Juan de Zavala, 1st Marquis of Sierra Bullones

Juan de Zavala, 1st Marquis of Sierra Bullones
The Marquis of Sierra Bullones

Don Juan de Zavala y de la Puente, 1st Marquis of Sierra Bullones Grandee of Spain, 5th Marquis of Torreblanca, 3rd Marquis of la Puente y Sotomayor and 6th Count of Villaseñor (Lima, Peru, 1804 – Madrid, Spain, 1879) was a Spanish noble and politician. After fighting in the First Carlist War, the Marquess served as Prime Minister of Spain.

Marriage and issue

He married on 1839 María del Pilar de Guzmán, 24ht Duchess of Nájera, and had five children:

  • Juan de Zavala, 25th Duke of Nájera, husband of Caroliba Santamarca, 2nd Countess of Santamarca.
  • Luis de Zavala, 26th Duke of Nájera, married to Guillermina Heredia y Barrón.
  • María del Pilar de Zavala, 20th Marquise of Aguilar de Campoo, married to Ventura García-Sancho, 1st Count of Consuegra.
  • Juana de Zavala, 7th Countess of Villaseñor, married to Camilo Hurtado de Amézaga, 6th Marquis of the Riscal.
  • María Grimanesa de Zavala, 7th Marquise of San Lorenzo del Valleumbroso, married to Juan Larios y Enríquez.
Political offices
Preceded by
Claudio Antón de Luzuriaga
Minister of State
6 June 1855 – 14 July 1856
Succeeded by
Nicomedes Pastor Díaz

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