List of Disney's Cinderella characters

List of Disney's Cinderella characters
Cinderella fits the glass slipper. From left to right: Jaq, Gus, Suzy, Perla, the Grand Duke, Drizella, Anastasia, Lady Tremaine and Cinderella.

The following are fictional characters from Disney's 1950 film Cinderella and its sequels.



Jaq and Gus

First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Voiced by Jimmy MacDonald (in Cinderella)
Rob Paulsen (in sequels)
Gus (Octavius)
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Voiced by Jimmy MacDonald (in Cinderella)
Corey Burton (in sequels)
Aliases Gus-Gus

Jaq and Gus (real name Octavius) are two mice who serve as sidekicks to Cinderella. Gus has a penchant for cheese and fine wine. In the first film, Cinderella rescues the mice from traps and the cat Lucifer and dresses and feeds them. They perform many favors in return. Jaq seems to be one of the leaders of the mice, planning strategies to avoid the cat, sneak food, and help Cinderella with her ball gown. The other mice gladly follow his lead. Jaq is thin, with scruffy hair, and speaks a fast kind of pidgin English. Gus appears in the first scene of the film, trapped in a cage where Jaq finds him and brings Cinderella to rescue him. Cinderella names him "Octavius," and calls him "Gus" for short. This is an example of an inside joke among the writers and (some) viewers of the movie. Gus is actually short for Augustus. In ancient Rome, Octavius was re-named Augustus when he became Caesar. Hence Octavius - Augustus - Gus. Jaq explains the situation to Gus, that Cinderella wants to help him, and Gus catches on and joins the mouse troop. Gus seems to be a bit slow on the pickup, but brave in a pinch, and speaks even more broken English than Jaq, who calls him "Gus-Gus". Gus and Jaq are responsible for stealing the key to Cinderella's room from the wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and freeing Cinderella to try on the glass slipper, which of course fits. They are last seen in the film in tiny palace uniforms, eating and waving at the wedding of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

In Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, Gus and Jaq were also present, living in the castle along with all the other mice. It was Gus' idea to make the new book of stories to replace the old one. In Cinderella's Story, Jaq and Gus helped Cinderella to prepare for the ball and gave her support when she doubted her abilities. In Jaq's Story, Jaq, feeling useless, wishes that he were a human; Fairy Godmother grants this wish and Jaq tries to help Cinderella and the others prepare for the fair until he realizes he liked being a mouse better and returns to normal. In Anastasia's Story, they attempt to help their old nemesis Lucifer win the affections of a snobby female cat named Pom Pom (the mice's, and probably Bruno's, new nemesis) in the castle in the hopes the cats will then leave the mice alone.

In Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, Gus and Jaq make their opening appearance helping the fairy godmother prepare for the prince and Cinderella's anniversary party. After Lady Tremaine reversed time and made the slipper fit Anastasia's foot, they helped Cinderella search for the prince, (wreaking havoc in the palace kitchen in the process). They discover Lady Tremaine's use of dark magic by witnessing her cast a spell on the prince to forget Cinderella (and think that he danced with Anastasia). In a plan to steal the wand back, they succeed in taking the wand from Lady Tremaine, but she has Cinderella arrested with a banishment sentence before she can lift the spell on the prince. Gus and Jaq manage to convince the prince that Cinderella is the right girl through a catchy showtune, "At the Ball". They later help Cinderella put on her wedding gown, but the three are magically sent away by Lady Tremaine, who assigns Lucifer the cat to drive them in a pumpkin carriage over a cliff. After they narrowly escape their deaths, Cinderella, Jaq, and Gus return to the palace where the mice attack the entrance guards to let Cinderella through to the wedding. The mice are last seen in Cinderella III during the closing credits in a picture with a very decorated king, one with them stuffed with cheese, Gus in a rather sophisticated uniform, and the final picture in a photo booth style series with Cinderella, the prince, and the two mice.

Jaq and Gus also appeared in the Grandma Duck comics in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories where they live with Grandma Duck and her grandnephew Gus Goose. At some time before then, they crossed paths with Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. They appeared in one Mickey Mouse comic strip adventure titled Mousepotamia where they appear to be the same size as Mickey rather than standard mouse size.

Jaq appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for the PSP, and was one of the first new confirmed characters, while Gus is absent. He finds Ventus, shrunk down to 3"in (10 cm) by the Fairy Godmother, placed in a mousetrap, and helps free him, marking the beginning of their friendship. Ventus later helps him gather the necessary materials for Cinderella's dress, and despite a fight between Ventus and Lucifer, they succeed. Later on, while Cinderella is locked in her room by Lady Tremaine, Jaq attempts to get the key to her room up the stairs and is protected by Aqua when the Unversed ambush him. Jaq succeeds and the slipper fits Cinderella perfectly. In the original film they both voiced by Jimmy MacDonald, in the sequels Jaq voiced by Rob Paulsen and Gus by Corey Burton.

Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Created by Frank Thomas
Voiced by Eleanor Audley (original)
Susanne Blakeslee (sequels)
Aliases The Wicked Stepmother, Madame Tremaine

Lady Tremaine (also known as the Wicked Stepmother) is the primary antagonist of the franchise. She is based on the original character from the Cinderella fairy tale created by Charles Perrault. Animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas, in their book The Disney Villain, describe animating Audley's voice as "a difficult assignment but a thrilling one, working to that voice track with so much innuendo mixed in with the fierce power." In contrast to the broad treatment given to some of the other characters, Lady Tremaine was animated in sinister and subtle realism.[1]

She is introduced in the prologue of the film. Cinderella's father, a widower, anxious for his daughter to have a mother figure, married Lady Tremaine, who is described as "a woman of good family". She was a widow herself, with two daughters from her first marriage. After years of living happily together as a family, Cinderella's father died, Lady Tremaine showed her true colors: cold, cruel, abusive, and sadistic: pampering her own selfishly spoiled daughters, while forcing Cinderella to become a maid in her own home. Lady Tremaine allows Cinderella to attend the Royal Ball, on the condition that Cinderella finishes all her chores and finds a suitable dress. When Cinderella appears ready for the Ball in a suitable dress, Lady Tremaine (indirectly, but intentionally) subtly points out the beads and sash that Jaq and Gus stole from Anastasia and Drizella, provoking her daughters to tear apart Cinderella's dress, leaving her unable to attend the ball. When Cinderella, with the help of a Fairy Godmother, nevertheless attends the ball, her stepfamily do not recognize her, but Lady Tremaine notes a familiarity about her as she dances with Prince Charming.

News arrives that the Prince will marry the girl whose foot fits the glass slipper accidentally left behind by Cinderella at the Ball. Lady Tremaine, correctly guessing the identity of the mysterious girl at the Ball, quietly follows Cinderella up to the attic and locks her in her room, putting the key in her pocket. However, two of Cinderella's mice friends, Gus and Jaq, steal the key from Lady Tremaine's pocket and succeed in returning the key to Cinderella, who rushes downstairs to the Grand Duke just as he and the footman are about to leave. Lady Tremaine attempts to convince the Duke that Cinderella is merely a servant girl who did not even attend the ball. But the Duke, who is required by the King's Royal Proclamation not to skip one single maiden in the kingdom on his quest for the mysterious girl the Prince danced with, solemnly rebuffs Lady Tremaine. The Duke also finds Cinderella strikingly familiar to him. He proceeds to try the glass slipper on Cinderella. Lady Tremaine then deploys one last trick up her sleeve, tripping up the footman bearing the glass slipper, causing it to smash. She grins with satisfaction as the Duke wails in despair and fear of the King's reaction when he finds out that the slipper was destroyed. But Cinderella still manages to come out on top by revealing that she has the other slipper, and that it fits her foot, proving that she is the girl who danced with Prince Charming, much to her stepmother's horror.

She made her second appearance in the direct-to-video sequel Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, this time voiced by Susanne Blakeslee. In this film, she only appeared in the An Uncommon Romance segment, where Anastasia has to go against her mother for the first time. A likable, slightly plump humble Baker falls in love with Anastasia, as does she with him. Lady Tremaine and Drizella do everything they can to thwart this romance, but Cinderella encourages Anastasia to follow her own heart (which she does).

Her latest appearance was in the second direct-to-video Cinderella sequel, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time (again, voiced by Blakeslee), wherein she resumes her role as the pivotal antagonist. This time, she acquires the Fairy Godmother's magic wand after Anastasia finds it. Lady Tremaine, strangely still bent on ruining Cinderella's life (in what she believes to be revenge) then uses the wand to reverse time to undo Cinderella's "happily ever after"; she manipulates the glass slipper to fit Anastasia so that Cinderella never gets to try on the slipper herself, then she brainwashes the Prince into forgetting Cinderella and marrying Anastasia. When Cinderella tries to set things right, Lady Tremaine thwarts her efforts, aided by the magic wand. Ultimately, Anastasia is her mother's undoing; feeling guilty about marrying someone she does not love and who does not love her, she rejects the Prince at the altar. Furious, Lady Tremaine tries to turn Cinderella and Anastasia into toads, but the Prince defends the two from the spell and reflects it back with his sword, turning Lady Tremaine and Drizella into toads. Anastasia then gives the magic wand to Cinderella so that she can undo all the wrongs that had been committed. During the end credits, Lady Tremaine and Drizella have been restored, but are wearing scullery clothes identical to those Cinderella used to wear, implying that they will be working in the palace as servants as their punishment.

Aside from the films, Lady Tremaine has also made various appearances on the Disney Channel series House of Mouse; she frequently shares a table with another famous wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Again, in these appearances, she is voiced by Susan Blakeslee. She also makes an appearance in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit Special Edition DVD in one of the menus.

She appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, along with Anastasia and Drizella. In the game, she plays out the same role as in the film, only this time, the extreme darkness in her heart creates two Unversed, fuelled by her jealousy of Cinderella. Aqua makes note of this as she passes Lady Tremaine, and later goes to the Tremaines' chateau to kill her before her darkness harms anyone, but the Fairy Godmother stops her, advising her that Light and Darkness must coexist. After the slipper fits Cinderella, Lady Tremaine gives into her fury once again and her negativity transforms into a giant Unversed, known as the Cursed Coach (the first boss in Aqua's story). When Aqua jumps in and rescues Cinderella, the Cursed Coach accidentally drops a fire bomb in front of Lady Tremaine and her daughters, which explodes and burns them to death. She voiced by Susan Blakeslee.

Anastasia Tremaine

Anastasia Tremaine
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Created by Ollie Johnston
Voiced by Lucille Bliss (original film)
Tress MacNeille (sequels)
Lesli Margherita (singing voice in sequels)

Anastasia Tremaine is the redheaded younger daughter of Lady Tremaine.[2] Though following the original story's depiction of the ugly and cruel stepsister in the first film, Anastasia becomes a more sympathetic character in later Disney sequels, depicted as struggling to find genuine love and follow her conscience despite her mother and sister's negative influence and scheming. Pat Williams, James Denney, and Jim Denney report that actress "Lucille Bliss was the voice of Cinderella's stepsister, Anastasia, an experience that remains one of her fondest memories." The actress explains, "I was just a teenager when I got the part...I read that Walt had personally selected me for the part of Anastasia."[3]

In Cinderella, Anastasia is portrayed just as awkward, clumsy, foolish, and bossy as her sister, Drizella. Anastasia also has enormous feet. During their music lesson, Anastasia plays the flute as Drizella sings but in the sequels she has a beautiful singing voice. Anastasia quarrels with her sister often, though they are united in their jealousy of and contempt for Cinderella. Anastasia's most common dress attire is the magenta coloured dress which she wears with a gold coloured headpiece and purple slippers and wears pink bloomers underneath. Her hairstyle is in multiple long curls which run down her back and sways when she moves. During the first film, she was seen as physically ugly, however in the sequels, she blossomed into a beautiful young woman as her inner goodness developed.

In Cinderella II, Anastasia is portrayed as a more sympathetic character. She falls in love with a working-class baker and wants to get close to him, but her mother refuses to allow her to because of her own prejudices towards the baker's social standing. Cinderella reassures Anastasia that the baker is a good man, regardless of what Lady Tremaine thinks, and encourages Anastasia to follow her heart. With the help of Cinderella, Anastasia gets a make-over and becomes beautiful. With help from Cinderella and her animal friends, Anastasia and the baker are reunited and reconciled, they attend Cinderella's ball, where Anastasia thanks her.

In Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, Anastasia is shown not only to have compassion for Cinderella, but to also have a conscience. She unintentionally gains access to Cinderella's fairy godmother's wand, which sets in motion her mother's nefarious plot to destroy Cinderella's "happily ever after" and gain access to an opulent lifestyle at the palace. As she is manipulated into marrying the Prince as a means to fulfill her mother and sister's selfish desires, Anastasia begins to feel remorse and guilt. At the altar, realizing that the prince does not truly love her and having understood what true love really means, Anastasia refuses to marry him and steps aside for Cinderella. After a tense standoff with Lady Tremaine and Drizella, with Lady Tremaine prepared to rid herself of Anastasia by way of a magic spell, Anastasia acquires the wand and sets everything right and makes peace with Cinderella, who lets her stay in the castle. This apparently excludes her from the punishment that is seen to befall her mother and sister; at the close of the film, they have been reduced to working as servants at the palace. During the credits, a picture shows Anastasia sitting in the palace garden while gazing happily at the baker with whom she fell in love in the second film.

Over the films she gradually becomes less 'ugly' and more snub-nosed, chubby-face, 'sweet', although never approaching Cinderella's beauty. This is partly because she smiles more and partly due to the animators' efforts.

Variety asserts that "stepsister Anastasia is appreciably more sympathetic" in Cinderella III.[4] At Walt Disney World during the Cinderella's Gala Feast attraction, Julie and Mike Neal declare that "everyone will love Anastasia and Drizella, Cinderella's evil stepsisters, who wander the room with Lady Tremaine..."[5]

She appears in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep in her homeworld, Castle of Dreams, with her family, playing out the same role as in the original film before meeting her end at the hands of the Cursed Coach. She voiced by Lucille Bliss in the original film and by Tress MacNeille in the sequels.

Drizella Tremaine

Drizella Tremaine
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Created by Ollie Johnston
Voiced by Rhoda Williams (original film)
Russi Taylor (sequels)

Drizella Tremaine is the black haired older daughter of Cinderella's evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine.[6] Her name is commonly misspelled as "Drusilla". In 2000, Kent Melton sculpted "Dreadful Drizella" as a limited edition piece for the fiftieth anniversary of the film.[7] Drizella appears in various novels and other publications.[8][9][10][11]

Drizella wears a chartreuse or almost gold-toned green dress with center-parted hair ending in short sausage curls on the back, and a greenish or turquoise blue hair ribbon on her head tied up in a large, candy box bow. For the palace ball, she wears a multi-colored gown with different shades of aqua, turquoise blue, pale green, and jade green on the bodice, sleeves, and bustle, and wears a feather instead of a bow in her hair. In her second movie, her ribbon changes to green. After her downfall she is reduced to wearing a maidservant's frock. In live appearances, and in many book illustrations, Drizella wears a dress similar to that shown for the palace ball in the first film and wears green slippers and green bloomers underneath. Like her sister, Drizella has enormous feet.

She is portrayed as haughty, abusive, sadistically cruel and highly unorganized. She is enviously contemptuos of Cinderella's success and beauty and often gets her into trouble. Unlike her younger sister, Anastasia, who changes her spiteful ways and develops into a kind and good-natured woman, Drizella remains mean-spirited and cruel, and never overcomes her hatred of Cinderella. She is also depicted as having slovenly eating habits in the third movie, where she samples the food and the wedding cake being prepared for her sister's wedding by shoving handfuls of it into her face and eating them noisily. In the sequels, though not in the original film, Drizella is exactly like a younger version of her mother.

Drizella and her mother constantly plot to ruin Cinderella and have no qualms about hurting her feelings. Lady Tremaine is well aware of her older daughter's harsh and cold-hearted - and even violent - mannerisms, and can trigger Drizella's anger with a mere handful of casually-delivered words. In a particularly distressing scene in the original film, as Lady Tremaine and her jealous daughters prepare to leave for the prince's ball, Cinderella appears wearing her beautiful homemade gown. Lady Tremaine notes that Cinderella is wearing beads that belonged to Drizella, who rejected them on the claims she was sick of the sight of them. After Lady Tremaine casually points out to Drizella that the beads add a charming touch to the dress, Drizella flies into a rage and yanks the beads from Cinderella's neck, and along with Anastasia, lunges upon her stepsister and tears her gown to rags, leaving Cinderella devastated.

Later on throughout the series, Drizella turns on Anastasia and torments her, being able to physically intimidate her. Although she seems to be awed by her during the story An Uncommon Romance, after Ananstasia openly rebelled against their overbearing mother and told her she was in love with a baker of low-birth and that she was happier with him than she would ever be with the wealthy suitor Lady Tremaine had hoped she would encounter at another palace ball. Angered, Lady Tremaine stormed off, leaving Drizella stunned, though she sided with her mother and returned home with her.

Unlike Anastasia, who eventually liberates herself from her mother's domination, Drizella obeys her mother's every order and schemes with her to undermine her hated stepsister, Cinderella, though they are foiled by Anastasia and as punishment, they are removed of their wealth and status and are reduced to working as scullery maids in Cinderella's palace.

Like her mother and sister, she appears in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, playing the same role as in the original film before being killed by the Cursed Coach. She voiced by Rhoda Williams in the original film and by Russi Taylor in the sequels.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Voiced by William Phipps (Cinderella)
Mike Douglas (singing in Cinderella)
Christopher Daniel Barnes (sequels)
Matt Nolan (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

Prince Charming is Cinderella's love interest. In the first film, he has no given name. It should be noted that Cinderella's prince is never actually identified in the film as "Prince Charming", nor is there any clear reason why he has come to be known by that title in the Disney vernacular. The only media where he is referred to as "Prince Charming" as of today is Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and the attraction Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

Determined to see grandchildren, the King organizes a ball for Prince Charming in an effort to cause his son to fall in love and marry, with every eligible maiden in the kingdom ordered to attend. At the ball, Prince Charming rejects every girl, until he sees Cinderella, with whom he is immediately smitten. The two dance throughout the castle grounds until the clock starts to chime midnight and Cinderella flees away from the castle, accidentally dropping one of her glass slippers. Prince Charming picks up the glass slipper and the next day a royal proclamation is issued, stating the Grand Duke will visit every house in the kingdom to find the girl who fits the glass slipper, so that she can be married to Prince Charming. After the slipper perfectly fits onto Cinderella's foot, Prince Charming marries her.

Prince Charming has little involvement in the sequel, Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. In the third film, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, while Prince Charming and Cinderella are celebrating the first anniversary of their wedding, Lady Tremaine gets possession of the Fairy Godmother's wand and reverses time, going back to the moment of the Duke's arrival at her manor with the glass slipper. Lady Tremaine then uses the wand to fit the slipper onto Anastasia's foot and make her marry Prince Charming. When he sees Anastasia, he is about to dismiss but Lady Tremaine uses the wand to make him forget about Cinderella completely and to marry Anastasia. Cinderella is later caught trying to get the wand from her stepmother, but she manages to touch Prince Charming's hand, and the connection they both feel confuses him. Prince Charming is then addressed by Gus and Jaq who confront him with their side of the story, using the other mended glass slipper as evidence. Prince Charming, although he still cannot remember her, believes the mice's tale and sets out to retrieve Cinderella before she sails off under Lady Tremaine's orders. The two lovers are reunited and get prepared for the wedding, but Lady Tremaine makes Anastasia to look exactly like Cinderella to take the real Cinderella's place during the wedding. When Anastasia hesitates during the wedding and says "I don't", Lady Tremaine aims the wand at both Cinderella and Anastasia. However, Prince Charming manages to step between them and blocks the magic with his sword, causing it to bounce back and transform Lady Tremaine and Drizella into toads. Prince Charming and Cinderella stay in this new timeline and get married again.

He appears in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep along with his homeworld, playing out the same role as in the film. Just after Cinderella flees the ball, he briefly mistakes Aqua for Cinderella. In a scene which was originally intended for the film but deleted, Prince Charming and Cinderella are reunited after the slipper fits Cinderella's foot perfectly, and he embraces her lovingly. He voiced by William Phipps (voice) and by Mike Douglas (singing voice) in the original film and by Christopher Daniel Barnes in the sequels.


First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Voiced by June Foray (Cinderella)
Frank Welker (sequels)
Jon Olson (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep)

Lucifer is the Tremaines' pet cat. He has black fur and is depicted as a sneaky, wolfishly-wicked, manipulative and cheating mouse consumer. In a particularly manipulatively conniving scene in the beginning of the original film, Lucifer tries to rid the chateau's pet dog Bruno outside of the kitchen Lucifer is consuming his breakfast bowl of milk in, by scratching him painfully and sneakily while Cinderella's back is turned. Bruno then growls loud and threatingly out of furious anger and pain, and Lucifer lets out a benign and exaggerated fake shriek of pain, as if Bruno scratched him. Cinderella hears Lucifer's whining fake screech and blames Bruno, bitterly scolding him to go outside and stop causing trouble, reasoning " we have to at least try, to get along together ". Back inside the kitchen, Lucifer wears a wide grin of wicked satisfaction, lazily licking his milk bowl, while Cinderella remarks hastily " and that includes you too, your majesty "! He becomes very focused on catching the mice when provoked, but his attempts to catch them always end in a comical failure. First, in the first movie, that also the main antagonist, Jaq bravely makes a distraction to lure Lucifer away from the other mice's path to getting their breakfast. While he was returning with the mice, Gus struggled with carrying his load and easily grabs Lucifer's attention. Fortunately, and unexpectedly, Cinderella enters the room and accidentally takes Gus away on her breakfast serving platters for Lady Tremaine and her daughters. Lucifer manages to grab him again, but Cinderella later forced him to let Gus go.

Next, Jaq and Gus plan to grab a sash and a bead necklace from the laundry pile, since this is what the other mice needed in order to finish making Cinderella's dress for the ball. It was just their luck that Lucifer was also in the room, sleeping. Jaq and Gus try to quietly retrieve the sash without waking him up, but to no avail. Fortunately, Lucifer, now wide awake, couldn't get a good grip on the sash, and the mice manage to get away with it. Now Jaq and Gus plan to take the bead necklace. Unfortunately, Gus blows their cover by yelling excitedly about the beads. Lucifer immediately sits on them and waits for the mice to make their next move. Jaq formulates a plan and starts off for Lucifer. Lucifer readys his paws, and accidentally let Jaq sneak behind him. Jaq, now amidst the laundry pile at the other side of the room, creates a distraction in the hopes of luring Lucifer away from the beads, giving Gus time to grab them and escape. Lucifer figures this out and uses his tail to keep the beads close to him as he moves towards Jaq. Once he got close enough, Lucifer pounces on Jaq and chases him into the heap of laundry, mainly into a light-blue nightgown. When the coast was clear, Gus made his move to get the beads. Once he got them, he heads over back to mousehole he and Jaq came in from. Unfortunately, he slips on a bead and slams into the far side wall, briefly getting Lucifer's attention. Jaq immediately intervenes and gets him to chase him into the dress again. This time, Jaq makes an escape out of a sleeve of the dress with Lucifer close behind. Lucifer could only manage to poke his head out of the sleeve. Enraged by the trap he has been put in, Lucifer slithers across the floor aiming for Gus, now picking up the beads with Jaq. Gus barely manages to grab the last bead before Lucifer attempted to bite on him and escapes, leaving Lucifer temporarily trapped in the dress.

At the film's climax, he attempts to catch Jaq and Gus while they try to free Cinderella from her locked room, but Cinderella's dog, Bruno (a friend of the mice and enemy to Lucifer) intervenes and scares Lucifer so much, he falls out of the tower's window to his supposed demise.

Lucifer's supposed death is retconned, however (explained by the fact that cats always land on their feet), and he appears in the two sequels. In Cinderella II: Dreams Come True|the second film, he only appears in the third and final segment, An Uncommon Romance, where he falls in love with the snobby palace cat, Pom Pom, to the point that he makes a deal with the mice never to chase them again if they help him reconcile with Pom Pom. The plan works, Pom Pom goads Lucifer into helping her catch and eat the mice. His treachery backfires, and Pom Pom dumps him.

In Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, the third film, after Lady Tremaine reverses time with the Fairy Godmother's wand, Lucifer resumes his role as adversary to both Cinderella and the mice. In his most notable scene, Lady Tremaine turns him into a human coachman to take Cinderella and the mice as far away from the palace as he can, but during the chase, Lucifer falls into the water, where he turns back into a cat and is stranded in the woods.

Lucifer appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, as a boss character in Ven's scenario, in which he attempts to stop Jaq and Ventus from gathering the necessary materials for Cinderella's dress. Despite having been shrunk to the size of a mouse, Ventus valiantly engages Lucifer in a brutal battle which Ventus wins. Frightened, Lucifer runs off. He voiced by June Foray in the original film and by Frank Welker in it's sequels.

Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Voiced by Verna Felton (Cinderella)
Russi Taylor (sequels)

The Fairy Godmother first appears in the film after the stepsisters tear Cinderella's gown to shreds before Prince Charming's ball. She appears in the garden, and transforms her appearance for the ball. She transforms the mice into horses, Bruno the dog into a footman, Major the horse into a coachman, a pumpkin into the carriage, and transforms her torn dress into a beautiful blue dress with glass slippers. Cinderella departs for the ball after the Fairy Godmother warns her that the spell will expire at the stroke of midnight.

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True begins with the Fairy Godmother reading the story of Cinderella to the animals until Gus and Jaq arrive. The three of them set off to make a new book to narrate what happens after the "Happily Ever After" by stringing the three segments of the film together into one narrative. During one of the segments, the Fairy Godmother turns Jaq into a human so that he can help Cinderella in the palace. In Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, the Fairy Godmother's wand is stolen by Anastasia, who accidentally turns her into a stone. The Fairy Godmother is turned back to her normal form at the end of the film.

The Fairy Godmother also appears in the Kingdom Hearts series. After the destruction of her world, Castle of Dreams, by Maleficent, she manages to safely escape. She lives in Traverse Town with Merlin, and every time Sora gives her summon gem, she restores that being's spirit, allowing Sora to summon them in battle. She eventually gives Donald Duck the Lord Fortune staff. She also appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in her own world, reprising the same role as in the film and also shrinking Ventus and Aqua to the size of mice in order to avoid Lady Tremaine spotting them.

The Fairy Godmother is one of the many guests in Disney's House of Mouse. She also is the host in the Magic, Music and Mayhem live show. She was voiced by Verna Felton in the first film and it's sequels voiced by Russi Taylor.

In italian dub the fairy is called Smemorina, for the scene in first film where she didn't found her magic wand.

Other minor characters

  • The King: Prince Charming's father who desperately wants his son to marry and have children because he wants to see his grandchildren before he dies. In the third film, he reveals to Anastasia that his queen (who's seen only as a painting) was not a good dancer and gives the stepsister his most precious possession: the seashell that he and the queen touched together for the first time. He was voiced by Luis Van Rooten in the first film and by Andre Stojka in the sequels.
  • The Grand Duke: the king's right hand who organized the ball for Prince Charming to meet and marry a woman. He later visited the Tremaine manor to find the glass slipper's owner. In the third film, the Grand Duke is responsible for organizing the wedding between Prince Charming and Anastasia. The Grand Duke also appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, playing out exactly the same role as in the film. He was voiced by Luis Van Rooten in the first film and by Rob Paulsen in the sequels.
  • Bruno: a dog friend of Cinderella and the mice and a enemy to Lucifer. He is transformed into a footman by the Fairy Godmother so that Cinderella can attend the ball. He was voiced by Jimmy MacDonald and Earl Keen in the first film and by Frank Welker in the second film.
  • Major: a horse friend of Cinderella and the mice. He is transformed into a coachman by the Fairy Godmother so that attend the ball. He in the first film possibly voiced by John Woodbury.
  • Prudence: a sharp and snobbish woman who is in charge of the palace banquets and parties until Cinderella arrives. She wears a dark-grey dress, and keeps her dark brown hair in a tight bun. She was voiced by Holland Taylor in both sequels.
  • Beatrice and Daphne: These two kind, understanding and helpful female palace servants help Cinderella caringly with her royal-ball preparation duties, in the first segment that appears in the second film, Cinderella II:Dreams Come True. They try to comfort Cinderella, amidst the stuck-up, arrogant whims of the insufferably overbearing, burdensome, and bland Prudence, the female head servant. Beatrice is a tall, thin women with chocolate-brown eyes, who wears a blue dress, and keeps her light blonde hair in a tight bun. Daphne is shorter and stubbier with bright blue eyes, clad in a rose-pink dress, and also keeps her dark brown hair in a bun. Russi Taylor voices both characters.
  • Invitation sender: he is the sender who gave Cinderella the ball invitation.
  • The Birds: They are two birds and good friends of Cinderella who like the mice and the birds wear clothes. They were voiced by Marion Darlington.
  • Suzy and Perla: Two female mice that help Cinderella get ready in the mornings and lead the rest of the female mice to make Cinderella's dress. Suzy dresses in blue, though she wears yellow and orange in the original film, while Perla dresses in purple, though she dresses in light pink and blue in the original film. Though they're both portrayed as kind and helpful, Suzy is seen as being more reserved and calm; Perla is seen as having more sass and is a bit forceful. Suzy was voiced by June Sullivan and Perla by Lucille Williams.
  • Pom-Pom: a white female cat who quickly becomes Lucifer's love interest. She becomes the new nemesis of the mice within the palace until she dumps him. She was voiced by Frank Welker in the second film.
  • The Baker: appearing only in the last-quarter of the second film, where he encounters Anastasia by chance in his bakery shop, and eventually they both fall in love, get married, and supposedly live happily ever after together.


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