Dicks (surname)

Dicks (surname)

Dicks is a surname of the English West Midlands, Scotland, and Wales. It ranks 6,404 in frequency in the United States, out of 88,799.[citation needed]

Some notable individuals with the surname Dicks include:

  • Alan Dicks (born 1934), retired English footballer and manager
  • Arthur Frederick Dicks (1930-1994), Australian actor and theater designer
  • David Dicks (born 1978), Australian sailor
  • John Dicks (actor) (born 1947), English film and television actor
  • John Dicks (politician) (born 1953), American politician from Florida
  • Julian Dicks (born 1968), British footballer and manager
  • Norman D. Dicks (born 1940), U.S. Representative for Washington's 6th district
  • Paul Dicks (born 1950), Canadian lawyer and former politician in Newfoundland
  • Peter Dicks (born 1942), English investment manager and venture capitalist
  • Philip Dicks (born 1962), former English cricketer
  • Terrance Dicks (born 1935), English writer
  • Terry Dicks (born 1937), British Conservative Party politician

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