Drop Everything

Drop Everything
Drop Everything
Studio album by Lady Pank
Released 1985
Genre Rock
Label MCA Records

Drop Everything is a 1985 album by Polish rock band Lady Pank. The record was the first and the only album the band recorded in English and was aimed at international markets, being released in USA, UK, Brazil and Argentina. Drop Everything was also released in Poland through a Polish record company called Klub Płytowy Razem.

All song featured on the album were originally released in 1983 on the bands debut album Lady Pank. Drop Everything features original instrumental tracks from Lady Panks debut effort with the original vocal tracks replaced by a rerecorded English version.

A music video for "Minus Zero" was made. The video was shot in Jersey City, New Jersey and is the first music video by a Polish artist to ever appear on MTV.[1]

Track listing

All songs written by Jan Borysewicz, with original lyrics written by Andrzej Mogielnicki. English lyrics written/translated by Tom Wachtel

  1. "Minus Zero"
  2. "Hustler"
  3. "Hero"
  4. "The Zoo That Has No Keeper"
  5. "Be Good"
  6. "Do, Do"
  7. "Someone's Round the Corner"
  8. "Disturbance of the Order" (instrumental)
  9. "Stranger"
  10. "My Kilimanjaro"


  • Jan Borysewicz - lead guitar, lead vocal on "Stranger"
  • Janusz Panasewicz — lead vocals
  • Edmund Stasiak — rhythm guitar, lead guitar on "Do, Do"
  • Paweł Mścisławski — bass
  • Jarosław Szlagowski — drums


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