Mayor of Moorestown, New Jersey

Mayor of Moorestown, New Jersey

Mayor of Moorestown Township, New Jersey

  • John Button (mayor) (born 1943), 2011 to present.
  • Daniel Roccato (born July 20, 1961), circa 2009.
  • Kevin E. Aberant, circa 2008. He was the first Democratic mayor of Moorestown, New Jersey.
  • Walter T. Maahs (1927-2011), 1988 to 1996.[1]
  • James Euel Palmer (1932-2000) 1976 to 1980.[2]
  • Edwin Bell Forsythe (1916-1984), 1957 to 1962.[3]
  • X 1922. He was the first mayor of Moorestown, New Jersey.


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