Cara Castillo

Cara Castillo
Cara Castillo Martin
Cara Castillo.jpg
Lindsay Hartley as Dr. Carolyn Castillo
All My Children
Portrayed by Amanda Hall Rogers
Lindsay Hartley
Duration 2003; 2010-2011
First appearance June 9, 2003
Last appearance September 2011
Created by Gordon Rayfield and Anna Cascio
Aliases Carolyn Finn
Gender Female
Occupation Physician at Pine Valley Hospital
Residence 3420 Canyon Drive
Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Dr. Cara Castillo Martin is a fictional character from the original ABC soap opera, All My Children. Amanda Hall Rogers portrayed the character for 2 episodes, June 9 & June 10, 2003[2] before being written off. The character was reintroduced, portrayed by actress Lindsay Hartley on December 7, 2010 until the series finale on September 2011. Hartley announced that she will reprise the role when the series makes its return online in 2012.



Arrival and Exit

Dr. Carolyn Finn first came to town in 2003 with fiancé Dr. Jake Martin to meet his family and announce their engagement. The two of them met each other while working with Doctors Without Borders. They eventually married and left for Africa to serve with Doctors Without Borders. When Jake came back to Pine Valley in 2008, he said that Carolyn had left him for a truck driver, and they're no longer together.

2010 Return

In November 2010, Jake received an e-mail for a job offer with Doctors Without Borders. When his brother, Tad, comes up, he reveals that he got the offer from "Cara" − as in Carolyn. Jake tells Tad that this is the first time he's heard from Cara since she left him, and it's clear he's still hurt by what he saw as a betrayal. A few days later, Griffin Castillo shows up in town. Jake takes one look at him, and punches him. Later, he reveals to Tad that Griffin was the man he saw Cara drive off with.

Griffin claims that he hasn't heard from Cara since then, but later, it's clear the two are still close. Cara soon shows up in Pine Valley, and makes her way to Krystal's to meet Griffin. While there, she sees Amanda Martin walk in and while she's chatting with owner Krystal Carey, Cara realizes that Amanda is Jake's wife and the mother of his son. Later, when Griffin comes, she admits that when Amanda came in, she was thinking about Jake and how he's moved on. Griffin tells her to leave Jake alone, but she later goes to the hospital to see Jake. She tells Jake that doctors are needed in Africa right now, and she thinks he would be able to help out. Jake lets her know how hurt he was by her walking out on their marriage, and he wonders why. When Cara asks why it matters, since he's moved on and has a new family, Jake replies that he stayed up for months wondering what he did wrong or what signs there were that their marriage was falling apart. Cara lets Jake and Amanda know that she's not going to be here for long.

Cara runs into Tad later on and helps bandage a wound for him. Tad tells Cara that Jake was completely broken after he came back from Africa, and it didn't seem like he would ever be whole again until he met Amanda. Cara later goes to the hospital to try and convince Jake again to return to Doctors Without Borders, and that's where Tad comes in and reveals that Griffin is not Cara's lover - he's her brother. Cara's last name is actually Castillo, not Finn. Cara tells Jake that she wanted out of the marriage, so she asked Griffin to help stage a situation so that Jake would leave her completely. When she later tells Griffin about this, she tells him she lied to Jake about why she left.

Cara finds out that she can't leave the country due to a problem with her immigration papers. She's upset about this, and says she'll go somewhere else until this is sorted out. Griffin, however, convinces her to stay and spend the holidays with him. She agrees, but she's hesitant about staying in the same town as Jake. Griffin wonders if Cara is really over him. Cara admits that she thought Jake would be desperate to get out of town, and they could pick up where they left off, but she realizes that's never going to happen, as Jake is happy with Amanda. Cara decides to get a job at Pine Valley Hospital when she finds out they are short-staffed and after Jake says he doesn't have a problem working with her. Though Cara insists that she no longer has feelings for Jake, she is revealed to have kept their wedding rings.

When patient Kendall Hart wants to leave the hospital to be home with her boys, Griffin offers Cara to live with Kendall temporarily so she can monitor Kendall's health. At first, Cara disagrees, but after talking to Kendall, she accepts. Cara then moves into the guest room in Kendall's house.

In mid-January, it is revealed that Cara had leukemia as a child, at the age of 8. She revealed this to Jake after she got too emotionally involved with a child patient at the hospital and confronted the parents about how they were treating their daughter. In February, it is revealed that, while working with DWB, Cara chose to help a little boy who was caught in a crossfire between a group of drug dealers over the brother of a drug cartel leader and let him die. This experience has come back to haunt her: the drug dealer's associates are planning to kill her as soon as she leaves the United States. With this, Jake, Tad, Griffin, and Cara come up with a plan to fake her death. However, Amanda, then unaware of Cara's situation and simply wanting her out of her life, calls the Feds on Cara. At the time that they were getting ready to take her for further investigation, Tad comes in and tells them that is his fiancée and to let go of her. After that crazy breakthrough, they try to figure out (while they are still in shock) what to do to save Cara. Then they gather all their close family have them ask questions so they are all on the same page. Griffin and Cara's mother came in to be there for Cara and Tad's wedding, but really there was another reason for her being there: to convince Cara that this is not the best for her. She goes through with the wedding with the Feds watching over them. They decided that they needed to put as much effort into it as possible. She and Tad married on March 9, 2011 with friends and family by their sides. On August 10 2011 Cara meets Tad's ex wife and Kathy's mother Dixie Cooney Martin.

Tad explains to Cara that he is still in love with Dixie, which causes Cara to want to leave town. After booking a one way flight; she runs into Dr.David Hayward at ConFusion. After several drinks, she gets a phone call explaining that her flight has been delayed. As she has nowhere to sleep for the night, David offers her his place. They both proceed to David's hotel room and begin to kiss and spend the night together. Out of that tryst Cara being pregnant with Davids baby. When Cara told David she was pregnant he was thrilled and wanted the baby with Cara and to be by her side personally and in his medical practice, practicing medicine together as a team.

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