Dolly Rockit Rollers

Dolly Rockit Rollers

The Dolly Rockit Rollers[1] are Leicester's only roller derby team[2]. They skate Flat Track Roller Derby by the rules of WFTDA[3], the governing body for Roller Derby.

They started up in January 2010 and are still going strong[4]. Their name reflects the fact that the National Space Centre is in Leicester, the spelling is changed as they want to 'rock it' on the track!

They now have two main teams, the A-Team and a B-Team (Raggy Dollz), plus two intra-league teams: The Foxton Blocks and the Angry Belvoirs.


The league was started by SlamAbama and Nitro Noush[5], both of whom had already trained at different leagues in the midlands, SlamAbama at Central City Rollergirls (CCR)[6] and Nitro Noush at Rebellion Roller Girls [7] (and briefly CCR).

With the help of CCR they held their first practice on the 10th January 2010. This was a huge success and the team has continued to grow week by week,

While the team were training for their first bout they participated in Skati, an event that raised money for the people in Haiti by skating round the Top Gear track for 24 hours.

The team have two skaters in the first ever Roller Derby World Cup. Rogue Runner in the England Team and Holly Sheet in the Irish Team. The 2011 World cup will be held in Canada, 1-4 Dec.


  • 14th August 2010: Space Jam: They held their first bout[8], it was a fully mixed bout with teams from all over the country. There were two games, one B-Team bout (Star Vs Moon) and one A-Team bout (Aliens Vs Robots).
  • September 2010: Block The Casbah: Their second bout was another home game, against the Newcastle Roller Girls. The final score was DRR 68 : NRG 79[9].
  • 23rd October 2010: Jammerblocky': Their first away bout was in Aberdeen[10], where they played the Granite City Roller Girls[11]. DRR won by 26 points, DRR 82 : GCRG 56[9].
  • 20th November 2010: Helter Belter: Another home bout [12], this time against Wakey Wheeled Cats. The bout[13] was themed around Rave music. The B-Team bout were two mixed teams called Happy & Hardcore. The Dolly Rockit Rollers won this game DRR 109 - WWC 76[9].
  • 5th February 2011: Birthday Bash: They played Romsey Town Rollerbillies, in one of their most nail-biting games yet, when the game ended in a draw. With after-time, the final score was DRR 129 : RTRB 126 [9]
  • 26th February 2011: A Hard Days Fight: They played a closed door bout with the Liverpool Rollerbirds, the score was DRR 111 : LRB 68 [14]
  • 2nd April 2011: Great Yorkshire Showdown: They took part in their first tournament, where they played Hot Wheel Roller Derby, DRR 102 : HWRD 43 and Manchester Roller Derby, the score was MRD 83 : DRR 52[9]
  • 7th May 2011: They had their re-match with the Newcastle Roller Girls in Newcastle. The score was DRR 83 : NRG 107[9]. This game also saw the DRR's first ever B-team game (with a few Romsey Roller Billies to make up the numbers), 'The Freebirds' (their name for the bout) played Newcastles B-Team and won!
  • 6th August 2011: School of Block: The Dollies went up against Cardiff's Tiger Bay Brawlers, it was a close game throughout, but the final score was DRR 86 : TBB 95[9].
  • 10th September 2011: Club Tropicarnage: They played Yorkshires' Hot Wheel Roller Derby. The score was DRR 128 : HWRD119[9].
  • 24th September 2011: Only a few weeks later they were back bouting, this time against WFTDA apprentaces' the Royal Windsor Rollergirls. The score was an impressive DRR 161 : RWRG 63[9].
  • 1st October 2011: Rolling Dead: Just a week later they played against Birmingham Blitz Dames, both the Dollies A-team and the B-team (Raggy Dollz) won against the Dames. The score for the A-team was DRR 120 : BBD 86 and the score for the B-teams were Raggy Dollz 123 : Blitz B 84[9].
  • 5th November 2011: Beats International: The re-match against Granite City Roller Girls, which was the first time two teams have done their skate-out together (and also had a dance off mid-game). The scores were DRR 163 : GCRG 57.[9].
  • Members from the league have also taken part in many mixed team bouts around the country, including 'Love Smack', 'Black Vs White' and 'Heroes Vs Villans' with the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls, 'A Hard Days Fight' with the Liverpool Roller Birds[15], 'Gladiskaters' with the Rebellion Roller Girls and 'Brawl at Sea' with the Seaside Sirens.


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