Doctor Who: DWO Whocast

Doctor Who: DWO Whocast
Doctor Who: DWO Whocast
Hosting Paul Wilson (2006–2008, 2010)
Sebastian J. Brook (2006–2008, 2010)
Trevor Gensch (2008–2010)
Tony Gallichan (2008, 2011)
Marty Perrett (2009–2010)
James Rockliffe (2009-2010)
Tom Attah (2010)
Cameron K. McEwan (2011)
David Keep (2011)
Mark James (2011)
Updates Weekly
Length 25-50 minutes
Audio format MP3
Debut 23 April 2006
End date Ongoing
Genre Science fiction
Website Main website
Podcast Alley
Podcast Blaster

Doctor Who: DWO WhoCast (commonly known as The Whocast, but officially titled Doctor Who Podcast: DWO WhoCast) is a weekly podcast which discusses the British science fiction series Doctor Who. This podcast is notable because it is the most popular Doctor Who Podcast worldwide as shown within the independent iTunes.[1] The podcast is produced by Doctor Who Online which is a Doctor Who fan website based in the United Kingdom by Sebastian J. Brook and Paul A.T. Wilson.



The Whocast was started in April 2006, during the original run of Series 2 of Doctor Who, by Paul A.T. Wilson in conjunction with a Doctor Who meeting group based out of London.[2] Although the early episodes could be considered somewhat derivative of both Podcast Who and Podshock it soon established its own style, with very much a British slant. Also due to its location, the Podcast was able to start featuring interviews with actors and production staff from both the current and classic series.

In September 2006, The Whocast teamed up with Doctor Who Online, with a significant format change and the addition of a co-host, Sebastian J. Brook.[3] With the format change, the podcast attracted more listeners and experienced a dramatic growth in listenership.[4]

In May 2007, The DWO Whocast: DWO TorchCast was rated 4/5 by SciFiNow Magazine.[5]

This slick Podcast may not have been updated lately, but it's still essential for followers of the raunchy Barrowman vehicle. Unlike the Doctor Who Podshock, Torchcast caters for those who don't have a PhD in the subject, offering a light but intelligent dissection of the show. The most recent episode covers the final three Torchwoods of the series, giving a brief synopsis before entering classic review format. The interplay between the two presenters makes for great listening and at just over half an hour, you don't feel like you're losing too much of your life. Roll on a second series.

In December 2007, The DWO Whocast was rated 5/5 by SciFiNow Magazine and podcast was featured and referred to as "Must hear now".[6]

They claim it is the UK's largest Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures podcast. A bold claim indeed, but one that's sure to attract a large number of listeners to tune in. Luckily those who do just this will be in for a treat. One of the most common problems that plague many of the podcasts we listen to are that they're sloppy - a poor structure made worse by hosts who get far too wrapped up in themselves. Not only does 'WhoCast' jump both of these hurdles, but it puts together a very solid and interesting show that's a joy to listen to. It's not surprising, mind you, considering the team has managed to arrange interviews with the likes of Doctor Who director Graeme Harper. Simply put, this is top-notch stuff. If you want a decent podcast on the Doctor then look no further than 'WhoCast'.

In January 2008, The DWO Whocast: Sarah Jane Adventures Mini-Cast was rated 4/5 by SciFiNow Magazine, the podcast was featured and referred to as "Must hear now".[7]

Last month's glowing review of 'DWO WhoCast' was more than enough reason to investigate related content, and the 'Sarah Jane Adventures Mini-Cast' was what took our fancy. Focusing on the Doctor Who spin-off, Paul and Seb argue about whether or not the offshoot resembles the Doctor's exploits or is creating its own niche. It's certainly refreshing to hear an adult's take on what is essentially a series aimed at children, but younger addressees may be baffled by how in-depth the conversation gets. Still, the mature beings among you who secretly sneak away to catch the show will be pleased to hear two knowledgeable experts delve as deep as they can. Another great listen.

In Episode #66, which was released on 21 April 2008, Paul and Seb hosted their last DWO WhoCast, stating that time was one of the reasons behind the recent drought in WhoCast episodes. They named their successors who will continue the DWO WhoCast. The new hosts as of Episode #67 were Trevor Gensch (from the MMM Commentaries and Fantragic podcasts) and Tony Gallichan. The handover was smooth with a touching signoff from Paul and Seb 'walking off into the sunset' as the new presenters introduce themselves. Paul and Seb have since stated they are working even closer together as they redesign the main Doctor Who Online website.

In June 2008, The DWO Whocast was rated 4/5 by SFX Magazine (Issue #171).[8]

Doctor Who Online has been hosting these weekly magazine-show 'casts for a while now, but trusty presenters Seb and Paul have left, to be replaced by the more avuncular Trevor and Tony. The balance of news, opinion and features is still spot on, and it's slickly produced, but Trev and Tone don't seem as spontaneous or as sparky as their predecessors, But give 'em time.

In Episode #99, it was announced that Tony would not be continuing with the WhoCast.

In Episode #101, Marty Perrett joined the show as the new permanent co-host. James Rockliffe also joined the team and provides occasional pre-recorded review segments such as Big Finish audio reviews. He co-hosts the show with Trevor and Marty on occasion.

In Episode #159, Marty Perrett announced his departure from the program. Chip from the Two Minute Time Lord podcast will host with Trevor for the short term.

In Episode #167, Tom Attah joined the DWO WhoCast team. Tom provides occasional pre-recorded review segments such as Big Finish audio reviews.

In Episode #177, Trevor Gensch, James Rockclife and Tom Attah announced their departure from the show. They started up their own podcast called The Doctor Who Podcast. The outgoing team indicated the DWO WhoCast will continue with new hosts.

From April 2, The Whocast refreshed and brought back the original hosts Paul AT Wilson and Sebastian J. Brook. Also the numbering of the episodes were refreshed to 5.1. to fit in with the 2010 Doctor Who Series. The podcast has been on indefinite hiatus since episode 5.11 was released in late May.

In Late January 2011, The Doctor Who Online website announced via Twitter that The DWO WhoCast would return shortly. On Friday 11th February, the show returned, together with a new logo and a new host, Cameron K. McEwan, as well as a return for veteran DWO WhoCast host, Tony Gallichan. The show continued its previous numbering system with Episode #178.

Current podcast format

During the airing season of Doctor Who and when major releases happen, the WhoCast features reviews and commentary. Most reviews are discussion based, with the co-hosts giving their views and sometimes having listener participation.

The podcast usually features interviews with people involved with the new and the old series of Doctor Who and Big Finish. Interviews with members of the cast and crew from the classic and the new series of Doctor Who are common; the team are regularly joined by not only minor cast members but actors who have played the Doctor, such as Colin Baker and Peter Davison. They have had members of the effects team such as Neill Gorton and Mat Irvine as well as other members of production staff.

Alongside their guests, they are well known for holding competitions, ranging from signed autobiographies, scripts from Big Finish to tours of the Millennium FX Studios.

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