Disco Curtis (band)

Disco Curtis (band)
Disco Curtis

Tanner Howe onstage
Background information
Origin Colleyville, TX
Genres Pop, emo, rock,[1] indie rock[2]
Years active 2008–present[3]
Labels MySpace/Interscope[4]
Disco Curtis
Website Disco Curtis (band) on Myspace
Tanner Howe
Past members
AJ Novak
Garrett Perales
Brendan Barone

Disco Curtis is an American pop rock band from Colleyville, Texas. They formed during the 4th grade,[5] but became a four-piece band in 2008. On September 10, 2010, AJ Novak, Garrett Perales, and Brendan Barone left Disco Curtis, leaving Tanner Howe as the only remaining member.[2]



Disco Curtis formed during childhood, where a young Tanner Howe and AJ Novak first bonded over respectively playing piano and drums. As the two friends grew older, various band incarnations came and went, but upon bringing Garrett Perales (and later on Brendan Barone) into the band, the initial shape of Disco Curtis formed.[1] They started to record demo tapes, produced by Geoff Rockwell, who has produced several Forever The Sickest Kids albums.[6]

The band was named after a fellow disco legend and drummer named Curtis. The friend of the band, who also resides in the band's native Texas, used to perform with various disco artists throughout the 1970s, wearing a paper bag over his head. Decades later, he has become a mentor and a friend to Disco Curtis.[1]

"We have known him for years," Howe explains. "When it came down to naming our band, Disco Curtis came to our head because we spent a lot of time with him last summer. He has been a big influence on us." [1]

"No matter what kind of song it is, he always puts a disco beat on it," Novak adds. "As a joke, we started calling him Disco Curtis." [1]

Musical Style and Influence

Disco Curtis's music has various influences, such as Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional, The All-American Rejects, and blink-182.[1]


Disco Curtis is one of the many confirmed acts for Warped Tour 2010.[7][8][9][10] The band also played at Bamboozle California in 2010[11] and Mayfest.[5] The band has also played shows with Forever The Sickest Kids, The White Tie Affair, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Metro Station.[5] They also toured with Eye Alaska and Rookie of the Year in April 2010.[12]





Year Title Label Chart Positions Reviews
Top 200 US Heat The Sound Alarm
2009 Play With Fire Get Burned[13] MySpace/Interscope[14][15] [citation needed] [citation needed] 3/5 stars link


Year Title Label Chart Positions
Top 200 US Indie US Heat
2008 Breaking Hearts Disco Curtis[16] [citation needed] [citation needed]
2009 Ashley Disco Curtis[17] [citation needed] [citation needed]
2010 Ammunition Disco Curtis[17] [citation needed] [citation needed]
2010 This Gravity Disco Curtis[17] [citation needed] [citation needed]


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