Districts of Cyprus

Districts of Cyprus

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Cyprus is divided into six districts (Greek: επαρχίες, eparchies, Turkish: kaza), whose capitals share the same name:

Map of Cyprus Districts Greek name Turkish name
Nicosia Larnaca Limassol Paphos Akrotiri Kyrenia Famagusta DhekeliaCyprus districts.jpg
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Famagusta    Αμμόχωστος (Ammochostos)    Gazimağusa   
Kyrenia Κερύvεια (Keryneia) Girne
Larnaca Λάρνακα (Larnaka) Larnaka/İskele
Lemesos Λεμεσός (Lemesos) Limasol/Leymosun
Nicosia Λευκωσία (Lefkosia) Lefkoşa
Paphos Πάφος (Pafos/Bafos) Baf/Gazibaf

The districts are further divided up into municipalities.

Map showing the districts of Cyprus.

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