Energy Company of Ukraine

Energy Company of Ukraine
Energy Company of Ukraine
НАК «Енергетична компанія України»
Type state owned
Industry Power generation
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Area served Ukraine
Products electricity
Owner(s) Ministry of Fuel and Energy (Ukraine)
Subsidiaries Dniproenergo

Energy Company of Ukraine (Ukrainian: НАК Енергетична компанія України) is a state-owned integrated power company in Ukraine and is governed by Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

As of 2010, the company had total installed power generation capacities of 29,6697 MW which corresponded to 56% of installed capacity of Ukrainian power stations.

Energy Company of Ukraine operates through several regional subsidiaries such as Dniproenergo, Donbassenergo, Zakhidenergo, Centrenergo, and others operating thermal power stations. It has a partial and Ukrhydroenergo.



List of subsidiaries and percentage of ownership by Energy Company of Ukraine[1]

  • Ukrhydroenergo - 100.0%
    • Kiev HES (Hydro power plant)
    • Kaniv HES
    • Kremenchuk HES
    • Dniprodzerzhynsk HES
    • Dnieper HES
    • Kakhovka HES
    • Dniester HES
    • Kiev HAES
    • Administration in construction of Dniester HAES
  • Dniester HAES (Hydro-accumulating Power Plant) - 87.4% (see Pumped-storage hydroelectricity)
  • Donbassenergo - 85.8%
    • Starobeshiv TES
    • Slovyansk TES
  • Centrenergo - 78.3%
    • Vuhlehirsk TES
    • Zmiiv TES
    • Trypillya TES
    • Remenergo, maintenance company
  • Dniproenergo - 76.0%
    • Transdnipro TES
    • Kryvyi Rih TES
    • Zaporizhia TES
    • Dniproenergoremont
    • Dniproenergospecremont
    • Dniproenergonaladka
    • Dniproenergoavtotrans
    • VOKhR
  • Vinnytsiaoblenergo - 75.0%
  • Volynoblenergo - 75.0%
  • Zakarpattyaoblenergo - 75.0%
    • Tereblya-Rikska HES
    • Onokivska HES
    • Uzhhorod HES
  • Dniprooblenergo - 75.0%
  • Zakhidenergo - 70.1%
    • Burshtyn TES
    • Dobrotvir TES
    • Ladyzhyn TES
  • Khmelnytskoblenergo - 70.1%
  • Mykolaivoblenergo - 70.0%
  • Chernivtsioblenergo - 70.0%
  • Krymenergo - 70.0%
  • Donetskoblenergo - 65.1%
    • Myronivka TES
  • Kharkivoblenergo - 65.0%
  • Zaporizhiaoblenergo - 60.3%
  • Luhanskoblenergo - 60.1%
  • Ternopiloblenergo - 51.0%
  • Kyivenergo - 50 + 1%
  • Cherkasyoblenergo - 46.0%

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