Deputy Premier of New South Wales

Deputy Premier of New South Wales
Deputy Premier of New South Wales

Andrew Stoner.jpg
Andrew Stoner

Style The Honourable
Appointed by Marie Bashir
as Governor of New South Wales
First Sir Michael Bruxner
Formation 16 May 1932
Term length At the Governor's pleasure

The Deputy Premier of New South Wales is the second-most senior officer in the Government of New South Wales. The Deputy Premiership has been a ministerial portfolio since 1932, and the Deputy Premier is appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Premier.

The current Deputy Premier is the National Party's Andrew Stoner, who was sworn in on 28 March 2011.



The office of Deputy Premier was created in May 1932 for Michael Bruxner, the leader of the Country Party (later renamed the National Party). Prior to that time the term was sometimes used unofficially (without capital letters) for the second-highest ranking minister in the government.

In Labor governments, the Deputy Premier is the party's deputy leader. Generally speaking, this person has come from the left faction of the party whereas the Premier has come from the right faction. In Liberal-National Coalition governments, the position has been held by the Leader of the National Party or its predecessors.

Three Deputy Premiers have subsequently become Premier in their own right: Joseph Cahill, Robert Heffron, and Jack Renshaw. However, this has not occurred since 1964.


The duties of the Deputy Premier are to act on behalf of the Premier in his or her absence overseas or on leave. The Deputy Premier has always been a member of the Cabinet, and has always held at least one substantive portfolio (It would be technically possible for a minister to hold only the portfolio of Deputy Premier, but this has never happened).

If the Premier were to die, become incapacitated or resign, the Governor would normally appoint the Deputy Premier as Premier. If the governing or majority party had not yet elected a new leader, that appointment would be on an interim basis. Should a different leader emerge, that person would then be appointed Premier.

List of Deputy Premiers of New South Wales

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Sir Michael Bruxner 16 May 1932 16 May 1941 Country
2 Jack Baddeley 16 May 1941 8 September 1949 Labor
3 Joseph Cahill 21 September 1949 2 April 1952 Labor
4 Robert Heffron 23 February 1953 28 October 1959 Labor
5 Jack Renshaw 28 October 1959 14 March 1964 Labor
6 Pat Hills 30 April 1964 13 May 1965 Labor
7 Sir Charles Cutler 13 May 1965 16 December 1975 Country
8 Leon Punch 17 December 1975 14 May 1976 National Country
9 Jack Ferguson 14 May 1976 10 February 1984 Labor
10 Ron Mulock 10 February 1984 25 March 1988 Labor
11 Wal Murray 25 March 1988 26 May 1993 National
12 Ian Armstrong 26 May 1993 4 April 1995 National
13 Andrew Refshauge 4 April 1995 3 August 2005 Labor
14 John Watkins 10 August 2005 3 September 2008 Labor
15 Carmel Tebbutt 5 September 2008 26 March 2011 Labor
16 Andrew Stoner 28 March 2011 present National

Living former Deputy Premiers

As of March 2011, there are five living former Deputy Premiers. The most recent Deputy Premier to die was Charles Cutler (1965–1975), on 23 September 2006. The most recently serving Deputy Premier to die was Wal Murray (1988–1993), who died on 15 July 2004.

Name Term of office Date of birth
Ron Mulock 1984–1988 11 January 1930
Ian Armstrong 1993–1995 17 July 1937
Andrew Refshauge 1995–2005 16 January 1949
John Watkins 2005–2008 7 December 1955
Carmel Tebbutt 2008–2011 22 January 1964

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