Dødpop vol. 1

Dødpop vol. 1
dødpop vol. 1
Compilation album by Various artists
Released September 21, 2009
Genre Skweee
Label dødpop
Producer Beatbully
Marcus Price
Daniel Savio
Spartan Lover
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dødpop vol. 1 is a compilation album released by dødpop. It was the first Norwegian skweee record ever to be released. The album features appearances from skweee pioneers like Beatbully, Melkeveien, Daniel Savio, Spartan Lover, Sprutbass, V.C., among others.[1][2]


Track listing

  1. "Tirsdag"
    • Produced by Melkeveien & Niño
  2. "Skweeed"
    • Produced by Beatbully
  3. "Matt Huffley"
    • Produced by Sprutbass & Melkeveien
  4. "Hardi"
    • Produced by Fulgeance
  5. "Romeo November Tango"
    • Performed by Slow Hand Motëm
    • Produced by Beatbully
  6. "Outo Vouto"
    • Produced by Spartan Lover
  7. "We Put the World on It"
    • Performed by Sadat X & Twan
    • Produced by Hedmark
  8. "AKV"
    • Produced by Sprutbass
  9. "Yo!"
    • Produced by Melkeveien & Niño
  10. "Kandidat"
    • Produced by Marcus Price
  11. "Buck Fergen"
    • Produced by Beatbully
  12. "97 (Hugging Funk)"
    • Produced by V.C.
  13. "Smokeless Fire"
    • Produced by Daniel Savio


  • Executive produced by Bård Harazi Farbu, Kristian Møller Johansen and Robert L. Jomisko.

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