Loretta Brown

Loretta Brown

Family Guy character
name = Loretta Brown
picture =
caption =
hometown = Quahog, Rhode Island
dob =
age = 40-45
gender = Female
hair = Brown
occupation = Homemaker
friend =
first = "Mind Over Murder" (1.04)
last = "Love Blactually" (7.01)
voice = Alex Borstein

Loretta Brown is a fictional character on the FOX animated television series "Family Guy", the ex-wife of Cleveland Brown and mother of Cleveland Brown, Jr. She is voiced by Alex Borstein.

Loretta also seems to have some degree of acting talent, as seen in "The King is Dead". She was a very good cricketer, and is very fond of three bean salad. Until the episode "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", Loretta had a minimal quantity of lines, the bulk of which were "Mm-hmm!"

Loretta is strong-willed and somewhat controlling; perhaps in disgust for Cleveland's excessively mild manner and passivity, she tends to treat him harshly. She dominates Cleveland, and in several episodes he alludes to the fact that she places high demands on him in their boudoir. The Browns' marital intimacies are (or "were" on at least one wedding anniversary) apparently centered on Loretta painfully sodomizing Cleveland who, with each slam of their bed cries, "Ow, ow, ow, ow," and plaintively asks "When is it going to be "my" turn?" ("Stuck Together, Torn Apart"). It is chiefly Loretta's contempt for Cleveland which leads her to cuckold him with Glenn Quagmire ("The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire"). She later divorces Cleveland after they had a disagreement about the affair. She thinks that Cleveland is too gentle and kind, and (during their confrontation) she scolds him when he apologizes for not satisfying her enough.

She is keen on promoting black culture and, according to Cleveland, "doesn't allow white literature in [their] house" ("Wasted Talent"). The Brown household play Afro-centric board games, such as "Two Decades of Dignity" ("Petarded"). Her selection of the Caucasian Quagmire with whom to cuckold Cleveland may have been intended, therefore, to further degrade and humiliate Cleveland; or it could have been simply an acknowledgment by the writers of Quagmire's lack of sexual morals.

Since divorcing Cleveland, Loretta has been retired from the series, and it is assumed she has custody of Cleveland, Jr. In the upcoming spin-off series, "The Cleveland Show", however, Cleveland, Jr. lives with his father.

A DVD commentary reveals that Loretta was retired from the series because performing her voice exhausted Alex Borstein.

Loretta was later mentioned when her tacky cars were used by Peter and Lois in the DVD version of "Sibling Rivalry" to settle an argument on who should get birth control (though Peter forfeits to go duck-watching in a boat).

She made one final appearance in "Love Blactually" in which she tries to get back together with Cleveland. Standing in her bra and panties, she tries to convince Cleveland that they still have something special. Cleveland tells her he loves her but that he must move on. Cleveland Jr. was absent during this exchange.

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