Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy.png
North American cover art featuring
the cast of the game
Developer(s) Square Enix 1st Production Department[1]
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Director(s) Mitsunori Takahashi
Producer(s) Ichiro Hazama
Takeshi Arakawa
Tetsuya Nomura
Artist(s) Tetsuya Nomura
Writer(s) Akiko Ishibashi
Saori Itamuro
Daisuke Watanabe
Composer(s) Takeharu Ishimoto
Series Final Fantasy
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (ディシディア デュオデシム ファイナルファンタジー Dishidia Dyuodeshimu Fainaru Fantajī?, pronounced "Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy") is a 2011 fighting game published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable as part of the Final Fantasy series. It was developed by the company's 1st Production Department.[1] The game is both a prequel and remake of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, revealing what occurred before the events of its predecessor, and was released on March 22, 2011 in North America.[5]



Gameplay is largely reminiscent of Dissidia: Final Fantasy along with a few changes. The game consists primarily of one-on-one battles, taking place on what is known as a battle map where the two characters duel. Players are able to perform two types of attacks: a Bravery attack and an HP attack. Both characters start with a set amount of Bravery points, the number of Bravery points being equivalent to the amount of damage dealt by an HP attack. Thus, the player must perform several Bravery attacks to steal Bravery points from the opponent so as to increase the power of their HP attack, as Bravery attacks do not cause any damage.

Additional mechanics

The mechanics of the battle system include "EX Revenge" and "Assist." EX Mode functions exactly the same as the first game by collecting EX Cores around the battle map to fill up the EX gauge and transform the character into a more powerful state, which allows players to perform a powerful EX Burst attack should an HP attack land during EX Mode. The Assist system is a new element to the game which allows the player to summon an additional ally into battle to either assist in attacking the enemy or defend from an oncoming attack. It is performed using the Assist Gauge, which is built up by using Bravery Attacks.[6] Both modes are supposed to balance each other, because when an EX Burst is executed, the opponent's Assist Gauge is reduced to zero.

The three main countering systems are Assist Breaks, EX Breaks and EX Revenge. An Assist Break is performed by attacking the opponent's Assist character while the player is in EX Mode, causing him/her to be unable to call out the Assist character for a brief period; this also passes the stage's Bravery points to the character. An EX Break is performed by stopping an opponent's EX Mode through the use of an Assist attack which forces the opponent out of EX Mode, additionally passing the stage's Bravery points to the player. Lastly, EX Revenge occurs when trying to activate EX Mode while being attacked. While in the first game it would simply halt the opponent's attack, it now slows down time allowing the player to pummel the opponent instead, though it sacrifices the player's ability to use an EX Burst as it uses up the entire EX Gauge.[6]

Single-player mode

A screenshot showing the single-player mode of the game. The game's world map, with new characters Lightning, Kain and Tifa as the three-member party.

The biggest addition is within the single-player story mode of the game, taking place on a traditional-styled Final Fantasy world map, with players being able to experience a story while exploring a world with scenarios and events taking place as the story progresses. Players traverse the 3D world map with parties consisting of up to five characters, with players being able to interact in conversations with the characters. When roaming the map, players will encounter enemies known as "Manikins"; when attacked by an enemy, players will be transported to a battle map where battles will take place. There are specially marked shops on the map. The story mode is also party based, similar to the story progression of Final Fantasy VI. In certain scenarios, parties will be predetermined, but in most cases players are free to select their own party.[7] Alongside the game's new story mode, the game also includes the first game's story, which has been remade with the 3D world map as well as additional elements added for the new storyline. Tetsuya Nomura, producer and character designer for the game, has said that both storylines played together would result in approximately 60 hours of gameplay.[8]


The game's main story revolves around the twelfth cycle of the eternal conflict between the gods Cosmos and Chaos, who have both summoned several warriors from different worlds to fight for them. With the battle turning in favor of Chaos, Cosmos entrusts her warriors with the task of retrieving the crystals that will help them defeat Chaos.

The main focus of the story is a group of six warriors—Lightning, Vaan, Laguna, Yuna, Kain, and Tifa—who must deal with an army of crystalline soldiers known as Manikins, which pose a threat due to their ability to negate the gods' power to revive the warriors after they are killed. Believing their defeat to be inevitable, Kain and the Warrior of Light defeat most of their own allies to protect them from the Manikins. Lightning opposes this plan and leads the other active warriors to stop the Manikins once and for all by sealing the portal from which they emerge. Though they succeed, Cosmos is reduced to a weakened state after using much of her power to diminish the Manikin army, while Lightning and her group succumb to the Manikins' power and fade away, setting the stage for the next cycle.

In addition to the main story is a set of "Reports," most of which follow the other warriors who participate in the thirteenth cycle, explaining their roles before and during that cycle. Prominent characters in these reports include warriors of Cosmos—Terra, Cloud and Tidus—who fight for the side of Chaos during the twelfth cycle, and Chaos' warrior Jecht, who appears on the side of Cosmos, with the reports detailing how these characters came to switch sides.


The game features the entire cast of the original Dissidia with new and tweaked abilities. The game also introduces nine new playable characters. Six of the new characters are available from the start of the game: Lightning, a former soldier and the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII; Vaan, a sky pirate and the protagonist of Final Fantasy XII;[6][7] Laguna Loire, the man who appears in Squall's dreams and the secondary protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII;[7] Yuna, Tidus's love interest and female protagonist of Final Fantasy X;[9][10] Kain Highwind, Cecil Harvey's childhood friend and rival from Final Fantasy IV;[11] and Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife's childhood friend from Final Fantasy VII.[7][11] The remaining three characters, which can be unlocked through various means of gameplay, are Prishe, a playable supporting character from Final Fantasy XI; Gilgamesh, a recurring villain from Final Fantasy V; and Feral Chaos, an original character and alternate form of the game's main antagonist, Chaos. Final Fantasy VII's Aerith Gainsborough is available as an assist-only character (i.e. not fully playable in the game) through the purchase of Dissidia 012 Prologus Final Fantasy download on the PlayStation Network.[12]

Character Original game Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Kain Highwind Final Fantasy IV Kōichi Yamadera Liam O'Brien[13]
Gilgamesh Final Fantasy V Kazuya Nakai Keith Szarabajka[14]
Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII Ayumi Ito Rachael Leigh Cook[3]
Aerith Gainsborough (assist only with purchase of Prologus from PSN) Final Fantasy VII Maaya Sakamoto Andrea Bowen[14]
Laguna Loire Final Fantasy VIII Hiroaki Hirata A.V. Kennedy[15]
Yuna Final Fantasy X Mayuko Aoki Hedy Burress[16][17]
Prishe Final Fantasy XI Aya Hirano Julie Nathanson[14]
Vaan Final Fantasy XII Kensho Ono Bobby Edner[3]
Lightning Final Fantasy XIII Maaya Sakamoto Ali Hillis[3]
Feral Chaos Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy N/A N/A

Downloadable content

As of June 16, 2011, the PlayStation Network has featured downloadable content for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, including character costumes, avatars, and BGM packs.[18]


Review scores
Publication Score
1UP.com A-[19]
Famitsu 38/40[20]
Game Informer 7/10
GameSpot 8.0/10[21]
IGN 9.0/10[22]

Dissidia 012 has received positive reception. Dissidia 012 was scored a 38/40 by Famitsu, composed of a 10, 9, 10, 9 score by the four reviewers, two points higher than the original.[20] PSM3 Magazine UK gave the game a 8.2, calling it an "improvement on the original, with some great Final Fantasy fan service thrown in."[20] IGN gave the game a 9.0 (one point higher than the original), praising the game's graphics and improved gameplay, but criticizing its story.[20] GameInformer gave the game a 7, saying the game did not improve any of the battle system problems of the previous game, although the assist system was a good addition, saying it added an extra dimension to what was missing in the first game.[23]


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