Dominicans in the United States

Dominicans in the United States
Map of the four Dominican provinces

The Dominican Order (Order of Preachers) was first established in the United States by Edward Fenwick in the early 19th century. The Dominican province of Saint Joseph was established in 1805,[1] and originally covered the whole United States. Currently, there are four Dominican provinces in the United States.


Eastern Province

The Eastern Province, or Province of Saint Joseph, now covers the northeastern United States (i.e. Kentucky, the original home of the Dominican Order in the United States, and the states to the north and east of eastern Kentucky).[2]

Provincials of the Province of St. Joseph

1805-1807: Edward Dominic Fenwick, founder
1807-1824: Samuel Thomas Wilson
1824-1828: William Raymond Tuite, in Kentucky; John Augustine Hill, in Ohio
1828-1832: Bishop Edward Dominic Fenwick, commisary
1833-1837: Nicholas Dominic Young
1837-1838: Richard Pius Miles (when he became bishop)
1838-1843: Charled Pius Montgomery
1843-1847: George Augustine Joseph Wilson
1848-1850: Joseph Sadoc Alemany
1850-1854: Mathew Anthony O'Brien
1854-1858: James Whelan
1858-1862: Joseph Augustin Kelly
1862-1863: Nicholas Raymond Young
1865-1869: Michal Dominic Lilly (vicar-provincial)
1869-1873: William Dominic O'Carroll
1873-1877: Joseph Francis Dunn
1877-1879: John Antoninus Rochford
1879-1881: Stephen Byrne
1881-1885: Joseph Augustine Kelly (vicar-provincial)
1885-1889: Dennis Joseph Meagher
1889-1893: Francis Aloysius Spencer
1893-1897: Arthur Vincent Higgins
1897-1909: Lawrence Francis Kearney
1909-1913: Matthew Leo Heagen
1913-1930: Raymond Meagher
1930-1955: Terrence Stephen McDermott
1955-1963: William Dalmatius Marrin
1963-1967: Robert Louis Every
1967-1972: Kenneth Cyprian Sullivan
1967-1972: Charles Terrence Quinn
1980-1988: Edward Raymond Daley
1988-1993: Thomas Jordan Ertle
1993-1997: Walter Urban Voll
1997-2002: Norman Haddad
2002-2010: David Dominic Izzo[3]
2010-present: Brian Martin Mulcahy

Communities and Apostolates of the Province

Central Province

The Central Province, or Province of Saint Albert the Great was established in 1939,[4] and currently covers the states of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, and serves six parishes and four campus ministries within this area. The headquarters is in Chicago.[5] There is construction/remodeling of the new Saint Dominic Priory in St. Louis, Missouri; the new Priory, which can house up to 50 friars, is the House of Studies for the Central and Southern Provinces.[6] As of June 2011, the Prior Provincial is the Very Rev. Charles Bouchard, O.P.

Southern Province

The Southern Province, or Province of Saint Martin de Porres, established in 1980, covers eleven states from North Carolina to Oklahoma and southwards, and is headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana.[7]

Coat of arms of the Western Province

Western Province

The Western Province, or Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus was first established in 1850 by the co-founders Fr. Sadoc Vilarrasa and Bishop Joseph Alemany. The province was soon reduced to a self-governing Congregation. Finally in 1912, the congregation was formally re-erected as a province,[8] and currently covers the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington,[9] and serves eight parishes and ten campus ministries within this area.[10] It is headquartered in Oakland, California.[11] As of January 2011, the Prior Provincial is the Very Rev. Mark Padrez, OP.

Notable Dominicans in America


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