Double overhand noose

Double overhand noose
Double overhand noose
Category Hitch
Efficiency High
Related Double overhand knot, Double fisherman's knot
Releasing Jamming
Typical use Bind a carabiner
Caveat Difficult to untie

The double overhand noose is a hitch knot used to bind a rope to a carabiner.




A heavily tightened double overhand noose will jam. The binded object has to be removed before untying.


Cavers and Canyoneers might use the double overhand noose to bind a cow tail or a foot loop to a carabiner.[1]

Double overhand noose binding carabiners.[2][3]


As the double overhand knot, it neither slips nor turns around. However, a third round turn might be useful with some highly lubricious spectra/nylon ropes.[4]

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