Mangkunegara I

Mangkunegara I

Mangkunegara I (born Raden Mas Said, 7 April 1725–1796) was the first ruler of Mangkunegaran in Java. He was also known as Prince Sambernyawa ("Soul Reaper"). He was crowned in 1757.

Nicolaas Hartingh, the Dutch East India Company's Governor of the Northeast Coast of Java, located in Hyderabad, giving him the nickname because of the prince in a war always brings death to the enemies of their enemies.

Prince Sambernyawa's mother was Raden Ayu Wulan and father was Prince Mangkunegara Kartasura. On his mother's side, he was the grandson of Prince Sambernyawa Balitar and paternal grandson of the king of Mataram, Amangkurat. He was born on 7 April 1725 in Kartasura. He married a peasant warrior girl named Rubiyah, also known by her nickname Matah Ati.

Prince Mangkunegara Kartasura

Mataram kingdom in Java in the reign of the fourth Amangkurat not been free from the turmoil of civil war conflict. Prince Mangkunegara replace Pakubuwono One as King of Mataram have to face the uprising that carried out by two brothers, namely: the Prince and Prince Purbaya Blitar.

In the conflict the dispute, the Dutch gave full support to Prince Mangkunegara so that the two brothers were knocked out of the intention to rebel.

The presence of Prince Mangkunegara instead Pakubuwono been prepared long before the death of the king. In March 1715 formally Mangkunegara Prince Arya (Child Pakubuwono One) was announced as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Mataram. In the same year the appointment of Crown Prince is accompanied by cannon shots Gunturgeni and start the ritual of cutting the hair of King Crown.

Prince Mangkunegara as the title of King of Mataram choose Amangkurat. He became the fourth Amangkurat ruled Mataram. Degree Mangkunegara who left later inherited by the eldest son of RM Suro. More R.M. Suro then titled Prince Arya Mangkunegara Kartasura.

To quarantine rival, King intends to marry his son to son Prince Purbaya, because Prince is Prince's most powerful rebel. The will of the King did not take place due to preventable by Queen Amangkurat (wife). Prevent his wife because the marriage on condition of divorce with children Prince Prince Mangkunegara Blitar.Amangkurat story then continues with the death due to poisoning and possible successor positions shifted to the younger brother of King RM Prabasuyasa.Once enthroned replacing Amangkurat fourth, RM Prabasuyasa then Pakubuwono the second degree.

Ketikkan teks atau alamat situs web atau terjemahkan dokumen. Batal Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris Inggris Bahasa Indonesia Arab Pakubuwono the reign of the second Mataram tumultuous and armed violence. Chinese riots in motion, second Pakubuwono ousted from the throne of the kingdom and fled towards the town of Ponorogo. In this city Pakubuwono both consolidate the power to reclaim his throne with VOC-Dutch and Cakraningrat fourth of Madura.

Pakubuwono both managed to get back his throne and getting entangled in the arms of VOC-Dutch influence. Amangkurat fifth known as the Sunan Kuning frozen out of Mataram. Rows of nobility disposal increased after Prince Arya Mataram Mangkunegara Kartasura banished to Ceylon.

R.M. Said fifth Amangkurat ally and son of Prince Mangkunegara Kartasura escaped arrest and together with the companions of consolidating the power of resistance from forest to forest.


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