England
Area served United Kingdom
Total assets in Liquidation (2009)[1]
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McTay Marine is a shipbuilder in Bromborough, Merseyside.



The McTay Marine shipyard is located at Bromborough on the South bank of the River Mersey, in the North West of England. The purpose built facilities are arranged on a 7.5-acre (30,000 m2) site with ramped slipway facilities directly into the River Mersey.[2] The yard has an 80m build hall with 25 tonne cranes, and 100m fit-out quay.[3]

McTay Marine design and build vessels in steel and aluminium up to 60m in length.[3] They build tugs, ferries, barges, pilot boats, survey vessels, coasters and fishing vessels, fast patrol boats, landing craft, towed array recovery vessels. The company employs 150 people.[3]

Ships built

Shannon is a harbour and coastal tug, originally built in 1981 as the Eldergarth. The tug is noteworthy as the first British-built Azimuthing Stern Drive tug.[4] Shannon has been acquired by Emu Limited and re-equipped in Southampton with a suite of specialist winches and a stern mounted ‘A’ frame.[4]

During heavy rain, London's sewage storm pipes overflow into the River Thames, sending dissolved oxygen levels plummeting and threatening the species it supports.[5] Two dedicated McTay vessels, oxygenation barges Thames Bubbler and Thames Vitality are used to replenish oxygen levels, as part of an ongoing battle to clean up the river, which now supports 115 species of fish and hundreds more invertebrates, plants and birds.[5]

The £ 6.5M contract, to build the superstructure and assemble incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Yard No Name Date Type Owner
38 Canada[8] 1981 Tug Currently Svitzer
40 Eldergarth/Shannon[9] 1981 ASD Tug Currently Emu
41 Rowangarth[10] 1981 ASD Tug Currently Svitzer
45 Hendra 1982 Ferry Shetland Islands Council
46 Bon Marin de Serk 1983 Ferry Isle of Sark Shipping Co.
54 Bramley Moore 1984 Tug now Smit Liverpool[11]
75 Cathy M 1986 Ferry James Molinary Ltd, Gibraltar
79 Thames Bubbler II 1988 Oxygenation barge Thames Water Utilities
82 Moorhen 1989 Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
83 Moorfowl 1989 Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
84 Chartwell 1989 Survey Vessel Osiris Hydrographic
87 ro-ro ferry Orkney Ferries
88 ro-ro ferry Orkney Ferries
115 Fidra 1995 Firefighting tug
116 MV Loch Bhrusda 1996 35m ro-ro ferry Caledonian MacBrayne
117 Lyndhurst[12] 1996 Tug
118 Lady Alma 1996 Tug
119 Trafalgar 1998 Tug now Smit Trafalgar[11]
120 Thames Vitality[5] 1997 Oxygenation barge Thames Water Utilities
122 Marigold 1998 Trawler
123 Oban 2000 Tender Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
124 Oronsay 2000 Tender Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
125 Omagh[13] 2000 Tender Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
127[14] MV Portaferry II[15] 2001 Ferry Strangford Lough ferry
128 NATO
129 MV Loch Portain 2003 50m ro-ro ferry Caledonian MacBrayne
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