MV Mavi Marmara

MV Mavi Marmara
Mavi Marmara leaving port.jpg
MV Mavi Marmara leaving Antalya for Gaza on May 22, 2010
Career (Comoros) Flag of the Comoros.svg
Name: MV Mavi Marmara
Owner: IHH (İnsani Yardım Vakfı)[1]
Operator: IHH (İnsani Yardım Vakfı)[1]
Builder: Türkiye Gemi Sanayi A.Ş.[2]
Yard number: 302[2]
Completed: November 9, 1994[3]
Homeport: Moroni, Comoros (2010). Previously Istanbul, Turkey
Identification: IMO number: 9005869[4]
General characteristics
Class and type: Passenger ship
Tonnage: 4,142 GT (gross tonnage)
Length: 93 m (305 ft)[4]
Beam: 20 m (66 ft)[4]
Draft: 4 m (13 ft)[5]
Installed power: 4,400 kW[3]
Propulsion: 2[3]
Speed: max. 9.9 knots (18.3 km/h; 11.4 mph)- avg. 7.2 knots (13.3 km/h; 8.3 mph)[5]
Capacity: 1,080 passengers[6]
Blockade of the Gaza Strip
General Barrier • Crossings: Erez, Karni, Rafah • Tunnels • Goods affected • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
2000 Second Intifada
2006 Economic sanctions
2007 Battle of Gaza
2008 Breach of the Gaza–Egypt border • Gaza War
2009 Viva Palestina: "Lifeline to Gaza" • "Lifeline 3"
2010 Gaza flotilla raid (flotilla; ships: Mavi Marmara, Rachel Corrie; participants, reactions, legal, Turkel Commission (Israel), Gaza journey of MV Rachel Corrie) • Jewish Boat to Gaza • Viva Palestina "Lifeline 5" • Road to Hope
2011 Freedom Flotilla II (participants)
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MV Mavi Marmara (English: Blue Marmara, where MV is an abbreviation of motor vessel) is a Comoros-flagged [7] passenger ship, which was formerly owned and operated by İDO Istanbul Fast Ferries Co. Inc. on the line Sarayburnu, Istanbul-Marmara Island-Avşa Island in the Sea of Marmara. Built at the Golden Gate Shipyard by Turkish Shipbuilding Co. in 1994, the ship has a capacity of 1,080 passengers.[6]


Gaza Freedom Flotilla

The ship was purchased in 2010 by the IHH, an Islamic Turkish NGO active as a charity organization in more than 115 countries.[8] The group has represented its Turkish language name in English in various ways, "IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation"[9] among them. It has held Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2004, [10][11] and is endorsed by international figures that include South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire.[8][12] Israel's Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, an NGO with close ties to the Israeli Defense Forces, along with multiple Israeli governmental officials have alleged that the IHH supports terrorism, has smuggled arms on behalf of terrorist groups, and has links to al-Qaeda and other Jihadist groups.[8][12] The IHH denies these claims, and Greta Berlin, a director of the Free Gaza Movement, called the claims "utterly scurrilous", characterizing them as an attempt by the Israeli government to discredit the movement.[8]

The IHH acquired the Mavi Marmara at a cost of $800,000, to be defrayed by public donations, as no shipowner was willing to risk their vessel on the journey.[1] The ship took part in a flotilla of ships operated by activist groups from 37 different countries with the intention of directly confronting the Israeli blockade over Gaza. On 30 May 2010, while in international waters and en route to Gaza, Israeli Naval Forces communicated that a naval blockade over the Gaza area was in force and ordered the ships to follow them to Ashdod Port or to be boarded, the ships declined and were boarded in international waters.The boarding started at 2 a.m. on 31 May 2010 and was completed by 8 a.m. Reports from journalists on the ship and from the UN report on the incident concluded that the Israeli military opened fire with live rounds before boarding the ship.[13][14][15][16] In the violent clash that followed, nine activists were killed (according to the UN Report[17]), and several dozen activists were injured. Israel stated that at least seven of its IDF soldiers were injured.[18] The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "the Mavi Marmara (passenger ship) did not carry any humanitarian aid, except for the passengers' personal belongings."They also stated that other ships in the aid convoy actually carried the aid.[19] Israel said that they found knives, metal and wood sticks in the ship.[20] The UN report stated that knives from the ship's kitchens (plus one traditional, ceremonial knife), some catapults (slingshots) and metal pipes the passengers cut from the ship's railings were found. Turkey unveiled its final report on Israeli attack on Gaza-bound aid convoy on 11 Feb 2011.[21]

Release and return home

Mavi Marmara making a tour of Istanbul harbour on the occasion of her return to Istanbul

Israeli government decided on July 23, 2010 to release the three ships of the Gaza Freedom flotilla, two of which were forced to moor at the Port of Haifa and the third one at the Port of Ashdod since then. To bring the ships back home, three tugboats were dispatched from Turkey. Mavi Marmara was towed by Ocean Ergun in a two-day ride to the Port of Iskenderun arriving an August 7, 2010.[22]

The damage on the ship was visible from far even though nobody was permitted to board her due to investigations underway by the public prosecutor and insurance people. There were some broken windows on the ship and also bullet holes on the glass of the pilothouse. The IHH emblem on the ship's port side was over-painted white.[23] Forensic teams identified some 250 bullet holes in the ship, many of which were painted or plastered over by Israel.[24]

The ship returned to Istanbul harbour on December 26, 2010, in a welcoming ceremony attended by thousands.[25]

Freedom Flotilla II

A coalition of 22 NGOs announced on 9 May 2011 that Freedom Flotilla II was planned for the third week of June.[26] The Financial Times reported on 17 June 2011 that the Mavi Marmara would not be sailing, as previously announced. The IHH said that after damage caused last year to the ship, that it was not in a position to put to sea. The group stressed that it would still be part of the new flotilla; members of the group will board other ships in the effort. [27]

Ship's registry

  • ex MS Beydağı[2]

Sister ships


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