Infobox Album | Name = Null/Void
Type = Compilation
Artist = Foetus

Released = 1996
Recorded = Unique, New York City and Self Immolation Studios, Brooklyn
Genre = Industrial
Length = "Null": 33:12
"Void": 31:30
Label = Blue Noise
Producer = J. G. Thirlwell
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
*"Seconds Magazine" (favorable) [ text at] | Last album = "Überschall 1996"
This album = "Null/Void"
Next album = "York"
(2001) |

"Null/Void" is a Foetus dual-EP set compiling an aborted pair of EPs originally scheduled for release by Sony/Columbia. "Null" was briefly distributed in the U.S. as a promotional EP. Unfortunately, the official releases of "Null" and its planned companion, "Void", were halted when Sony severed Thirlwell's contract in late 1995.

The set was first released in 1996 in Japan. 1997 saw its release in the U.S. (via Cleopatra) and the UK (via Big Cat).

Like "Null", "Void" acts as a de facto single for "Friend or Foe" from "Gash".

Track listing

All songs written by J. G. Thirlwell.


#"Verklemmt (Vid Mix)" – 4:43
#"Be Thankful" – 4:50
#"Verklemmt (Protecto Mix)" – 8:54
#"Butter" – 4:05
#"Into The Light" – 6:49
#"Verklemmt (Queef Mix)" – 3:52


#"Friend or Foe" – 4:27
#"Incesticide" – 3:42
#"See Dick Run" – 4:49
#"Flux" – 4:39
#"Friend or Foe (Unhugged Mix)" – 4:23
#"Iris Evergreen" – 9:25

"Incesticide" is the same song as "Somnambulumdrum."

"Void" Credits

For "Null" personnel and production credits, see "Null".


*J. G. Thirlwell - All instruments and vocals except:
*Tod Ashley - Bass (1, 4, 5)
*Marc Ribot - Guitar (1, 4, 5)
*Marcellus Hall - Harmonica (1, 5)
*The Heresey Horns - Horns (4)
*Vinnie Signorelli - drums (4)


*J. G. Thirlwell - Production, compositions, arrangements, engineering (2, 3), artwork design, artwork execution
*Rob "Rok" Sutton - Engineering
*Steve Bernstein - Heresey Horns arrangements
*Mark Ohe - Artwork execution

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