The Jerusalem Kollel

The Jerusalem Kollel
The Jerusalem Kollel
Motto From the heart of the world, educating the nation
Formation 2002[1]
Type Kollel
Purpose/focus Outreach Training
Location 140 מעגלי הרי"ם לוין, Sanhedria Murchevet, Jerusalem, Israel
Membership 80+
Official languages English, Hebrew,
Rosh Kollel Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits
Staff 8

The Jerusalem Kollel is a rabbinic education program with the intent of training kollel students to assume positions of leadership in waning Jewish communities worldwide.[2]

The orginazation was established in fall 2002 with 20 students. As of 2010, the orginazation has over 70 students and has placed 90 alumni.[1]

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits is the director of the orginazation.[1][3] Berkovitz was a student of the Mir yeshiva (Jerusalem) and a disciple of the Rabbi Chaim Leib Shmuelevitz.

The Women's Program is headed by Rebbetzen Chana Kalsmith.

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