The Dumalla or full name Chand Tora Dumalla is the style of turban generally worn by Nihang Khalsa Sikhs. This is a warrior style turban which was worn by Sikhs in battle. The "Chand Tora" is a metal symbol consisting of a crescent sword and a double edged sword, it is held in place at the front of the turban by a woven chainmail cord tied in a pattern within the turban to protect the head from slashing weapons.

The Chand The Chand actually is a symbol of Shiva who is always shown with a crescent in his hair. Shiva is considered a very powerful mythological figure. So the crescent (Chand) being in the Dumalla along with a Khanda and Kirpan shows that Singh's are as mighty, if not more, than Shiva.

The Tora The purpose of the "Tora" is to keep the dastaar together. It goes over the bunga to protect it and protect the dasam dwar. Also used for keeping shastars together. In the past every Sikh was Nihangs and wore this type of turban, known as a Dumalla. But now very few Nihangs are left and many Sikhs in the west wear a turban known as a pagri which was not a Sikh turban.

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