List of Wicked characters

List of Wicked characters

This is a list of Wicked characters.


Elphaba Thropp

The protagonist of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba is a green-skinned girl who eventually becomes known as the Wicked Witch of the West. She acquires this nickname more because of her sister's nickname (the Wicked Witch of the East, who was so named by her political opponents) than for any wicked deeds. An Animal rights activist, Elphaba is involved in an assassination attempt on Madame Morrible. She shares an illicit relationship with Fiyero, whose death causes her to abandon her revolutionary ideals. Elphaba's name is derived from sounding out the initials of Oz author L. Frank Baum's name. She is later referred to in the book as simply the Witch.

In the musical, the role of Elphaba was originally played on Broadway and in London by Idina Menzel, who won the 2004 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance.[1]

Other actresses to play the role include Shoshana Bean, Eden Espinosa, Rachel Tucker, Ana Gasteyer, Julia Murney, Stephanie J. Block, Kerry Ellis, Marcie Dodd, Nicole Parker, Dee Roscioli, Mandy Gonzalez, Kristy Cates, Victoria Matlock, Carmen Cusack, Willemijn Verkaik, Caissie Levy, Teal Wicks, Lisa Brescia, Alexia Khadime, Donna Vivino, Amanda Harrison, Jemma Rix, Pippa Grandison, Vicki Noon, Sabrina Carter, Nikki Davis Jones, Ashleigh Gray, Gemma Atkins, Jennifer Teirney and "The Amazing" Jackie Burns

Galinda Arduenna Upland

Galinda Arduenna Upland is Elphaba's roommate at Shiz University. She hates Elphaba at first, but they later become close friends. However, the two are separated for twenty years when Elphaba goes into hiding. Glinda is part of the high society in Gillikin, Oz's northern province. The Glinda in the book is parallel to her character in the musical Wicked, sometimes behaving in a snobby and mean fashion, whereas in The Wizard of Oz, as well as in the original Oz Books, she is portrayed as kind and gentle.

In the musical, the role was originally played by Kristin Chenoweth. Other actresses to play the role include Jennifer Laura Thompson, Megan Hilty, Louise Dearman, Kate Reinders, Kendra Kassebaum, Annaleigh Ashford, Alli Mauzey, Erin Mackey, Katie Rose Clarke, Helen Dallimore, Dianne Pilkington, Sarah Earnshaw, Chloe Taylor, Zoe Rainey, Lucy Durack, Chandra Lee Schwartz and Amanda Jane Cooper

Nessarose Thropp (Nessa)

Elphaba's younger sister, Nessarose eventually becomes known as the Wicked Witch of the East. Nessarose was born without arms and is therefore not able to balanced herself without help. This was possibly a side effect of a remedy Melena took in order to save her next child from having green skin. Nessarose is extremely beautiful, causing Elphaba to resent her both out of jealousy and because of her father's favoring Nessarose over Elphaba. As a gift, Frex gives Nessarose the sparkling glass covered shoes (which are known as the Silver Shoes in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) which Glinda later enchants, giving Nessarose the ability to walk unaided. Nessarose inherits the title and role of Eminent Thropp of Munchkinland, as Frex, the former Governor, was dead. She is a devout unionist, and many Munchkins are unhappy under her rule. She is killed when Dorothy's house falls on top of her. It is heavily hinted that Nessarose is the illegitimate daughter of Melena and Turtle Heart, and not of Frex.

However, in the musical, Nessarose is born with arms yet is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair.

In the original Broadway production of the musical, the role was played by Michelle Federer. Other actresses to star in the role include Heidi Kettenring, Cristy Candler, Jenna Leigh Green, Deedee Magno Hall, Katie Rowley Jones, Caroline Keiff, Cassie Compton, Natalie Anderson, Zoe Rainey, Emily Tierney, Lauren James-Ray, Marcie Dodd, Gemma Atkins and Charlotte Scott.

Fiyero Tiggular

Fiyero is the prince of the Arjiki tribe in the Vinkus. He meets Elphaba at Shiz, and later has a romance with her while she is involved in a resistance movement against the Wizard of Oz. This leads to his murder by the Gale Force, the Wizard's secret police. In the musical Elphaba saves him by changing him into the Scarecrow, a well known character from the Wizard Of Oz, instead. His last name is spelled as "Tiggular" in the musical, whereas in the books, notably A Lion Among Men, it is "Tigelaar".

In the original Broadway production of the musical he was played by Norbert Leo Butz. Other actors to play the role include Taye Diggs, Kristoffer Cusick, Joey McIntyre, Sebastian Arcelus, Aaron Tveit, Kevin Kern, Cliffton Hall, Oliver Tompsett, Mark Evans, Rob Mills, Tim Campbell, David Harris, Richard H. Blake, Andy Karl, Lee Mead, David Nathan Perlow, Gregor Stewart, Arran Knight, Tommy Sherlock, Antony Hanson, Kyle Dean Massey, Adam Garcia, and Kyle McDaniel.[2] Matt Willis is to play the role in the London production.

Adam Lambert understudied the role in LA before his appearance on American Idol. Mark Evans originally understudied Oliver Tompsett in the role in the London production of Wicked before returning in 2011 as the lead.

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a human who came to Oz from Earth in a hot air balloon. He was originally seeking the Grimmerie, but became sidetracked when he discovered he could orchestrate a coup d'état and overthrow the Ozma Regent. It is heavily implied that he fathered Elphaba while her mother was under the influence of the Miracle Elixir, which may explain Elphaba's green skin, her aquaphobia, and occasional ability to read parts of the Grimmerie, which originated in the Wizard's world. When he sees the bottle of Miricale Elixir left by Elphaba when she "dies" Galinda brings it to him. She throws him out of Oz and puts Madame Morrible in jail. He is also referred to by the name Oscar Zoroaster Diggs.

In the original Broadway production of the show he was played by Joel Grey. Other actors to play the role include George Hearn, Ben Vereen, David Garrison, Lenny Wolpe, P.J. Benjamin, Lee Wilkof, Nigel Planer, Desmond Barrit, Bert Newton, Tom McGowan, Richard Kline, Clive Carter, Gareth Chart, Sam Kelly, Don Amendolia, Gene Weygandt, and the late Rob Guest.

Madame Morrible

Madame Morrible is the headmistress of Shiz University's Crage Hall, which Elphaba and Galinda attend. Elphaba and her friends suspect Morrible to be responsible for the murder of Doctor Dillamond. At one point, she proposes that Elphaba, Galinda, and Nessarose become future behind-the-scenes rulers in Oz, a proposal that they never willingly accept. Elphaba suspects that Madame Morrible has at least some magical powers, and may have indeed controlled the fates of the three women. It is possible that she spies on Elphaba and sends messages to Liir through the Carp in the well at Elphaba's home in the Vinkus, because the Carp dies at about the same time as Morrible. It remains unknown whether Elphaba murdered her or if she died of natural causes minutes before Elphaba's attempt.

In the original Broadway production of the musical she was played by Carole Shelley. Other actresses to play the role include the late Rue McClanahan, Carol Kane, Jayne Houdyshell, Rondi Reed, Julie Legrand, Barbara Robertson, Miriam Margolyes, Susie Blake, Harriet Thorpe, Maggie Kirkpatrick, and Jo Anne Worley.

Doctor Dillamond

Doctor Dillamond is a talking Goat and professor at Crage Hall in Shiz. Assisted by Elphaba, Dr. Dillamond performs research on the differences between animals and Animals (sentient animals). He suspiciously dies from a slit throat; Madame Morrible claims that this is an accident, but her account is contradicted by Galinda’s chaperone, Ama Clutch, who claims to have witnessed the event. Ama Clutch's claim is that Morrible's clockwork servant Grommetik murdered Dillamond to keep the findings of his breakthrough hushed up.

In the original Broadway production he was played by William Youmans. Other actors to play the role include Sean McCourt, Timothy Britten Parker, Julian Forsyth, David Stoller, Steven Skybell, Martin Ball, Rodney Dobson, Paul Slade Smith, and Andy Mace.


Boq is a Munchkin who knew Elphaba as a child and reunites with her at Shiz University. At first, he is only interested in talking to Elphaba in the hope that it will help him to gain the attention of Galinda, his crush. However, over time Boq and Elphaba become close friends and help Dr. Dillamond with his research, along with his college mates Crope and Tibbett. Later in life, Elphaba meets Boq while she is on the hunt for Dorothy along the Yellow Brick Road. He is now married to Milla, one of Glinda's friends from the University and the two have many children.

In the original Broadway production of the musical, he was played by Christopher Fitzgerald. Other actors to play the role - in various productions worldwide - include Robb Sapp, Justin Brill, Randy Harrison, Logan Lipton, James Gillan, Jeremy Legat, Telly Leung, George Ure, Alex Jessop, and Anthony Callea.

Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale is a 12 year-old girl who lands in Oz in her tornado propelled house, which crushes Nessarose. She takes Nessarose's shoes (the Silver Shoes) under the advice of Glinda. Many see these shoes as a symbol of power over Munchkinland. During her travels, many citizens of Oz are superstitious about her because of these shoes and her name: Her first name sounds like a reversal of the name of the "king" of her land (Theodore Roosevelt). Because her name means "Goddess of Gifts" (the opposite of Theodore, "Gift of God"), it is implied that Dorothy may be the second coming of Lurline, who was also known by that title. The Gale Force fear her for her last name. The Wizard sends Dorothy to kill Elphaba, but Dorothy's intention is to ask her for forgiveness for killing Nessarose. Elphaba does not know whether to treat Dorothy with kindness or to fear her. When Elphaba demands the slippers, Dorothy pleads that, despite her best efforts, they will not come off. Dorothy accidentally kills Elphaba by pouring water on her in an attempt to put out a fire on Elphaba's dress.


Liir is a boy who leaves the mauntery with Elphaba for the Vinkus. It is strongly implied that Liir is the son of Elphaba and Fiyero, and he is often referred to as such. She does indeed admit that there is a year of her life she does not remember, during which she could have given birth to Liir. Extremely chubby, Liir plays with his supposed half-siblings while he and Elphaba stay with Fiyero's widow. At the end of Wicked it is stated that he intends to find a way of rescuing his half-sister Nor from her slavery. He is also the protagonist of Maguire's sequel to Wicked, Son of a Witch. In this book, Liir unknowingly impregnates a Quadling girl named Candle, which results in the birth of a green baby. This finally proves that Liir is indeed the son of Elphaba and Fiyero. Gregory Maguire has described Liir as "Elphaba's bastard son" in interviews. It's also revealed in Son of a Witch that Liir is bisexual.[3]


Yackle is a mysterious crone who appears frequently in Elphaba's life. Elphaba suspects that Yackle may be exerting control over her fate, and may be Kumbricia, the ambivalent goddess of Ozian myth. Her appearance is also reminiscent of a fiend called the "Yakal" which is pictured in the Grimmerie, implying that she may be a demon. Nanny first mentions her as an old gypsy woman from whom she bought the medicine, which would stop Melena’s second child being born green. Later, she appears as an old woman guarding the door to the Philosophy Club and later still, she appears as Mother Yackle, a maunt (a sort of Ozian nun) at the mauntery (a unionist convent) who takes care of the homeless Elphaba. Yackle's story is more deeply explored in "A Lion Among Men," in which she is the secondary protagonist.

Mister Boss

Mister Boss is a dwarf who claims to be an immortal sent to Oz to prevent the Grimmerie from returning to Earth. With his Clock of the Time Dragon, he seems to Elphaba to either be able to control fate or predict it.


Grommetik is a tik-tok creature robot of sorts who is a servant to Madame Morrible. It is strongly implied that he is involved in a sinister plot orchestrated at least in part by his mistress. Ama Clutch witnessed Grommetik kill Doctor Dillamond. From what is described in the novel, he bears a similarity to Tik-Tok, a character from Baum's original Oz series.


Nanny is a member of the Thropp family, though whether by blood or employment is never explicitly revealed. By the conclusion of the book, she has raised three generations of the Thropps, most notably having acted as chaperone to Nessarose, Elphaba and Glinda during their years at Shiz. She is still vital well into her eighties. Her attitude reflects this, as she is stoic, speaks her mind, and holds to somewhat inflammatory 'Lurlinistic' pagan beliefs.

Brother Frexspar the Godly

Brother Frexspar the Godly is Elphaba, Nessarose, and Shell's father (at least in the emotional and physical sense; whether he shares a genetic link with some of the children is questionable). Frex is a devout Unionist priest. Nessarose was his favorite child, and to her he gave the famous jeweled slippers. It is implied that he is at least the father of Shell, as the Wizard of Oz is Elphaba's father, and it is heavily implied that Turtle Heart is Nessarose's father. It is implied that he, along with Melena, was in a threesome relationship with Turtle Heart. In L. Frank Baum's original novel, the slippers are silver. In the 1939 film, they are ruby. Maguire's novel describes the slippers equivocally, allowing either interpretation; he is careful not to describe them as either simply "silver" or "ruby".

Chistery Nikko, Killyjoy, the Bees, and the Crows

Chistery Nikko, Killyjoy, the Bees, and the Crows are animals which accompany Elphaba on her way to Kiamo Ko by coach, and which also become her familiars. The bees are taken along as a source of honey for the travelers, and it is suggested that through dormant magical talent, Elphaba unconsciously sets them upon the coach cook, whom she dislikes and who is later found stung to death at the edge of a cliff. Killyjoy, the cook's dog, takes an instant liking to Liir, who decides to keep him. Princess Nastoya gives the crows to Elphaba, then specifically states that Elphaba is to send them to her if she needs help with anything. Princess Nastoya also tells Elphaba directly that they are to be her familiars. On the way to Kiamo Ko, they run across Chistery Nikko, an abandoned infant snow monkey, whom Elphaba rescues through another unconscious act of magic (creating ice under her feet as she runs across a pond to save him from Killyjoy). Later in the book, Elphaba teaches him to speak, in hopes of completing Doctor Dillamond's study into the supposed connections between all lifeforms. In Wicked, he only manages to mimic what others say, although he gains the ability to speak in full, comprehensible sentences by the time readers meet him again in Son of a Witch. Elphaba sews wings onto the backs of him and the other monkeys in a combination of Doctor Dillamond's studies and her own practice of magic, thus creating the winged monkeys.

Melena Thropp

Melena Thropp is Elphaba, Nessarose, and Shell's mother. Melena comes from a high-class family, and has mostly pagan traditions, which contradicts Frex's statements. She has very loose morals (having at least two extramarital affairs) and dreams of her days as a pampered girl, despite her rebelling against it at the time. She has a taste for alcohol and pinlobble leaves (which act as a tranquiliser). She dies shortly after her son Shell is born, leaving her children to be cared for by Frex and Nanny.

Avaric Tenmeadows

Avaric Tenmeadows is a friend of Boq's and Galinda's. He is of the Gillikenese nobility and is the son of, and later is himself, The Margreave of Tenmeadows. He is described as being handsome and the "perfect friend." Late in the novel, after killing Madame Morrible, Elphaba visits him, and they discuss the nature of evil with some of his friends.During the visit, he seems to have a selective memory, since he doesn't remember Elphaba and says he does not keep "unimportant details" in his head. Most of Avaric's characteristics are given to Fiyero in the musical, and he makes a short cameo appearance as Fiyero's driver.

Crope and Tibbett

Crope and Tibbett are two boys who attend Shiz University along with Boq. They later become members of the main group of friends that features in the second part of the book. They are both Emerald City boys, sons respectively of a tax collector and a palace security advisor. It is subtlely implied several times that they may be gay or bisexual. Towards the end of the 2nd section of the book, Tibbett plays a role as being chosen for the sex act that takes place at The Philosophy Club following Ama Clutch's funeral. Though the act is left unfinished by the author, it is implied that Tibbett is sodomized by a Tiger. Tibbett is later mentioned in the 4th section as being brought to Elphaba's nunnery with an incurable disease. It is never explained what this illness is or why he got it, though some speculate it was due to the forementioned rape. His death inspires Elphaba to leave the nunnery. Crope is mentioned in the 3rd part of the book as having become an actor and managing an arts auction house. He is later shown with Glinda shopping and having tea with Fiyero.

Turtle Heart

Turtle Heart is a wandering glassblower from Quadling Country. He comes upon Melena's home while Frex is out preaching. Melena and Turtle Heart have an extended affair, and it is implied that Frex had intimate relations with him, as well, sharing him equally. It is also strongly suggested that he is the father of Nessarose; a family timeline at the beginning of A Lion Among Men lists Frex as father to Nessarose and Shell. It is mentioned he was killed at Colwen Grounds, on the day that Nessarose was born, as a human sacrifice to bring rain to Munchkinland (Munchkinland is experiencing extreme droughts as mentioned throughout the book). His death is what convinces Frex and Melena to travel to Quadling Country to convert people to Unionism.

Ama Clutch

Galinda’s chaperone at Shiz, Ama Clutch is present throughout Galinda and Elphaba's time at the university. She "loses" her sanity in a suspicious fashion when she witnesses the murder of Doctor Dillamond. It is strongly suggested that Madame Morrible hexed Ama Clutch, afflicting her with the same crazed behaviour that Galinda (falsely) claimed was responsible for Ama Clutch's absence from the roommate negotiations; namely talking to inanimate objects like chairs, rusty nails and evening gowns as if they were people. Just prior to her death, Galinda (now Glinda) magically restores Ama Clutch's sanity for a brief period, giving her the opportunity to reveal that Grommetik was responsible for the death of Doctor Dillamond. It should be noted that Galinda made up Ama Clutch's ailment when she first privately met with Madame Morrible.

Shell Thropp

Shell Thropp is Elphaba and Nessarose's younger brother. Their mother dies giving birth to him. Although he is never actually seen in the book, Elphaba says that he would have been their mother's favorite, because he was a boy. Shell plays a much larger part in the sequel Son of a Witch and is mentioned in A Lion Among Men.


Sarima is Fiyero's wife and the mother of his three legitimate children. She is first mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd parts of the book, but takes a major role in the 4th part. In this part, she is now the Dowager Princess of The Arjikis. When Elphaba arrives, she tries to tell Sarima the truth of Fiyero's death but she refuses to hear it, though she welcomes Elphaba into her home for the winter. She develops a friendship with Elphaba and soon reveals she believed Fiyero was having an affair with Glinda, and that Sir Chuffrey was behind his death. She is taken away by Commander Cherrystone at the end of the 4th part, and it is later revealed she was killed by an unknown assailant.


Irji is the son of Fiyero and Sarima. He is brother to Manek and Nor, and an implied half-brother to Liir. Irji is the oldest of the three and is next in line to be the Prince of the Arjiki tribe, but his aunts believe that Manek would be better. Throughout the novel, Irji grows as a character both physically and mentally. Mentally he becomes more strong-willed and open like his brother. Physically, he experiences puberty. It is noted in one chapter that the sight of Liir's naked body being greased causes him to 'feel very funny in his trousers', implying that he is homosexual. Beyond that, not much is shown about Irji throughout the rest of the novel, aside from the occasional mention of his increasing holiness (toward the pagan/Lurline religion). When his family is captured, he is murdered publicly with the Paraffin Necklace. Irji is not present in the musical presentation of Wicked. This is because Sarima was not introduced in the musical; thus, Fiyero and Sarima never were married, and Irji was never born.


Manek is the son of Fiyero and Sarima. His character is a trouble-maker and borderline sociopath, and he frequently engages in licentious activities. For instance, he tricks his brother, Irji, and Elphaba's implied son, Liir, to urinate off the wall as a sport while his sister, Nor, is watching. He also makes Liir take off his trousers to see if his genitals are green like Elphaba's skin. Manek is very strong-willed and is considered by his aunts a better choice as prince of the Arjiki tribe than Irji, the heir. In the book, he is killed by a falling icicle, charmed (possibly accidentally) by Elphaba as punishment for Manek's tricking Liir into being trapped in the fishwell and almost dying, and then keeping it a secret while the rest of the household was searching for the missing Liir. Manek as well as his mother, siblings and aunts are not present in the musical version of Wicked.


Nor is the daughter of Fiyero and Sarima. When first introduced, she is a nine-year old girl who resides with her mother, siblings and five aunts at Kiamo Ko. She is often bullied by her brother Manek; Nor and her other brother Irji often have to work together to stand up to Manek. After Manek's death, that bond disappears, and Nor becomes more independent. Nor enjoys snooping around Elphaba's room and possessions, and it is she who first makes Elphaba see that her broom is magical. Towards the end of the novel, she and her family are taken captive by the Gale Force. While the others are killed out of political considerations, Nor is held prisoner (in a very cruel fashion) by the Wizard and used to blackmail Elphaba. She returns in A Lion Among Men as Illianora.

Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six

Two, Three, Four, Five and Six are Sarima's sisters.For reasons unknown, Sarima's widowhood means they cannot marry and so they resent her. They seem to do most of the work around the castle. They try to set up Sarima and Commander Cherrystone because a remarriage of Sarima would mean they could marry as well, but it fails. They are reported as being killed by an unknown soldier.

Commander Cherrystone

Commander Cherrystone is the head of the soldiers who stay at Kiamo Ko. He returns in Son of a Witch as more of a father-figure to Liir.


Brrr is a Lion cub saved from a science experiment in the Life Sciences class by Elphaba. As an adult he becomes a companion of Dorothy. He is the starring character of A Lion Among Men.


Bfee is Mayor of Rush Margins and father of Boq.


Gawnette is a town person who runs a nursery in Rush Margins.


Milla is a Shiz girl of Galinda's social class, though she appears much less frequently than Pfanee and Shenshen, who have much more dialogue during the girls' school years. She is later unhappily married to Boq, and frequently attempts suicide.


Pfannee is one of Galinda's friends.She is a munchkinlander of diminutive size. She invites Elphaba to Lake Chorge as a joke.


Shenshen is another of Galinda's friends.

Professor Lenx

Professor Lenx is a Boar who teaches Math. He joins Doctor Dillamond in storming out when Madame Morrible recites a poem that insults Animals.

Mister Mikko

Mister Mikko is an Ape who teaches History.


Rhinoceros is a librarian at Three Queens. He was a bit of an absent boss, as he failed to notice Boq, Crope and Tibbett (who were supposed to spend their summer working for him) shirking their work duties to help Elphaba and Doctor Dillamond's work.

Doctor Nikidik

Doctor Nikidik is Dr. Dillamond's replacement, as well as the teacher who seems to be responsible for taking the lion cub, Brrr, from his mother, which enrages Elphaba.

Miss Greyling

Miss Greyling is a professor of Sorcery. She is described as incompetent, but friendly, and her failures inspire the girls to be willing to try their own magic.


Malky is Elphaba's cat in the Emerald City. It is revealed in A Lion Among Men that he is actually a Cat hired by the Wizard's government to spy on Elphaba. He plays a little role in Fiyero's death.

Sir Chuffrey

He is a Paltos baron who is Glinda's husband. Not much is said of him, but it is known that he is a very wealthy business man and that he is infertile, as implied by Glinda.

Lady Partra Thropp

Lady Partra is Melena's mother and the daughter of the Eminent Thropp. By the title system of Oz, she would have been the Thropp Descending of Nest Hardings. not much is said about her, and she is dies between the 1st and 2nd parts of the book.


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