League of Super Evil

League of Super Evil
League of Super Evil
Leage of super evil logo sm.jpg
Title Card
Genre Animation
Created by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee
Davila LeBlanc
Peter Ricq
Voices of Scott McNeil
Colin Murdock
Lee Tockar
Tabitha St. Germain
Opening theme "League of Super Evil"
Ending theme "League of Super Evil"
Composer(s) Patric Caird
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 39 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Asaph Fipke
Ken Faier
Running time 22 minutes approx. (11x2)
Production company(s) Nerd Corps Entertainment
Original channel YTV
Original run March 7, 2009 (2009-03-07) – December 11, 2010 (2010-12-11)
Preceded by Storm Hawks
Followed by Hot Wheels Battle Force 5
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League of Super Evil (shortened to L.O.S.E. or LOSE) is an animated television series co-created by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee, Davila LeBlanc, Peter Ricq, developed by Asaph Fipke, and produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment in conjunction with YTV. It premiered on YTV Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 10:30am ET. The show will be airing on Nickelodeon in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and on Cartoon Network in most of Southeast Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, The United States, CBBC in United Kingdom and Canal Plus, Canal J, and Gulli in France.[1] The first season consisted of 26 episodes (52 10-11 minute segments).[2] In Latin America, it is aired on Disney XD. The second season started airing in Canada in September of 2010. The series ended on December 11, 2010.



The League of Super Evil or L.O.S.E. as it is generally known, is a group of Super Villains who are plotting to take over their neighborhood in Metrotown and ultimately the world. Their missions are usually childish pranks like gluing a penny to the sidewalk or getting a cheap item that Voltar usually seems to succeed in but backfires or has no effect on its target. While all the other citizens in the neighborhood live in suburban houses, L.O.S.E. has a "secret" evil lair. The League is often at odds with other, more "important" super villains such as Skullossus and also trying to evade getting busted by Metrotown's superheroes.


  • Voltar (voiced by Scott McNeil): Also known as Supreme Commander and usually just called Voltar by the other L.O.S.E. members, Voltar is the leader of the group. The stereotypical Evil Overlord, he is a pint-sized, megalomaniac with sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies, in the vein of Invader Zim. Voltar is described as an evil maniacal genius, but his insane dreams of power are constantly thwarted by a variety of factors; usually his arrogance, his paranoia, his neurosis, the incompetence of his subordinates and often his own childish demeanor as well as his "evil" plans are more irritating than evil. Like many evil villains in fiction, he is prone to lengthy and verbose rantings accompanied by dramatic hand gestures. It is possible that Voltar is not entirely human since there have been situations where he has proven to be somewhat indestructible – however this might simply be chalked up to cartoon physics. In some instances where he is not wearing his full costume, it is shown that Voltar has abnormally pale skin. He also has eyes that are all-over black with glowing yellow irises, even without his helmet. While his actual age is unclear, he has been shown to be at least old enough to rent an apartment on his own. Although his schemes usually end in disaster, he did achieve a world record of sorts: most failed attempts at breaking an evil record. Voltar is arrogant and haughty, looking down on his teammates who nevertheless have a certain (though limited) amount of respect for his authority. Voltar keeps a pet iguana as revealed in "The Night Before Chaos-mas" He appears to be named after the philosopher Voltaire. In a Season 2 short, it is revealed Voltar keeps a monster under his bed made by Frogg to scare away the tooth fairy. Also, in Season 2, it is revealed Voltar keeps a old superhero cape he's named Mr. Wubby as a blanket. Also he may or not like Lightning Liz, you see in Doomhound in Love.
  • Doktor Frogg (voiced by Lee Tockar): Probably the smartest member of L.O.S.E, Frogg is a mad scientist whose genius is hampered by bad luck (he is usually electrocuted at least once in nearly every episode). He has robotic, three-clawed hands that are multi-functional, but are terrible at grasping small objects. He is obviously a reference to the "Mad Scientist" villain stereotype. Frogg's voice is a slight take-off of horror-movie mainstay Peter Lorre, albeit higher. Frogg also has a darker, psychotic, and quite deadly side that may relate to past evil outside of L.O.S.E. He also shows much more evil intelligence than the other members and can distinguish between evil plans, and Voltar's plans. He is fanatically obsessed with heavy-metal star Rock Gothlington, to the point where he even snagged and kept a sweat towel used by the rocker while posing as a concert stagehand. Because his title has a k in it rather than a c, it is implied that Frogg is at least part German. Frogg is constantly bullied and eaten by Doomageddon. It is revealed that he is allergic to hair. In a Season 2 episode, it is revealed after all the mauling and chewing, Dr. Frogg has come to hate Doomageddon. He is, apart from his experiments (that usually go wrong), obsessed with getting his claws on Voltar's bedroom whenever Voltar has a near death experience, which as you might guess is very often.
  • Reginald (Red) Menace (voice by Colin Murdock): Referred to as Red by L.O.S.E. (which takes on a double meaning due to his freckle-faced, redheaded visage), he is the muscle of the group, but also a gentle giant. He only uses his "anvil-sized Fists of Judgment" on truly evil people. He was originally a Siberian farm boy (hence the origin of the name Red Menace – a dated Cold War reference to the Soviet Union and Communism), although he is very fluent in English.[3] Voltar does not consider Red to be "evil" (which he probably isn't, though he tries to be). Always cheerful and willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, Red enjoys gardening in his spare time, and loves cute little animals. He is possibly a take-off of the "Henchman" villain stereotype. Although he is quite child-like and naive, and lacks some bits and pieces of common knowledge, it has been shown that he is actually highly intelligent (In "School Daze", the arcade trivia game, "Brain Dump", calculates Red's intelligence as "Triple Einstein"). He has often proven himself to be the "problem-solver" of the group, either through purposeful, genuine insight, or merely by accidental observation. His often-shown taste for extremely unpalatable foods belie his above-average cooking ability. Despite his motto: "Leave no villain behind", Red is not very helpful when it comes to Doktor Frogg being eaten by Doomageddon, and rather than treat it like a serious problem of temperament, he mostly dismisses it as normal canine hijinks.
  • Doomageddon: Doomageddon is a pan-dimensional hellhound that has the ability to teleport, change size, fly, and turn invisible. He was originally referred to as a "Hellhound" (despite re-dubbing, Red's lip animation in "Table for Four" is clearly saying "Hellhound") it has since been replaced with the more viewer-friendly term, "Doom Hound".[4] Doomageddon wears a brown cloak, and can prove useful to the other three members of L.O.S.E. Unfortunately, the destruction he is capable of is more often directed at the team rather than their foes. For reasons unknown, he seems to have chosen Doktor Frogg as his personal chew-toy, even ingesting him whole on countless occasions. He is a take off of the "monster" villain stereotype. Red treats Doomageddon more or less as a regular pet dog, and seems to be the only member of the team that Doomageddon will pay any heed to, despite the assumption that Voltar is his actual owner. Doomageddon is chaotic at his best, gladly eating any random objects he comes across. He is also depicted as likely to be the most deadly member of the team, but is far too lazy or uncontrollable to wreak havoc to its fullest. And in season 2, Doomageddon talks and made Mariena fell with a crush on him. While he is capable of driving the V-Mobile on occasion, he can usually be seen riding in the small trailer hitched to the back. Doomageddon especially dislikes going to the vet, and will usually disappear into an alternate dimension at the mere mention of the word. Also, he himself also serves as a "portal" to this other realm (as witnessed in "Lose Tooth"). It was shown in Vollosus that Doomageddon also has fire breath. In a Season 2 episode, it is revealed Doomageddon is hated by Dr. Frogg because of the mauling and chewing. It is also shown that if he is washed in shampoo it makes a chemical reaction that creates a deadly "Sudzilla".
  • Henchbots: L.O.S.E.'s two Henchbots 17 and 32 are constantly falling apart. They are usually destroyed in every episode they appear in. Their duties include menial house-hold tasks such as taking out the trash or cleaning Doomageddon and Marina's radioactive messes. Another of their duties is to play Voltar's dramatic and evil music. They constantly mess this up though and play Polka music instead. Most of the time whenever they are given a job, they fall apart while doing it. A running gag is that they're regularly eaten by Doomageddon only to be later pilfered from his stomach contents. Marina chase after them because she want to play not working out for them. They are apparently rare antiques as mentioned by Evil Stevens in the episode "Henchbot Elites".


Some versions of episodes begin with a teaser either related or not related to the episode's story. This may be a parody of the same thing done in recent DC Comics-adapted shows, like Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

International Broadcast

Country(s) TV Channel(s)
Canada Canada YTV
Serbia Serbia Ultra
United States United States
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Cartoon Network
Disney XD
 United Kingdom
Republic of Ireland Ireland
Scotland Scotland
Cartoon Network
BBC Alba
France France Canal J
Poland Poland ZigZap
 Philippines TV5
Cartoon Network
Pakistan Pakistan
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Cartoon Network
Spain Spain Nickelodeon
Turkey Turkey Minika
Portugal Portugal Nickelodeon
Italy Italy Dea Super
 Netherlands Nickelodeon
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Ukraine Ukraine QTV
Russia Russia 2x2
Arab League Arab World MBC 3


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