List of Magic: The Gathering characters: K

List of Magic: The Gathering characters: K

The fictional multiverse of the Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering trading card game, introduced in 1993, has many characters. This alphabetic list includes characters to which the flavor text on the cards is atributted or who are mentioned in it, along with those referred in related games, novels, comics or short stories.

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A Tolarian archivist. (Card: Jade Statue, 9th edition)


Seeress, leader of the Hamath settlement near Stonehaven in Corondor (Battlemage))


see Kaervek


Kagemaro, First to Suffer is a legendary demon spirit on Kamigawa. (Card: Kagemaro, First to Suffer)


Kaho, Minamo Historian is a legendary human wizard on Kamigawa. (Card: Kaho, Minamo Historian)


A legendary spirit on Kamigawa. (Card: Kaiso, Memory of Loyalty)


An Ulgrothan sea troll (Homelands)


An avatar created from the Kaldra artifacts (the Helm, Shield, and Sword of Kaldra) Glissa collected on her travels through the plane. She took the sword from Tel-Jilad early in her quest and was given the Helm when she returned there later. The Shield was found in Ish Sah, fortress of Geth, and the three parts came together to create the massive blue energy being. Kaldra helped Glissa's party fight their way out of Ish Sah and down into Mirrodin's Core. Memnarch took control of it, ordering it to get rid of Glissa and her companions, Bosh and Slobad. Bosh sacrifices itself to give Glissa and Slobad enough time to escape to the Tangle. Glissa cast a spell to bury the avatar in vines and brush, once it gets to the surface, but the spell barely helps. At that moment, the fifth sun (the green one) completes its gestation in the Core and bursts through the surface of the plane, obliterating the avatar in the process. (Mirrodin). Helm of Kaldra, Sword of Kaldra, Shield of Kaldra


The protagonist of the Odyssey and Onslaught blocks.

A barbarian from the Pardic Mountains, he came to the Cabal City pits looking for worthy opponents. While there, he befriended the cabal dementia summoner, Chainer, and the Krosan centaur Seton. He fought alongside Seton for the Mirari and, when it was awarded to Lieutenant Kirtar, chased it all over Otaria. In the process, he witnessed the deaths of all those who laid claim to it. He finally received it himself after it overcame Chainer, but by now realised its true menace. None-the-less, he came under its thrall on the way back to the Pardics, and it fed his deepest desires to unite the barbarian tribes under the strongest ruler. His gigantic sword, which was fabled to have been forged from Urza's power staff, gained tremendous powers after merging with the Mirari. The struggle to lead the Pardic tribes led Kamahl to committing atypically brutal acts in the Arena as the Mirari's effect took hold. Finally, after being told that she had killed his mentor Balthor, he stabbed his sister Jeska, leaving her in a permanent coma. Kamahl now renounced the Mirari and swore to destroy it. (Odyssey block)Kamahl, Pit Fighter)

Kamahl later became the Fist of Krosa, a druid acolyte. This was a way of washing his hands of his guilt from fatally wounding Jeska. He left his sword in the heart of Krosa forest and picked up a staff. However, he discovers that the Cabal has captured Jeska and transformed her into Phage. Whilst trying to bring her back, he and Phage are attacked by the angel Akroma, sent by Ixidor to destroy her. Seeing the need to deal with Ixidor first, Kamahl brings the forces of Krosa to bear against him, alongside a Cabal army under the command of Phage. The battle turns to chaos, and the war between Phage and Akroma soon threatens to overcome all of Otaria. Faced with no choice, Kamahl strikes down both Phage and Akroma, and inadvertently creates the demigod Karona. Kamahl is forced to retrieve the Mirari Sword from the heart of Krosa to destroy Karona. (Onslaught block)Kamahl, Fist of Krosa)

In the centuries that follow these events, an order of Druids calling themselves the "Kamahlites" comes to be formed in Krosa. The leaders of the order continue to use the title, "Fist of Krosa." (Card: Baru, Fist of Krosa)


Author of Proper Passage (Card: Unseen Walker)


Aerie Keeper, a legendary creature of a birdlike humanoid species. Kangee appears similar to the Aven species in the Magic series, but this card came a year before any Aven cards. Kangee can give birds (excluding itself) extra powers.(Invasion)

Karel Volnikov

Marshal of Vodalia who travelled with his empress Galina to Atlantis (Fallen Empires)


Desert Mage (Card: Giant Badger)

Karlov, Uncle

‘Uncle’ Karlov was an Orzhov patriarch. He is succeeded by his niece Teysa Karlov. He ascended to the Obzedat (the Orzhov's leading Ghost Council) by tricking Teysa into murdering him, as suicide would have rendered him ineligible. He continued to manipulate Teysa in her dealings in the Utvara District until she discovered what he had made her do and rejected him.(Ravnica)


When Urza decided to travel back in time to meet the Thran and learn their secrets, he founded the Tolarian Academy. He guided all manner of time-travel experiments, and constructed a mechanical being who became his primary tool for gathering data. He incorporated Xantcha's personality matrix into this sentient silver golem, named Karn, so that it would learn and mature. As part of Gerrard’s Legacy, Karn was charged with protecting the child Gerrard from harm. When he was tricked into killing an innocent man, Karn vowed never to take another life, no matter what the circumstances. A large number of the Legacy’s treasure were contained within the chest of Karn, waiting for Gerrard to come of age and use them. Unfortunately, Karn was deactivated by Vuel (Volrath) with the Touchstone. Consequently the treasures were stolen and dispersed. After spending years deactivated, Gerrard rediscovered Karn, who had been found by Sisay, in the hold of the Weatherlight. With help of the Thran Tome, Karn was brought back to life. As the Weatherlight arrived in Rath to rescue Sisay, they were immediately attacked by Volrath’s own ship, the Predator. In moments the Weatherlight was overtaken by the moggs, searching for the Legacy artifacts, including Karn. Maintaining his vow to never harm another living being, Karn offered no resistance and was hauled to the Predator. Volrath imprisoned and tortured him by forcing him to break his vow never to injure or kill other beings. His cell was filled with moggs and its floor continuously undulated, causing him to stumble and roll about, crushing the creatures with his mass.

However, Karn was later rescued by the Weatherlight crew, escaping from Volrath's Stronghold. He would later go on to become an integral part of the resistance during the invasion of Dominaria, providing wisdom for the Weatherlight crew. In the end, Karn sacrifices himself, fulfilling his piece of the Legacy Weapon and, along with Gerrard and Urza, destroys Yawgmoth. However, while Gerrard and Urza were slain in the explosion, Karn ascends to Planeswalker status, absorbing the personalities of the many beings involved in the Legacy (Urza, Gerrard, Ramos, Glacien, etc), which became voices in his head. He is the only artificial being to ever achieve this feat.

Karn, as a planeswalker, created the plane of Argentum and the artifact wizard Memnarch, who later modified and renamed the plane into Mirrodin, though his presence is a mysterious one. It is known that he sent the Mirari to Dominaria as a probe, which he then uses to create Memnarch.

In the Planar Chaos novel Karn appears both as an image conjured up by the Weaver King and as the actual Golem himself. As his skills are needed to shut the planar rifts, he is summoned by Jhoira using Venser's modified ambulator. He travels back in time to just before Barrin destroys Tolaria and attempts to close the rift there. During the process some unknown evil gains control of him and he flees, warning no one to follow.

In the Mirrodin Besieged set, Karn reappears, infected by the Phyrexian ichor, as the new "father of machines," leader of the Phyrexians. His body has fused to a throne at Mirrodin's core, and his mind has fractured, making him vulnerable to the machinations of his supposed underlings.

(Card: Karn, Silver Golem, Karn Liberated)


Dubbed a "False God", Karona is a manifestation of all Dominaria's magic who rose from the fusion of the demonic queen Phage, the angelic crusader Akroma and old Zagorka.

Possessed of near-unlimited power, she was initially naive of her surroundings, constantly fleeing the hordes of the sentient beings who seemed to crave her awesome presence. Her nature as the embodiment of the plane's magic meant that, at times, it seemed she could only do things that were thought of by others.

In an attempt to find her godly kin, Karona opened up five portals, one for each color of magic, and summoned from them five important representatives of Dominaria's past (see below). Later, an attempt by the three Numena to capture her power convinced her to flee the plane entirely. While she was away, Dominaria lost all magical capabilities. She eventually stumbled upon the metal plane of Argentum, where she conversed with Karn, who advised her that she needed Dominaria just as much as it needed her. Though the magic was restored with her when she returned (though still concentrated in her), it was later found to be subtly different, setting the scene for Time Spiral.

After being weakened through the efforts of Kamahl and the Numena, she was slain by two unlikely heroes, Ixidor's rebellious shadow servants Sash and Waistcoat, with Kamahl's Mirari Sword. Upon her death, Karona was visited by Karn. He took her again to the plane of Argentum, where she was unmade and returned to her true form: Jeska, Kamahl's sister, who had previously transformed into Phage. There was no sign of either Akroma or Zagorka. Karn revealed to Jeska that she was a planeswalker, with her planeswalker spark having been ignited by her trials as Karona.

The five representatives summoned by Karona were Ixidor (white), Teferi (blue), Yawgmoth (black), Fiers (red) and Multani (green). Two hundred years later, in Time Spiral, Teferi claims no knowledge of either this event or of Karona herself, insisting that "If she says she met me, it was in a dream she had." Later, in Planar Chaos, after several trips through the space-time continuum, he does glimpse Karona, at the same time she "summoned" him.

Kasib Ibn Naji

Author of Letters, a wise man. (Mirage)

Kasimir, the Lone Wolf

Once known as Shasido Mayasi, Kasimir was the General of the Kentsu armies of Madara. He once sought the position of Empirial champion, but was defeated be the young Tetsuo Umezawa. In his shame he left Madara & later helped to lead the revolt of the Edemi island chain. (Legends)


Kataki, War's Wage is a legendary spirit on Kamigawa. (Kataki, War's Wage)


Chief of the Sardinian Malpiri clan. During the Brothers’s War the Archmandrite of the Ivory Tower invited !kathwar to join the Council of Mages, to represent the people of Sardinth.(Comics)

Kayla Bin-Kroog

Princess of Kroog, wife/lover of Urza, author of the Story of Urza and Mishra (which was translated by Taysir of Rabiah). It's also known as The Antiquities War. Though she was remarkably beautiful, Urza neglected her, working on his machines endlessly. After succeeding the throne of Kroog, she was caught sleeping with Mishra in an attempt to gain political alliance, though this plan backfired and resulted in an argument between the brothers that inflamed the war, and a falling-out with her husband even as she carried a child. After Mishra's leveling of Kroog, it would be three years before the former Queen saw Urza again, finally reconciling as a family at Urza's Tower.


Stepdaughter of Disa and Kolbjörn, born with the Mark. Elder Druid of the Juniper Order, wife of Jaeuhl Carthalion. It was said she was conceived under the blessing of Erp, God of Madya-as. She is also known as Keaxan to the tribes in the slope of Kanlaon (Alliances, comics). Brought Yavimaya into an alliance with Kjeldor in the face of Heidar's Rimewind threat. (Card: Kaysa, Into the North)

Keevy Bogsbury

A person with knowledge about marshes (Card: Marsh Gas)

Kei Takahashi

A young healer and student to Ayesha Tanaka, Tetsuo Umezawa's weaponsmith. Close friend of Umezawa's own student, Tor Wauki. An attack by Xira Arien causes him to mutate into a grotesque half-man, half-insect creature, and he struggles with his new, primal insect instincts throughout Umezawa's campaign. He eventually gives his life to save Wauki's. (Legends)


Keiga, the Tide Star, is the guardian dragon of the Kamitaki falls and the Minamo School. When dying, Keiga can transmute its mind to the creature which proved strong enough to kill her.

During the Kami War, Hidetsugu and his army of Yamabushi warriors attacked Minamo without warning. The wizards of Minamo summoned Keiga to ward the raiders off, but the spirit dragon was unable to successfully drive the attackers out of Minamo, and was slain afterwards. (Kamigawa)


A master swordsmaker on Kamigawa (Card: Imi Statue)

Kenan Sahrmal

Skillful Shandalaran planeswalker who chose to preserve rather than to prey on his home plane. he was practically immortal. After a fight with Lim-Dûl, Tevesh Szat and Leshrac he was severely wounded. In secret he trained two adepts to take his place. One was Azar, the name of the other has never been revealed. After Azar became trapped, Sahrmal chose to invest all his remaining power in his other apprentice (The Guardian), making him immortal. Thereafter Sahrmal vanished. (Microprose video game))


A houndmaster on Kamigawa who turned to training akki goblins after losing all his hounds in the war. (Card: Akki Underling)

Kentaro, the Smiling Cat

A human Samurai on Kamigawa. (Card: Kentaro, the Smiling Cat)

Kenzo the Hardhearted

A human Samurai on Kamigawa. (Card: Kenzo the Hardhearted)


A Phyrexian sleeper agent, his name is more correctly spelled "K'rrik" and he reverts to using it as such after he is discovered. Disguised as a castaway, he was found and befriended by a young Jhoira on Tolaria. She hid him from the Academy authorities because of their strict and final procedures for dealing with just such an incursion. He was later discovered by Karn during an experimental time/space travel and this gave the golem the information he needed to go back and undo Kerrick's eventual devastating attack on the Academy. This caused the time machine to explode. Kerrick survived, but was caught in a valley encased in an extreme-fast time bubble. Unable to escape, Kerrick used his considerable time advantage to transform the valley into a Phyrexian microcosm and was eventually able to launch a second full attack on the island. Urza returned from his long imprisonment in Yavimaya just in time to deal with the attack and defeat Kerrick.(Urza’s Legacy)


An Orc General of Sarpadia.(Fallen Empires)


A female Shadow Guildmage from Zhalfir. She guards herself very well. (Mirage)


Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is a legendary Goblin Shaman on Kamigawa.(Card: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker)

Kiku, Night's Flower

A legendary assassin in Takenuma swamp, who formerly worked for Boss Uramon. She kills her victims by throwing magically animated flowers at them, which attack by impaling the victim with swiftly growing roots, or by animating their shadows against them. (Card: Kiku, Night's Flower)


A Pirate of the Kukemssa Waters. (Mirage)


Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is a legendary spirit on Kamigawa. (Kira, Great Glass-Spinner)


A servant of Yawgmoth, who influenced Crovax to assume power in the absence of Volrath. (Invasion)


A legendary aven lieutenant on Otaria. He is ambitious, and powerful. His prowess was seen in the pits of Cabal, but he later died with Pianna when he attempted to control the Mirari. (Odyssey)


A Ravnican night guard. (Card: Gate Hound)


Kiyomaro, First to Stand, is a legendary spirit on Kamigawa. (Cards: Descendant of Kiyomaro, Kiyomaro, First to Stand)


Founder of the Kjeldor nation. (Cards: Hallowed Ground, Blessed Wine, Kjeldoran Escort)


Boros legionnaire of Ravnica. (Cards: Ghostway, Thundersong Trumpeter)

Klazina Jansdotter

A Kjeldoran Knight, known for being the leader of the Order of the Sacred Torch (Ice Age)


Kokusho, the Evening Star, is a legendary Dragon spirit on Kamigawa. (Card: Kokusho, the Evening Star)


An elder druid of the Juniper Order during the end of the (Ice Age; Older than any Elder Druid before him, High Honored Druid during the time of Alliances. Husband of Disa.)

Kolevi of Havenwood

Elder Druid of Sarpadia (Homelands)

Kolo Meha

Kolo Meha was a 6th circle Bogardan Master who assisted Tetsuo Umezawa in his rebellion against the Madaran Emperor. One of his most significant contributions was to destroy the keep of the Regent, Ramses Overdark, thus destroying his greatest connection to Madara's mana. This act also allowed Meha to reach the 7th circle. Meha was also the one who taught Tetsuo the Bogardan meteor spell which he used to sunder Emperor Bolas' connection to Dominaria, as well as destroy his body.

Konda, Takeshi

The daimyo, or ruler, of most of Kamigawa. He was known for the incredible feat of putting together his massive kingdom, but it appears that he was not satisfied to stop there. Under the guidance of the Kami of the Crescent Moon, and known to the world's other major leaders, he completed a ritual in which he claimed an integral aspect of the spiritual world for its power. Though he became nearly invincible and gained many supernatural abilities, his action brought about the Kami War, the spirit world's revenge for his theft. Even up to the last battle, in which O-Kagachi itself came to Konda's walls, he believed in the righteousness of his actions and had nearly the full support of his people. This may have been different had they known the causes of the spirit war. Lord Konda was eventually overthrown by his daughter, Michiko.


Jamuuran sidar (military leader) who raised Gerrard after he was orphaned. Father of Vuel, who later became Volrath. (Volrath)

Korlash, Heir to Blackblade

A Zombie Warrior from Future Sight who claims the soul-stealing sword of Dakkon in a future timeline. This was the promotional card for the Future Sight pre-release (April 21, 2007). (Card: Korlash, Heir to Blackblade)


A mage that created a bell that animated swamps. (Card: Kormus Bell)


A Vulshok battlemaster and weapons keeper on Mirrodin.


Legendary founder of a goblin clan (named the Krark Clan) on Mirrodin. Krark went further into the Great Furnace than any goblin previously, and what he found there was deemed blasphemy. The Krark Clan remain ostracised from mainstream goblin society on Mirrodin. (Card: Krark's Thumb)


A great witch king of Keld. Son of Trohg, Kreig was the result of Gatha's personal bloodlines project. He was the first to take the top tier of the Council, partially fulfilling the prophecies. He was almost immortal, infused with the power of his warhost. He was defeated by Croag, but only after dealing a great strike that almost did the opposite.

Kristina of the Woods

A planeswalker trapped in the Shard during the Ice Age. She resurrected Ravidel after his death at the hands of Leshrac and Tevesh Szat, earning his eternal wrath. 1200 years after the Brother’s War she met Taysir who became her mentor. Taysir loved Kristina with great passion. It brought him only grief because it was a selfish love that did not really care about the woman at it’s center. When Sandruu the Minotaur learned to walk the planes, he met Kristina and they fell in love. The blossoming love between Kristina and Sandruu is banished by the jealous Taysir. (Comics).

Kristina was participant and leader of the Summit of Minorad in the year 1 (according to the mages of Minorad). She had to surrender to Ravidel after he threatened to destroy the world. He banned her to a life in the Woods. After he breaks his promise in 1276 she reunited with Grenfell and Altair to conquer Ravidel. They get help from Jared Carthalion and Caliphear. She became the Mentrix and lover of Jared in 1281.(Comics).

During the Invasion she was one of the Nine Titans fighting Yawgmoth. She was "accidentally" killed by Tevesh Szat when they attacked Phyrexia in their Titan Suits

Ktozok Impaler, the

A Ravnican psychopath. Although executed, he continued his spree years later as a zombie. (Card: Unliving Psychopath)


A Gruul war-plow master of Ravnica. (Card: Gruul War Plow)


An Akki poet on Kamigawa.(Cards: Pain Kami, Zo-Zu the Punisher, Scaled Hulk)


God of Wealth and patron of the Cabal. Gave the Cabal Patriarch a killing touch and near immortality in exchange for the lives of his original family. He was also one of the numena reincarnated as the son of Phage and The Cabal Patriarch. Kuberr was killed during a battle with Karona.


Kumano, Master Yamabushi is a legendary Human shaman on Kamigawa. (Card: Kumano, Master Yamabushi)


Kuon, Ogre Ascendant is a legendary ogre monk on Kamigawa. (Card: Kuon, Ogre Ascendant)


Kuro, Pitlord, is a legendary Demon Spirit on Kamigawa. (Cards: Kuro, Pitlord)


Female Zhalfirin warrior. One of Scalebane’s Elite, the three people who accompanied Rashida Scalebane, Asmira, Holy Avenger and Sisay to the Mwonvuli Jungle to free Mangara. (Mirage)

Kyliki of Havenwood

Elven author of Havenwood Remembered (Cards: Homarid Shaman, Elven Fortress)


Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse is a legendary Demon Spirit on Kamigawa. (Cards: Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse)

Kzz’yn, The Dragon Lord

Female Red Guildlord of Shandalar (Microprose video game))

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