Marxist–Leninist Communist Party (Turkey)

Marxist–Leninist Communist Party (Turkey)
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
Marksist-Leninist Komünist Partisi
Leader Leadership of the party is unknown.
Founded September 1994
Headquarters None (Illegal Organisation)
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
International affiliation None

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (Marksist-Leninist Komünist Partisi in Turkish, abbreviated as MLKP) is an underground Anti-Revisionist Marxist-Leninist and Hoxhaist communist party in Turkey.



MLKP was formed in September 1994, through the unification of Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist - Hareketi (TKP/ML-Hareketi) and Communist Workers Movement of Turkey (TKİH). TKP/ML-Hareketi was the larger of the two. Both groups came from the pro-Albanian camp. The unity process of negotiations between the groups had started in 1989. Initially MLKP called itself 'MLKP-Kuruluş' (MLKP-Foundation).

MLKP banner

In September 1995, at the first congress of MLKP-K, the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (New Build-Up Organization) (TKP/ML (YİÖ)) merged into the party, and the name was changed to MLKP.

Later the same year a split occurred, and the Communist Party - Build-up Organization (KP-İÖ) was formed.


The youth wing of MLKP is called the Communist Youth Organization (Komünist Gençlik Örgütü in Turkish, abbreviated as KGÖ).

The organisation has had three periodicals: Atılım (The Leap) (or Yeni Atılım (The New Leap)), a daily news bulletin, Partinin Sesi (The Voice of the Party), an institutional publication and Teoride Doğrultu (The Direction in Theory), a theoretical-political journal)[1]. The 26th and last issue of Teoride Doğrultu was published in 2006[2].

Designation as a Terrorist Organisation

The organisation is listed among the 12 active terrorist organisation in Turkey as of 2007 according to Counter-Terrorism and Operations Department of Directorate General for Security (Turkish police)[3].

Human Resources

A study carried out by the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Department of Directorate General for Security over a sample of files about people convicted of being a terrorist under Turkish laws including 826 militants from the organisation and the three other currently active left-wing organisations (see reference 1) 65 % of the members are aged 14 to 25, 16,8 % 25 to 30 and 17,5 % are older than 30. University graduates make up 20,4 % of the members, high school graduates 33,5 %, secondary school graduates 14 %, primary school graduates 29,9 % and illiterates 1,9 % (while they have no sampled literate non-graduate members)[4].


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