Maiana (constituency)

Maiana (constituency)

Maiana is a parliamentary constituency electing two representatives to the House of Assembly of Kiribati. It encompasses the atoll of the same name in the Gilbert Islands.

The Maiana constituency has existed since the First Parliament in 1979. At that time, it elected only one representative. Its inaugural MP was Bwebwetaake Areieta. [1]

Currently, it is the constituency of the present President of Kiribati, Dr Anote Tong.[2]

Members of Parliament by year

The following MPs have represented Maiana in the House of Assembly, since the seat was created in 1979.[3]

Election MPs
1979 Bwebwetaake Areieta
1982 Rotaria Ataia
1983 Ioteba Tamuera
1987 Terakoro Ruaia
1991 Rotaria Ataia
1994 Remuera Tateraka
1998 Anote Tong and Moteti Kakoroa
2003 Teiwaki Areieta
2007 Teiwaki Areieta and Anote Tong


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