Lone Wolf McQuade

Lone Wolf McQuade

name = Lone Wolf McQuade

caption = "Lone Wolf McQuade" movie poster
director = Steve Carver
writer = H. Kaye Dyal
B.J. Nelson
producer = Yoram Ben-Ami
Steve Carter
Aaron Norris (assistant producer)
Kathryn Petty (associate producer)
starring = Chuck Norris
David Carradine
Barbara Carrera
Robert Beltran
L. Q. Jones
Dana Kimmell
cinematography = Jerry G. Callaway
Roger Shearman
Michael Sibley
editing = Anthony Redman
distributor = Orion Pictures
runtime = 105 min.
released = April 15, 1983
country = USA
budget = $5,000,000 (estimated)
language = English
amg_id = 1:29889
imdb_id = 0085862

"Lone Wolf McQuade" is a 1983 action film, starring Chuck Norris, David Carradine, and Barbara Carrera and Robert Beltran, directed by Steve Carver. The film score was written by Francesco De Masi.


*"A "Mad Dog" criminal. A "Lone Wolf" lawman. The ultimate showdown."
*"He's deadly with his gun...and deadlier with his black belt!"

Plot Summary

The main character, J.J. McQuade, is a Texas Ranger who prefers to work alone. He lives in a dirty home in the middle of nowhere with a pet wolf. He has a teenage daughter who came from a past marriage and is still on relatively good terms with his former wife.

The movie opens with McQuade involved in an intense battle with stereotypical Mexican-bandits--a gang of horse thieves--from which he emerges unscathed. Shaking off the dust, McQuade returns to El Paso, Texas to attend the retirement ceremony of his fellow Ranger and close friend Dakota. After the party, his commander attempts to curb his "lone wolf" attitude by insisting he work with local deputy Kayo Ramos, a tough but clean-cut and polite Latino. We meet McQuade's ex-wife and daughter, who is engaged to a young soldier. When McQuade's daughter is injured (and her fiancé is killed) after witnessing the hijacking of an Army convoy (one of the hijackers is driving a Dodge Aspen which pushes her fiancé's car over an embankment), McQuade more readily works with Kayo to find out who did this to his little girl: Kayo's computer skills allow him to track the errant convoy. At an illegal garment factory, they pick up a young delinquent named Snow, who is reluctant to talk until Dakota points a Mac-10 in his general direction and empties the magazine.

As the story progresses, they are joined by Federal Agent Jackson. The trail leads them to arms merchant Rawley Wilkes, who is hijacking U.S. arms shipments for his illicit weapons deals. Wilkes is trained in martial arts and often gives free demonstrations at county fairs.

Production Notes

*David Carradine and Chuck Norris refused to use stunt doubles for their climactic fight scene, despite strong reservations from the producers.
*Norris credits this movie as a leading inspiration for his hit TV series, "Walker, Texas Ranger," which premiered a decade later. Yet the pilot had to be rewritten, and the characters' names changed, since "all things "McQuade" were copyrighted by Orion Pictures.
*An uncredited John Milius helped write the screenplay.
*Immediately after the opening "horse wrangler" scene (approximately 10 minutes into the movie), you see an aerial view of a downtown area. In the lower right of the scene, a car rear ends a bus stopped at a stop light.


*Chuck Norris ... J.J. McQuade
*David Carradine ... Rawley Wilkes
*Barbara Carrera ... Lola Richardson
*Leon Isaac Kennedy ... Jackson
*Robert Beltran ... Kayo
*L.Q. Jones ... Dakota
*Dana Kimmell ... Sally McQuade
*R.G. Armstrong ... T. Tyler
*Jorge Cervera Jr. ... Jefe
*Sharon Farrell ... Molly
*Daniel Frishman ... Falcon
*William Sanderson ... Snow
*Robert Resetar ... Pyte Brown
*Thomas Cenney ... The Wolf

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