Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video

Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video
Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video
Directed by Chisholm McTavish
Produced by The Wiggles
Paul Field
Starring Carolyn Ferrie
Leeanne Ashley
Paul Paddick
Edward Rooke
Mic Conway
Reem Hanwell
Jeff Fatt
Leanne Halloran
Music by The Wiggles
Distributed by Roadshow Entertainment
Release date(s) May 16, 1999
Running time 40 minutes
Country Australia

Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video is a Wiggles video released in 1999 between Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate, Toot Toot and The Wiggly Big Show in the Oh, Wiggles Videos series. This is the only Wiggles video in which the Wiggles do not appear; they were replaced by the Wiggle puppets. The Wiggles are audible when they tell stories. They sing in some songs.



Opening: The intro begins with clips from the video while Hey it's the Dorothy the Dinosaur show song was playing, after the song the character logo's come out with the logo of Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends video title next to them.

  • Intro Song: Hey It's the Dorothy the Dinosaur show

Dorothy the Dinosaur introduces herself and the video, as well as the characters.

Dorothy the Dinosaur has breakfast with Wags the Dog.

Captain Feathersword tries to take a photo graph of himself.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 1: Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! (Wiggle Puppets)

Captain Feathersword and Wags and the Waggetes learn how to do the Yo Ho Ho dance.

  • Pirate Song: Yo Ho Dance

The Wiggles tell a story about Dorothy and her roses.

Henry throws a hook from the fishing line to try and catch something.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 2: Can You Point Your Finger and Do the Twist? (Wiggle Puppets)

Henry has a bone on hes hook. Then Dorothy tells what happens next. Wags asks "now, where did my bone go" but Captain Feathersword asks Wags to learn who to be a Dog by standing the a Dog and breath, after when Wags tried it, Captain Feathersword says good dog to him. When Henry was twirling around in circles, he throw the bone away and it lands in Captain Featherswords arms. Wags pron ace's gooooooood pirate.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 3: Wave To Wags (Wiggle Puppets)

Dorothy has a light fyer fly and she follows it around first in the garden, then it comes to Wags' house and Wags follows it. It then comes to the SS Feathersword dock and they all go crazy and then Captain Feathersword used hes bug voice to stop the whole thing. And then after that he brings sugar out and the bug wanted to try it so Captain Feathersword gave it a spoon and it licked the sugar.

Dorothy talks to a rose plant about growing.

Captain Feathersword pushes a heavy chest to deliver to Wags. He looked inside the chest and there were bones, Wags and the Waggetes come over and Captain Feathersword handed them the bones. After that it was easy to carry when it was empty, then he carry's it and takes it back to hes pirate ship.

Dorothy tells everyone here come Wiggle Puppets.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 4: Wake Up Jeff Songs Mix (Wiggle Puppets)

Dorothy does a poem about her self.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 5: Move Your Arms Like Henry (Wiggle Puppets)

Wags tells Captain Feathersword to race because he thinks that Dogs are faster then humans.

Henry and the underwater big band do music of Henry's Dance.

Wags and Captain Feathersword run back and Captain Feathersword told Wags that dogs can run faster then humans.

Dorothy introduces the next song.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 6: A Frog Went A Walking - The song has puppet characters with Greg sining the song in real voice.

Wags tells Captain Feathersword that Dogs can be better barkers then humans. And then they went crazy by barking.

  • Wiggle Puppet Song 7: Get Ready To Wiggle (Wiggle Puppets)

Dorothy talks about her and other stuff that she liked in her life.

Dorothy says goodbye to everyone.

The credits come up with "Dorothy the Dinosaur (Tell Me Who Is That Knocking)" for background music.

  • Deleted Song: Dorothy the Dinosaur (Tell me Who is That Knocking) (Closing)


  • Carolyn Ferrie as Dorothy's voice.
  • Leeanne Ashley as Dorothy.
  • Paul Paddick as Captain Feathersword.
  • Edward Rooke as Wags the Dog.
  • Mic Conway as Wags' voice.
  • Reem Hanwell as Henry the Octopus.
  • Jeff Fatt as Henry's voice.
  • Leanne Halloran as Officer Beaples.

Song List

  1. Hey it's the Dorothy the Dinosaur show (Intro)
  2. Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy (Wiggle Puppets)
  3. Yo Ho Ho Dance
  4. Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist (Wiggle Puppets)
  5. Wave To Wags (Wiggle Puppets)
  6. Wake Up Jeff Songs Mix (Wiggle Puppets)
  7. Move Your Arms Like Henry (Wiggle Puppets)
  8. A Frog Went A Walking
  9. Get Ready To Wiggle (Wiggle Puppets)


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