Duun language

Duun language
Spoken in Mali, Burkina Faso
Native speakers 85,000  (date missing)
Language family
Niger–Congo ?
  • Mande
    • Western
      • Northwestern
        • Samogo
          • Duun
Language codes
ISO 639-3 either:
dux – West Duun
dnn – East Duun

Duun is a Mande language of Mali. There are two principal varieties of Duun, West Duun, or Duungooma (aka Du, Samogho-sien) in Mali, and East Duun in Burkina Faso. These are clearly distinct but have a reasonable degree of mutual intelligibility with each other and with Banka (Bankagooma). Dialects of East Duun, Kpan (Kpango, Samoro-guan) and Dzùùngoo (Samogo-iri), are easily intelligible.

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