Home recording

Home recording

Home recording means recording at home rather than in a professional studio. It has lately become more popular due to the increase of affordable digital and analog recording equipment. One can have one's own semi-professional recording studio, depending on the quality and extent of their equipment, in the comfort of one's own home as opposed to paying a larger studio by the hour for their services. Home recording may include (or be completely performed upon) a personal computer (PC) which allows for upgrade prospects and high-definition, studio-grade and digital recording mixing.

It has grown so much in the past few years that some professional recording studios are turning to utilizing personal computers, ADAT or DAT systems (or the very popular Digidesign tools available on the market), Multitrack Recorders, vocal booths, and various instruments either acoustic or synthesized as opposed to the traditional console setup. For a small amount of money, the proper recording equipment, and sound-proofed settings, basically anyone can have their own recording studio without ever having to walk out the front door.

To process home recording, the minimal setup requires an audio interface, microphone and recording software. Many manufacturers support audio devices for any kind of want, e.g. special devices for recording vocals or guitars.

Portable Recording Rooms (Vocal Booths)

The surge in home recording has led consumers to the discovery of portable recording room, or vocal booth companies. One of the major drawbacks to producing quality recordings is controlling the noise pollution access at the microphone. Companies such as Whisper Room, Seulx Acoustics and VocalBooth.com are among the suppliers of portable rooms geared specifically towards professional home recording.

Future of Recording

For a musician or band who has written original songs and is looking for a way to get them recorded at home, he or she is likely to find that it has never been easier or cheaper. Most industry professionals agree that the future of recording will be better quality equipment at steadily falling prices that can be controlled by the artist/performer allowing for music to be recorded in the home or small studiosFact|date=October 2007. At present some top engineers are recording some of the tracks at their home or small studio and doing more "critical" tracks like vocals and drums in a larger studioFact|date=October 2007. Most "indie" artists are recording their entire albums in small studios or at home studios since they can get an album that is comparable to what a large studio could do a few years agoFact|date=October 2007. This is even more of a necessity since recording budgets are shrinking due to lower profits in the music industryFact|date=October 2007. This trend is likely to continueFact|date=October 2007.

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