Dust to Dirt

Dust to Dirt
Dust to Dirt
Studio album by Alien Crime Syndicate
Released Feb 8, 2000
Recorded Recorded at Jupiter Studios, Seattle, Washington
Genre Alternative rock, indie rock, pop punk[1]
Label Collective Fruit
Producer Joe Reineke
Alien Crime Syndicate chronology
Dust to Dirt
From the Word Go
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]

Dust to Dirt is the debut album by alternative rock group Alien Crime Syndicate released in 2000 through Collective Fruit.[3] Following the folding of their previous label, Revolution Records, they relocated to Seattle, Washington and began re-recording songs from the first unreleased record, From the Word Go later released on Will Records, as well as new material released on Nabil Ayers's own label, Collective Fruit, in February, 2000.[4][5]

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Take Me to Your Leader"   3:51
2. "What I Said"   3:41
3. "Outerspace"   3:44
4. "Some Kind of Way"   3:23
5. "I Want It All"   3:12
6. "Tripping up to the Clouds"   3:54
7. "Nothing Beats the Surf In"   2:12
8. "Do It Again"   2:56
9. "Pimpin' the Land"   3:15
10. "Here With You"   3:46
11. "Always Running"   3:38
12. "Atmosphere"   6:24


Alien Crime Syndicate
Production personnel


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