Malawian American

Malawian American
Malawian American
Regions with significant populations
Major concentrations in Washington, D.C, other communities in South Bend, Indiana, Texas, Missouri.

Chichewa, English


Predominantly Christian (chiefly Protestant and Catholic)

Malawian Americans includes a group of individuals born in Malawi or of Malawian descent that are living in the United State of America. The Malawian Diaspora mainly consists of academics, small business owners, medical professionals and laborers.[1] According to the U.S. Census (2000), African immigrants to the United States rank at the top of all immigrant groups in educational attainment.[2][3] Out of this group, Malawian immigrants to the United States rank in the top 5 in terms of educational attainment with 83% of Malawians having reported at least a high school diploma or above.[4]

Malawians in the U.S have organized associations in their host countries in order to promote and preserve Malawian cultural heritage. The longest serving organizations is the Malawi Washington Association in the Washington DC Metro Area.[5] Other associations in include associations in Indiana, Texas, California, and New England where large numbers of Malawians reside.

There is a Malawi Embassy that is located in Washington Dc.[6]

Notable Malawian Americans

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