Maple bacon donut

Maple bacon donut
A Bacon Maple Bar from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon

The maple bacon donut is a culinary dessert specialty that has become popular in some areas of the United States. They are distinct from other donuts because of the prominent bacon and maple syrup–flavored glaze used for toppings and have been also discussed in the media as part of the phenomenon sometimes referred to as bacon mania.[1]

Popular history

The Swirls bakery in Omaha, Nebraska, started a "Maple Bacon Donut Craze" with its version sometimes referred to as "The Elvis".[2] The bakery's owner, Dawn Brown, said she wanted something shocking that people would love or hate, and would talk about. She describes the concept as simple: "It's your breakfast plate turned into one item that you put in your mouth." She reported a response from her customers that has been overwhelming and said she prepares 5 pounds of bacon daily. "I know that most people are coming for the Maple Bacon Donut a.k.a. 'The Elvis'."[2]

Dynamo Donut in San Francisco, California, also serves maple bacon donuts.[3] At Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon, maple bacon donuts are sold under the name Bacon Maple Bar.[1]

The Original Pantry Cafe in Los Angeles, described as the area's favorite greasy spoon that "has kept the faith for 85 years", offers maple-glazed bacon doughnuts for breakfast at its downtown location, as well as BLTs and pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.[4] The Nickel Diner in downtown Los Angeles also serves up the treat and has the slogan "Home of the Maple Glaze Bacon Donut" on its website.[5][6] Writing about reclusive author John Twelve Hawks, Carolyn Kellogg of the Los Angeles Times opined that the Nickel Diner maple-bacon doughnut "is so good, it should be able to get anyone to come out of hiding."[7]

Nord's Bakery on the edge of Germantown in Louisville, Kentucky debuted a maple-bacon Long John in 2009. "It looks just like any other maple cream Long John, but for the slab of bacon embedded in the icing," but customers are said to be divided over it, and even stressed. "The argument in favor is clear: a Maple-Bacon Long John is basically an order of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon that you can carry around in a bag and eat in the car with no utensils other than a napkin" and "it's something every bacon lover ought to try," the Courier-Journal reported.[8]

The rise in popularity of the Bacon Donut has led to the creation of its own Facebook fan page.

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