Dindari or Dindarii (Greek Δινδάριοι),[1] was a tribe that was a branch of the Scordisci.[2] They dwelled by the Drina valley, of present-day Bosnia and Serbia.

After the Roman conquest of the Scordisci, the civitas of the Dindari was formed (Dindariorum, listed by Pliny the Elder within Dalmatia), whom a fragmentary inscription appears to locate in the Skelani area.[3]


  1. ^ Wilkes, J. J. The Illyrians, 1992, ISBN 0631198075, page 217, "...with high mountains, Siculotae (24), Glintidiones (44) and Scirtari, who dwelt along the border with Macedonia. In northeast Bosnia the Dindari are located by the record of one of their chiefs (principes) in the Drina valley."
  2. ^ Population and economy of the eastern part of the Roman province of Dalmatia, 2002, ISBN 1841714402, p. 24: "[T]he Dindari were a branch of the Scordisci."
  3. ^ Pliny Nat. Hist. III 142; L’Année Epigraphique 1910, 216 cf. A. and J. S ˇAS ˇEL, Inscriptiones Latinae quae in Iugoslavia inter annos MCMII et MCMXL repertae et editae sunt (Situla 25, Ljubljana 1986) p. 83 no. 1544: [D(is) m(anibus)] P. A[...] princ[eps? civitatis] Dinda[riorum ...].

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