The Lotud are an indigenous ethnic group residing in Sabah, eastern Malaysia on the island of Borneo. They reside mainly in the Tuaran District to as far as Kampung Sukoli, Telipok in the West Coast Division of Sabah. Their population was estimated at 5,000 in the year 1985 but now believed to be more than 10,000. They are a sub-ethnic group of the Dusunic group, now also known as Kadazandusun.

The Dusunic language family is a branch under the Malayo-Polynesian group of Languages, which is a branch of the Austronesian stock of languages (ISO 639-3 dtr). About 20% of the population has been converted to mostly catholicism and some to evangelical Christianity, with a dwindling number are still animists. Less than 20 traditional priestesses are still alive, with no prospect of future replacement.

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