Adhola language

Adhola language
Spoken in Uganda
Region Tororo District, Uganda
Ethnicity Adhola people
Native speakers 360,000 (2002 census)  (date missing)
Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-3 adh

The Adhola language, also known as japadhola and Ludama, is the language of the Adhola people (aka Jopadhola or Badama) of Uganda.[1] Dhopadhola is generally mutually intelligible with Acholi, Lango, Kumam, and Alur of Uganda and Dholuo of Kenya.

The prefix dho means "language of". It can be attached to a nationality or speech community to imply the language of such a people. jo means "people of". The infix pa means possessive 'of'.

Dhopadhola thus means the language spoken in Padhola.
Padhola is the area or region where Dhopadhola is spoken.
Jopadhola is the plural of Japadhola; a person who speaks Dhopadhola. Hence, Jopadhola are speakers of Dhopadhola.

Ja is a prefix meaning the 'doer' or a person belonging to a particular place or position. The plural is Jo. That is, people who do something or belong to a particular place or organisation.

For instance
Jafwonji means a teacher.
Jofwonji means teachers.
Jawer means a singer.
Jower means singers.
Janywol means a parent.
Jonywol means parents.
Japach means a carpenter.
Jopach means carpenters.


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