Gorge (mythology)

Gorge (mythology)

In Greek mythology, the name Gorge may refer to:

  • Gorge, a daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and wife of Andraemon. Artemis changed her sisters into birds because of their constant mourning over the death of their brother Meleager, but spared Gorge and her sister Deianeira.[1] Apollodorus says that according to Pisander, she was the mother of Tydeus by her father Oeneus, because "Zeus willed it that Oeneus should fall in love with his own daughter".[2] Her son Thoas led the Aetolian contingent for the Greeks in the Trojan War.[3]
  • Gorge, one of the Danaides. She married and murdered Hippothous, son of Aegyptus.[4]
  • Gorge, a woman of Lemnos who slew Elymus the night Lemnian women killed their men.[5]


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