Magic Bullet Records

Magic Bullet Records
Magic Bullet Records
Founded 1996
Founder Brent Eyestone
Genre Punk, metal, experimental music
Country of origin United States
Location Fredericksburg, Virginia
Official Website

Magic Bullet Records is an American independent record label, specialising in punk, metal and experimental music.[1]



Magic Bullet records was founded in 1996 by Brent Eyestone,[2] in order to release an album by Boysetsfire, entitled This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born.[3] The label has subsequently released over 140 recordings, including albums by Charles Manson,[4] The All-American Rejects[5] and This Will Destroy You.[6]

Artists signed with Magic Bullet


Inactive bands

Compilation album

The label has released one compilation album, entitled It Came from the Hills, Vol. 1. It was released February 28, 2006.[8]


  1. Jinxed At Twelve: "The Bomba"
  2. Nitro Tokyo: "Fuel My Fire"
  3. Taint: "Poison Pen Attack"
  4. This Will Destroy You: "The World Is Our ___"
  5. Paul Michel: "Shoot First"
  6. Aughra: "Fostep"
  7. Stephen Brodsky: "Wintermean Crimes"
  8. Forensics: "Daytime Minutes"
  9. Tephra: "Through Our Veins"
  10. Light Yourself on Fire: "Rickshaw"
  11. Snowblood: "Aubade"
  12. Earthen Sea: "Sailing Toward Distant Lands"


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