List of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones characters

List of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones characters
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This is a character list for the Game Boy Advance game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, which is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems; it is the eighth game in the Fire Emblem series, the third and final game in the series to be released for the Game Boy Advance and the second game in the series to be released outside Japan. The list summarizes the roles of all playable characters and major non-player characters that appear during the course of the story.

Since Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi, all Fire Emblem games have contained the "support" function. Certain pairs of units that fight alongside each other can gain a bonus that allows them to fight better. These gains are triggered by support conversations, in which the player gains more information about the personality of the two units involved. There can only be three conversations between the same pair of units, with a maximum of five supports per character in any single playthrough. This restriction allows for characters attaining an A-rank support with one another to achieve a special endings without conflicting with another character with whom they may also obtain a special ending.

Main playable characters


Class: Lord → Great Lord

Eirika (エイリーク Eirīku?, Eirik in the Japanese game) is the daughter of King Fado, the younger twin sister of Prince Ephraim and the princess of Renais. She is a competent swordfighter, having learned the art of swordplay from her brother and later from Seth; however, she believes in looking for more diplomatic solutions before relying on strength. She has a very close friendship with both Princess Tana of Frelia and Prince Lyon of Grado. She wears the Lunar Brace, which is one of a pair of bracelets that together grant access to Renais's Sacred Stone. She is strong-willed and pure of heart, and well-loved by her people for her compassion and wisdom beyond her years. She seeks to locate her brother Ephraim and join forces with him in his war against Grado. In the game's ending, she devotes herself to the reconstruction of Renais. Eirika can marry Seth, Innes, or Saleh if she has an "A" Support with one of them.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Eirika appears as a sticker.


Class: Lord → Great Lord

Ephraim (エフラム Efuramu?) is the crown prince of Renais and Eirika's older twin brother. His skill with a lance is unsurpassed by any other in his country. He has a semi-friendly rivalry with Prince Innes of Frelia and is also good friends with Prince Lyon of Grado, and Duessel, who was Ephraim's teacher of the lance. He wears the Solar Brace which is one of a pair of bracelets that together grant access to Renais's Sacred Stone. Ephraim is passionate and headstrong, and well-liked for his candid, direct manner.

Ephraim is away on a journey with Kyle, Forde, and Orson when Grado attacks Renais. In an attempt to divert Grado troops from the invasion, he starts a campaign within Grado and commits strategic strikes to weaken its position. Blaming himself for his inability to aid his father in that time of need, Ephraim journeys back towards his homeland in hopes of finding his sister, Eirika, who has now disappeared in the wake of the invasion. He also wants to find Prince Lyon to unravel the mystery of Grado's sudden invasion. In the game's ending, he succeeds his father as King of Renais. He can either marry Tana or L'Arachel if he has an "A" Support Talk with her.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ephraim appears as a sticker.

Other playable characters

From Renais


Class: Paladin

Seth (ゼト Zeto?) is the dutiful commander of the knights of Renais. He flees Castle Renais with Eirika at the orders of king Fado. During the escape, he is injured by a returning general of Grado - Valter, the Moonstone, and this concerns Eirika greatly as shown in their supports. Known as the Silver Knight, Seth is the general of the now-decimated Renais army, and the personal retainer to Eirika. His loyalty is unmatched. In the course of the story, he plays a very important role, working as the top advisor to Eirika and Ephraim. Also, is revealed that King Fado entrusted him with the secret about the Solar and Lunar Bracelets worn by the twins, which are the key to the Sacred Stone of Renais. He can marry Eirika or Natasha in the game's ending if they have an "A" support. Seth is one of the more powerful characters at the beginning, but can still be used later on. He is known as one of the most powerful pre-promotes in Fire Emblem, being able to solo most of the game in Normal Mode with relative ease.


Class: Cavalier → Paladin or Great Knight

Franz (フランツ Furantsu?) is an earnest and determined young cavalier from Renais. He is the younger brother of Forde, and both siblings seek to emulate their father, a great knight who died in Renais' service. His mother died of poor health, but according to Forde, Franz was too young to remember. He greatly admires Seth and later can develop a brother/sister bond with Natasha. His loyalty to Erika and Ephraim is surpassed only by that of Seth, and he strives to live up to his example although he also looks up to his brother, Forde. He is very polite to all those around him. He can marry Amelia in the game's ending if they have an "A" support.


Class: Journeyman → Fighter or Pirate → Warrior or Hero (if promoted to Fighter), Warrior or Berserker (if promoted to Pirate)

Ross (ロス Rosu?) is a young villager from Ide, son of the former warrior Garcia, who left the army in order to raise him. A rather wild and impetuous youth, he seeks to emulate his warrior father by becoming a great fighter. He lost his mother, Risa, when he was very young. After the game, he returns to his hometown; if Amelia has an "A" support with him, she will follow and become his wife.

Like Amelia and Ewan, he can promote to an upgraded version of the Journeyman class if certain requirements are fulfilled.


Class: Fighter → Warrior or Hero

Garcia (ガルシア Garushia?) is a villager from Renais. He was once a mighty military leader, but retired from the army when his wife Risa died, in order to raise their young son Ross. He returned to service when the village was destroyed and Ross joined him.


Class: Archer → Sniper or Ranger

Neimi (ネイミー Neimī?) is a young girl from Renais. She admits to being very emotional and cries easily, but is a great shot with excellent senses. She was trained by her grandfather, the legendary Zethla, the "single-arrow legend"; according to her, whenever Zethla went hunting, he only carried a single arrow with him, yet never missed his hunting target. In her supports with Artur, it's revealed that Neimi's deceased mother was a high-ranked cleric; she always carries a beautiful mirror that belonged to her mother. She is a childhood friend of Colm, whom she can eventually get married to if they get an "A" support.


Class: Thief → Rogue or Assassin

A chivalrous thief from Renais, Colm (コーマ Kōma?, Coma in the Japanese game) is a childhood friend of Neimi who once managed to steal Eirika's bracelet, and later infiltrated a bandit hideout to find Neimi's lost handmirror, stolen by bandits. He is rather snide and arrogant, but genuinely cares for Neimi. He is also quite proud of his thieving prowess. He will marry Neimi in the game's ending if they have an "A" support.


Class: Monk → Bishop or Sage

Artur (アスレイ Asurei?, Asseray in the Japanese game) is a monk from Renais, ordered to help destroy the monsters plaguing the land. He is simple, straightforward, and uncompromisingly pious. When he was a child, he lost his only toy, and a monk helped him find it the whole afternoon, which made him to choose to become a monk. Lute one time tried to help Artur confront his fear of spiders by putting many in his room. Artur and Lute can marry if they have an "A" support.


Class: Mage → Sage or Mage Knight

Lute (ルーテ Rūte?) is an extremely studious, if not eccentric, young mage. She believes she is a prodigy, and tells this to everyone she meets. Given her enormous wealth of knowledge and her alleged ability to remember practically everything she reads, hears, and sees, Lute is boastful. She's the opposite of her best friend, Artur, in that she spends most of her time inside studying as opposed to being outside. She has a habit of "monk watching" (spying on Artur). If she has an "A" support with Artur or Kyle, she will marry him in the game's ending.


Class: Cavalier → Paladin or Great Knight

Kyle (カイル Kyru?) is an intensely loyal and intelligent young knight. He is very devoted to Ephraim and is a fierce rival, yet also best friend to Forde. Their rivalry seemingly started out from a tournament, in which he was defeated by Forde, which made him start focusing on his training to never lose to him again. Very chivalrous and proper, Kyle is a classic knight. His devotion to his status as a knight makes a him little too serious, though he learns to loosen up during conversations with Forde and Syrene. He will marry Syrene or Lute in the game's ending if they have an "A" support.


Class: Cavalier → Paladin or Great Knight

The skill of Forde (フォルデ Forude?) in battle is only matched by his remarkable laziness - he is known to sleep through large portions of battles, though he claims this merely a ploy to lure foes into range and has even equipped his horse accordingly so he doesn't fall off him. He is the brother of Franz, and is a rather accomplished painter in his spare time. When Forde was young he won a sword contest and his mother was happy, not for his contest, but for the painting he had made for her early that day. She kept it with her even when she died, it was only then that Forde took the painting back. He hung it, in his house, as a reminder of how he must continue to make people happy, not with his sword, but with his brush. In the game's ending, Forde quits the army and becomes a court artist. If he has an "A" support with Vanessa, he will move to Frelia and marry her.

From Frelia


Class: Knight → General or Great Knight

Gilliam (ギリアム Giriamu?) is an armored knight of Frelia. He's quiet, yet dependable. He joins with Franz to rescue princess Tana at border Mulan, and later is appointed by King Hayden to be Eirika's escort along with the priest Moulder and the pegasus knight Vanessa. He is a long-time friend of Moulder and Vanessa's older sister, Syrene, and will marry her if they obtain an "A" support.


Class: Priest → Bishop or Sage

Moulder (モルダ Moruda?, Mulder in the Japanese game) is a priest of Frelia, gentle and reassuring. Well trusted by King Hayden, he is sent to aid Eirika alongside Gilliam and Vanessa. He acts as a father-figure to most characters in the story.


Class: Pegasus Knight → Falco Knight or Wyvern Knight

Sincere, honest, and honorable, Vanessa (ヴァネッサ Vanessa?) is one of Frelia's Pegasus knights. She is Syrene's younger sister and harbors a crush on her prince, Innes. She admires her sister's ability, though it turns out Syrene admires Vanessa's ability to remain calm and collected in the most hectic situations. Her Pegasus is named Titania. If she has an "A" support with Innes or Forde, she will marry him in the game's ending.


Class: Pegasus Knight → Falco Knight or Wyvern Knight

The princess of Frelia and sister of Innes, Tana (ターナ Tāna?, Turner in the Japanese game) joined the army in order to accompany her friends and brother to war, having trained under Syrene and Vanessa. She is cheery, sociable, a little airheaded and appears to harbor a crush on Ephraim, although she envies Ephraim and Eirika's close relationship and wishes her own relationship with Innes could be better. She also strongly refuses to have people taking care of her, wishing to be seen as more of an adult than a young girl in battle. She can marry Ephraim in the game's ending if they have an "A" support.


Class: Sniper

The arrogant prince of Frelia, Innes (ヒーニアス Hīniasu?, Heanius in the Japanese game) is famed for his immense skill with the bow. He is around 18–22 years old as made evident from Moulder and Vanessa's B support. Innes is extremely brash and proud, and harbors an intense, yet semi-friendly rivalry with Ephraim. At heart, however, he is a good and just person. He also tends to be harsh and severe with his sister Tana, whom he wants to spare from the horrors of war; several times he tries to convince her to return to Frelia, but is unsuccessful. Innes is also a noted strategist and tactician throughout Magvel and has ensured that none of Frelia's political and military secrets are revealed outside of the kingdom. In the game's ending, he becomes King of Frelia. If he has an "A" support with L'Arachel, Eirika, or Vanessa, they will marry.


Class: Falcoknight

Sister of Vanessa, Syrene (シレーネ Shirēne?) is a famous Pegasus knight. She is the commander of their third battalion, renowned for her beauty, skill, and courage. She acts as an older sister figure to Tana, whom she trained along with Vanessa; if the three are together they can perform the Triangle Attack, which deals triple damage. After the game's end, she will marry Gilliam or Kyle if they have an "A" support.

From Jehanna


Class: Myrmidon → Swordmaster or Assassin

Joshua (ヨシュア Yoshua?, Jhosua in the Japanese game) is a wandering swordsman from Jehanna with a fervor for gambling. In Eirika's route, he is revealed to be the Prince of Jehanna, who disappeared about ten years prior to the beginning of the story, abandoning both his mother, Ismaire, and his title so he could better learn about his people's needs and become worthy of the crown in his own eyes. During this time he worked with Caellach in a mercenary troop, and appears to have earned a penchant for stirring up trouble off the job. After the events of the game, he becomes King of Jehanna. He can marry Natasha, or Marisa will be his companion, if they have an "A" support.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Joshua appears as a sticker.


Class: Mercenary → Hero or Ranger

The leader of a small group of mercenaries, Gerik (ジスト Jisuto?, Xyst in the Japanese game) is known to be kinder and more concerned about his men than most mercenary leaders, which is why girls like the dancer Tethys and the myrmidon Marisa harbour feelings for him. He once revealed that he never actually wanted to become a mercenary, he just got into it to try and protect his friend. However, his friend was killed anyway, and Gerik's tendency to make friends easily made him befriend many of the other mercenaries, which is why he stayed one. He hails from Jehanna, and is a very experienced and skilled swordsman. He is better known as the Desert Tiger. If Gerik gets an "A" support with Marisa or Tethys they will marry.


Class: Dancer

Another member of Gerik's group, Tethys (テテイス Tetisu?) is the older sister of Ewan. She is a beautiful, charming, and flirtatious dancer, and also is a native of Jehanna. She and Ewan were both abandoned by their parents when they were young; after living a sad, hard life, Tethys began dancing to make money, and with time she became famous. In a conversation with Marisa, it is revealed she is in love with Gerik as well, and jokes about making a competition with Marisa to see who can gain Gerik's love.


Class: Myrmidon → Swordmaster or Assassin

Marisa (マリカ Marika?, Marica in the Japanese game) is an aloof and detached beauty, but is also a master of the blade, known as the Crimson Flash for her great speed. In chapter 10 in Erika's route, one of Pablo's sellswords is greatly terrified when she accidentally points her blade at him. A member of Gerik's Mercenaries, she seeks to surpass her father, who was also a great swordmaster. She is unusually clumsy at everything out outside of fighting, particularly with social interaction, as revealed to the player in a conversation with Gerik. It's also shown that she secretly loves Gerik, as her supports with her friendly rival Tethys reveal. In the game's ending, if she has an "A" support with Gerik or Joshua, Gerik will fall in love with her and Joshua becomes her battle partner. Her character was used in another game by Intelligent Systems where she appears as a non-player character and a great fistfighter.


Class:' Pupil → Mage or Shaman → Sage or Mage Knight (if promoted to Mage), Druid or Summoner (if promoted to Shaman)

Saleh's student, Ewan (エワン Ewan?) is also the younger brother of Tethys and part of Gerik's troop. Ewan is a mage-in-training with much potential, according to Saleh. He is quick-witted and excitable, slightly perverse in the Japanese version, and enjoys playing practical jokes on Saleh. He is the third and final trainee unit. He is troublesome and prone to causing accidents which Saleh does not like; at one time he accidentally dropped Saleh's magic tome in the river. In the game's ending, he continues his studies and explores the world. If he has an "A" support with Amelia, she will marry him.

Like Amelia and Ross, he can promote to an upgraded version of the Pupil class if certain requirements are fulfilled.

From Rausten


Class: Troubadour → Valkyrie or Mage Knight

L'Arachel (ラーチェル Rācheru?, Larchel in the Japanese game) is the Princess of the theocracy of Rausten and the niece of the Divine Emperor Mansel, Rausten's Pontifex and Lord. She fights for justice and order, emulating her parents who died doing the same when she was a little girl. Although L'Arachel is portrayed as completely self-obsessed and egotistical, and at many times comical because of her egotism, she is actually very helpful and kindhearted, providing information and support to both Ephraim and Eirika and comforting them in their time of need. Despite the apparent honor of her desire to rid the world of darkness and evil, she is also driven by a more-or-less selfish desire for fame. In the game's ending, she becomes ruler of Rausten, and if she has an "A" support with Innes or Ephraim, he will marry her.


Class: Berserker

A middle aged man, Dozla (ドズラ Dozura?, Dozzla in the Japanese game) is a hearty berserker of Rausten with an enormous thirst for life. He is full of energy, and lives to serve Princess L'Arachel, whom he's extremely devoted to. He will not hesitate to charge into overwhelming odds beside L'Arachel, much to the displeasure of Rennac. Not the brightest of men, he is given easier tasks by L'Arachel so he can have more free time.

From Carcino


Class: Sage

Grandson of the Chief Elder of Caer Pelyn, Saleh (サレフ Sarefu?) is an accomplished magic user. He is solemn and intellectual, but is quite generous and is a mentor to Ewan. He is Myrrh's escort and faithful servant; they are separated and later reunited in Jehanna. He is also a good friend of Gerik. After the game's ending, he returns to Caer Pelyn; if he has an "A" support with Eirika, Eirika marries him and will move to the village.


Class: Rogue

Rennac (レナック Renakku?) is one of the sons of a merchant from Carcino. He is lazy, greedy and uncaring, but is also an excellent fighter and master thief. He was hired by L'Arachel as an escort, though he constantly laments that, despite her wealth, she never actually feels the need to pay him, apparently believing that justice fighters aren't supposed to get paid. He is an excellent dancer, having had to entertain many of his father's business associates when he was younger, and a master of scams and deceiving, as proved by Colm. There are two ways to recruit Rennac. One is to do so with L'Arachel, who summons him back into her service. The other is to do it with the main lord, but Rennac will only offer his service if the Lord will pay him gold. After the game's end, L'Arachel summons him back to Rausten, and he remains in her service.


Class: Manakete

Myrrh (ミルラ Mirura?) is the "Great Dragon" from the Darkling Woods. She sets off to find the great evil that plagues the lands. She is the adoptive daughter of Morva, the Great Dragon who helped mankind in the first war against the Demon King. For much of the game, she accompanies Ephraim. In battle, Myrrh uses a "Dragon Stone" to transform into her dragon form; once her Dragon Stone is exhausted, she can no longer fight. Myrrh returns to Darkling Woods at the end of the game, but if she has an "A" support with Saleh, she will eventually move to Caer Pelyn.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Myrrh appears as a sticker.

From Grado


Class: Cleric → Valkyrie or Bishop

A beautiful cleric from Grado, Natasha (ナターシャ Natāsha?) was forced to flee because her master (a very well respected and loved priest, a "holy man" in her words) discovered Grado's plan to destroy the Sacred Stones and was killed for it, yet managed to entrust Natasha with the secret as he lay dying. She immediately sought Eirika's help to make this plan known to other countries, also "recruiting" the myrmidon Joshua whom she encountered next to the local Arena. She is graceful, gentle and serious; according to Joshua, her skill to heal isn't only limited to healing the body, but also the mind and the soul of those who ask her for help. At the end of the game, she returns to Grado to help rebuild. If she has an "A" support with Joshua or Seth, she will marry either of them instead of helping Grado rebuild.


Class: Recruit → Knight or Cavalier → General or Great Knight (if promoted to Knight), Paladin or Great Knight (if promoted to Cavalier).

An orphan from a small Grado village named Silva, Amelia (アメリア Ameria?) is a young girl inexperienced in combat. She joined the army to protect her loved ones, this due to her father dying when she was a toddler and her mother being kidnapped by bandits when she was little. In a support conversation with Duessel, Amelia finds that her mother Melina is still alive, but has lost her memories. Propaganda about Eirika and Ephraim being cruel people might have also affected her; however, the propaganda is dispelled when she actually meets Ephraim, Eirika or Franz, the ones able to recruit her. Amelia learns quickly, and her honest, determined nature proves useful. After the game's ending, she can marry Ewan, Franz, or Ross if they have an "A" support.

Like Ewan and Ross, she can promote to an upgraded version of the Recruit class if certain requirements are fulfilled.


Class: Wyvern Rider → Wyvern Lord or Wyvern Knight

Cormag (クーガー Kūgā?, Cugar in the Japanese game) is the younger brother of Glen (whom he idolizes) and an imperial commander of Grado, who alongside Glen rose to fame despite coming from a peasant family. He is usually a rather gentle and compassionate man with a love for cats and a strong sense of justice; however, in battle, he is an extremely ferocious and powerful warrior. In Eirika's story, Cormag is deceived by Valter that his beloved brother was killed by Renais troops, but his recruit conversation with Eirika clears it up, and Cormag decides to leave Grado and avenge his brother properly. In Ephraim's story, he has doubts when he's told that General Duessel has betrayed the empire, and he's ordered to kill him, however upon speaking to Duessel (or Tana) he decides to follow his own beliefs instead.


Class: Great Knight

One of the imperial generals of Grado, Duessel (デュッセル Dyusseru?, Dussel in the Japanese game) is a courageous, popular general. Called the Obsidian by Emperor Vigarde and held in high regard, Duessel nevertheless harbours doubts about Grado's war, causing him to switch allegiances. He is the former lance instructor of Ephraim and Valter's superior, as well as the witness of Valter's transformation from a somewhat sane fighter to a madman. He also carries with him a small lance made by an excellent craftsman which he says he shall use in his final hours. In Ephraim's route, he joins the team if Ephraim talks to him in chapter 10 of the main story. If he has an "A" support with Amelia, he will become her companion.


Class: Shaman → Druid or Summoner

One of Grado's royal mages, Knoll (ノール Nōru?) aided Lyon in his research into the Dark Stone, and he seemed to look up to Lyon. After he noticed Lyon's change from having the Dark Stone, he objected openly to Lyon's goals and was marked for execution, but Ephraim's group saves him after killing the possessed husk of Vigarde, so Knoll joins the group and provides them with information about Lyon's descent to madness. Knoll is kindhearted and very intellectual, but is made secretive and rather elusive by the troubling knowledge he holds. After the war, he dedicates himself to restoring Grado to its former glory, after that he disappeared without a trace.

Non-playable characters

These characters cannot be controlled by the player during the main story. However, every character listed can be made playable in the Creature Campaign except Tirado, Pablo, Carlyle, Klimt, Vigarde, Mansel, Morva, and obviously Fomortiis. The Creature Campaign becomes available upon completion of the game, and the characters are unlocked after progressing through the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins. They also cannot have support conversations.


Class: Necromancer

Lyon (リオン Rion?) is the son of Vigarde and heir to the throne of Grado. He's a gentle person who greatly admires his close friends, Eirika and Ephraim; but he unfortunately becomes the main antagonist of the game as his physical body is controlled and eventually completely taken over by the Demon King. His greatest ambition was to be a strong ruler and protect his empire. Lyon first appears in a flashback, when Eirika and Ephraim talk with Lyon about their ambitions in life.

His experiments with the Fire Emblem, while noble in theory (he intended to save his father's life, and resurrect him when it didn't work), caused the rise of the Demon King, as they finally drove him mad. Influenced by the Dark Stone and the Demon King, Lyon invades Renais seeking to destroy its Sacred Stone using Vigarde as his puppet. When he fails, he moves on to Frelia, where his generals Selena and Caellach easily overpower the Frelians and destroy their Sacred Stone. Lyon sends Caellach to Jehanna, where he kills Queen Ismaire and destroys the stone. Afterwards, both generals Caellach and Valter are slain by twins Eirika and Ephraim in Jehanna's desert. Angered, Lyon goes to stop the twins himself and destroy the stone they possess; he fails and retreats.

Soon after the twins' next battle according to the tale the player chooses, Lyon either tricks Eirika or takes the stone by force from Ephraim and thus destroys the stone of Renais. In this moment, Lyon reveals he's trying to manipulate the Demon King's power inside him. The twins venture to Rausten while Lyon travels to the Black Temple in Darkling Woods to revive the Demon King. Lyon sends his last remaining general, Riev, to destroy the stone of Rausten and kill Mansel. Riev fails and retreats into Darkling Woods, where he is eventually slain and the twins gain entrance into the Black Temple. As Lyon enters the Black Temple, he turns the manakete Morva, Myrrh's adoptive father and guardian of the Black Temple, into a draco zombie, and he dies in the battle along with Riev. It is finally revealed that all of Lyon's evil deeds were done in order to save Grado from a terrible natural disaster by using the Demon King's enormous power. After a last battle against Eirika and Ephraim, Lyon is finally freed from the Demon King's ominous influence and dies. Lyon can become playable in the Creature Campaign by beating the Lagdou Ruins three times

In Ephraim's story he claims that he was never under the demon king's control, but rather he controlled the demon king. This is opposite to Eirika's story were he's a "puppet" of the demon king who claims that Lyon is already dead. After his defeat in the Black Temple he reveals, in Eirika's story, that he had always been in love with her. In Ephraim's story he tells Ephraim that he was always jealous of him due to the latter's physical strength. In turn, Ephraim reveals that he himself was jealous Lyon's prowess for magic and intellectual matters. He is playable after beating the ruins three times.


Class: Paladin

A Paladin of Renais, Orson (オルソン Oruson?, Ollson in the Japanese game) was in charge of the palace guards. He's a devoted husband and a serene and quiet man, who betrayed Renais for a chance to bring his deceased wife, Monica, back to life. In fact, Seth comments how Orson was known among the knights of Renais for his love and devotion to Monica, who died of illness six months prior to the events depicted in the Sacred Stones game. After his tragedy, Orson fell into a deep depression, and Grado people took advantage of it to sway him to their side.

After Monica is "revived" as a sort-of puppet only able to call out for Orson, he loses the rest of his sanity and practically locks himself in the chambers of King Fado in Palace Renais, living in a world of his own and either unaware or in denial about the truth. He forgets about anything else and lets bandits ravage the country, until Lyon tells him that Eirika and Ephraim are coming to the castle and will kill Monica. After Orson is defeated, the "puppet" Monica is killed by Ephraim out of mercy, since he recognizes in her the same symptoms he saw in Emperor Vigarde. Orson is briefly playable in one chapter of the main story, and he can be unlocked in the Creature Campaign by completing the sixth floor of the tower.

Grado Army


Class: Wyvern Knight

Valter (ヴァルター Varutā?), known as the "Moonstone", is a sadistic wyvern knight who wields his lance with unsurpassed skill and strength. During his past career as a Grado general, Vigarde stripped him of his rank for slaughtering innocents - but when the Emperor "changed", Valter's position was restored. Later (seen only in Eirika's route), he stages a duel with Glen for opposing to him and ends up killing the other general; afterwards, Valter blames Eirika for Glen's death, inciting Cormag to seek revenge.

According to a support conversation between Cormag and Duessel, Valter used to be somewhat more decent and still sane man (though he wasn't "a gentle lamb before" as Duessel puts it). When his own lance broken in battle, Valter took a cursed lance owned by General Duessel, which made Valter into the man he is now, though Cormag points out a weapon is only as good or evil as the man who wields it. Valter lusts after the beautiful and strong-willed Eirika, and desires to capture her and make her his puppet bride; Riev points out, as he hears about it, that Valter is like an animal, not letting human rules stop his darkest desires. He dies at the assault on Jehanna Hall. He can be unlocked in the Creature Campaign by completing the seventh round of the ruins.

Chapter 15: Scorched Sand boss, along with Caellach


Class: Mage Knight

Selena (セライナ Seraina?, Celina in the Japanese game) is a ruthlessly powerful yet beautiful mage knight who is extremely devoted to Grado and her emperor. Held only second in esteem to the emperor by the Obsidian, Selena is known as the "Fluorspar" and carries around a stone of this type, presented to her by the emperor when she became a general, at all times. When Selena was a child, her family was very poor, but the Emperor gave the poor villagers food and aid. From then on, Selena vowed to serve Vigarde. Remembering her childhood, Selena cares for common villagers and in one of the earlier chapters, she can be found in a village, protecting it from bandits. If Eirika talks to her, she'll ask why Selena wants to help to villagers and Selena replies that it is not fair that the villagers suffer because of the fighting between lords.

In Ephraim's route, she is ordered to kill General Duessel, who has been accused of treason. Reluctantly, she decides to comply, but before she can do so, she is stopped by Valter, who tells her that the Emperor doesn't trust her. Surprised and angry at these words, she leaves to speak to the Emperor by herself. She is almost demoted from her General status, until Prince Lyon suggests that she might retrieve a Dragonstone he needs for investigation. She is given one last chance to defeat Ephraim and she vows to never fail her Emperor again. Later, she seems swayed by Ephraim and Myrrh's arguments that the Emperor became corrupted, and apologizes with General Duessel for calling him a traitor. However, she insists on following her orders to the death and attacks them, ultimately dying out of loyalty and love for her emperor. She can become playable in the Creature Campaign by beating the tower three times.


Class: Wyvern Lord

A general in Grado's army, Glen (グレン Guren?) is known as the Sunstone. Originally of the peasant class, he and his brother, Cormag, have both risen high in the ranks of Grado's Wyvern riders. He loathes Valter for his ruthlessness, while Valter hates Glen for his morals. According to his younger brother Cormag, he had briefly met Eirika before the war began. Glen, not entirely convinced of Eirika's supposedly treacherous nature, is killed by Valter after letting Eirika pass through Carcino's mountains. He can be unlocked in the Creature Campaign by finishing the fifth floor of the ruins.


Class: Hero

A general in Grado's army, Caellach (ケセルダ Keseruda?, Cethelreda in the Japanese game) hails from Jehanna. The axe-wielding, ambitious, ruthless mercenary is known as Tiger Eye. His goal is to become nothing less than a king, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Caellach used to work with Joshua before joining Grado's army in order to pursue his dream. If the player uses Joshua to confront Caellach, Caellach will try to sway Joshua to his side, but his efforts are useless, as Joshua lost a bet to Natasha to see which side he should be loyal to. In Eirika's route, it is revealed that he killed Queen Ismaire, and Joshua also mentions that in his conversation with Caellach. He dies at the assault on Jehanna Hall. He can be made playable in the Creature Campaign by beating the third floor of the tower Chapter 15: Scorched Sand boss, along with Valter


Class: Bishop

Once a revered priest of Rausten, Riev (アーヴ Āvu?, Irv in the Japanese game) was cast out by Pontifex Mansel for heresy and worshipping Formortiis, the Demon King. The fallen heretic priest would then become the strongest of Grado's Generals, with the gem of Blood Beryl. Only truly seeking to revive the Demon King from the Stone of Grado, he is very loyal to Prince Lyon and somewhat acts as a caretaker to him, though this is more likely because Lyon is the container of the Demon King's soul.

He's also known as Blood Beryl and named one of Grado's generals for his sinister control over monsters and the undead. It is learned in Ephraim's route that Riev is responsible for the Phantom Ship, a ship controlled by monsters, which sinks almost anything it passes by. Serving as mostly a messenger for most of the game, he finally leads two attacks, one at Rausten Court and the other at Darkling Woods, where he dies. He officially dies in Darkling Woods, but it is possible to leave him alone and beat the level. If the player does this, the game continues on as if he has been defeated. He can be unlocked in the Creature Campaign by passing the seventh round of the tower.


Class: General

A underling to Valter, Tirado (ティラード Tirādo?) attempts to capture prince Ephraim with the help of Orson, a knight serving under Ephraim who he betrays, but fails. He then lures Eirika to Castle Renvall by spreading rumors of her brother's capture, whereupon he tries to kill the party. Ephriam arrives with his remaining Knights and Tirado is killed. His last words are that he acknowledges his defeat, yet Valter shall not be as merciful as he is. Rumors in the game state that he may have been plotting behind Valter's back in an attempt to take Valter's rank as a general.


Class: Sage

Pablo (パブロ Paburo?) is a high-ranked member of the Council of Elders, which rules the mercantile nation of Carcino. Feeling Grado had an upper hand in the war, he proposed they help Grado in its conquest. Klimt, however, did not approve so the idea was dropped; Pablo used his vast money to fund and build a small army of sellswords and send them against Prince Innes, but Erika and her party stop him and Pablo flees. He also hires an assassin to kill off Klimt, this plan fails to and Carcino allies itself with Frelia and Renais. He is killed during a later battle in Hamill Canyon.


Class: Swordmaster

Right hand of the widowed Queen Ismaire, Carlyle (カーライル Kārairu?) has always been in love with her. After years of silent waiting, his love grew into obsession and this prompted him to betray his country and join Grado, in the hopes of gaining Ismaire's love. However, Caellach and Lyon take the Queen away from Carlyle, trying to get the Sacred Stone of Jehanna, and later Caellach kills her; Carlyle is left with his hands empty and dies lamenting how he only wanted Ismaire. He's only seen in Eirika's route. He is also Joshua's mentor - if he is challenged by Joshua, Joshua comments on how Carlyle was the one who taught him to use a sword.



Class: General

Fado (ファード Fādo?) is the devoted king of the monarchy of Renais, known as the peerless Warrior King. His sole concern is for the people he leads. He is killed during the fall of Castle Renais at the beginning of the game. He is unlocked through the first completion of the Ruins.


Class: Ranger

Hayden (ヘイデン Heiden?) is the king of Frelia, known as the venerable Sage King. He's a good friend to both Eirika and Ephraim and father to Prince Innes and Princess Tana. His leadership and aid to Renais during the war with Grado are crucial to Eirika and Ephraim's victory. He can be unlocked in the Creature Campaign by completing the fifth floor of the ruins.


Klimt (クリムト Kurimuto?) is the head of the Council of Elders, which rules the mercantile nation of Carcino. He did not want to get Carcino involved in the war with Grado, and, as the most powerful and influential member of the Council, managed to keep Carcino out of the fray. However, the councilman Pablo used his wealth to corrupt his fellow councilmen into agreeing with him, and soon they would overrule Klimt's decision and aid Grado's forces with Carcino's army. When Klimt refused and tried to stop them, Pablo attempted to carry out a hit on him. Luckily, Eirika and her forces would intervene, and the assassination attempt failed.


Class: Swordmaster

Ismaire (イシュメア Ishumea?, Ishumare in the Japanese game) is the beautiful and beloved queen of Jehanna, who is killed by Caellach in a futile attempt to resist giving up Jehanna's Sacred Stone. She is known as the Queen of the White Dunes, and is the mother of the myrmidon Joshua. She has ruled Jehanna on her own since the death of her husband, with Carlyle as her right hand. Ismaire is known as a wise and gentle ruler and is admired by her people. Additionally, as the Queen of Jehanna, she is the leader of the guild of mercenaries the desert nation is famed for.

After being fatally injured by Caellach and found by Eirika and her group, Ismaire finally dies in the arms of Joshua, giving him the treasures of Jehanna as a last gift: the ice blade Auduhlma and the wind magic tome Excalibur. She can be unlocked in the Creature Campaign by completing the tower one time.


Class: General

Vigarde (ヴィガルド Vigarudo?) is the stalwart "Silent Emperor" of Grado. He was a benevolent and well-liked ruler who was a very good ally of the kingdom of Renais. Vigarde became terminally ill, and in order to find a way to cure Vigarde of the unexplainable disease, Lyon started experimenting with the Fire Emblem, the sacred stone of Grado. After many failures, Lyon succeeded in creating the Dark Stone, which he used to resurrect his now dead father. However, the Dark Stone harbored the spirit of the Demon King, and he took control of Lyon and Vigarde. As a puppet of the Demon King, Vigarde appointed Valter, Caellach, and the Demon King's prince, he orders to invade his longtime ally, Renais.

Ephraim's party kills him when they invade Grado Castle. When he dies, his body becomes nothing more than a pile of ashes; Ephraim sees this and realizes that he was already dead. Shortly after this, they find Lyon's former assistant Knoll who tells the story of Lyon and the Dark Stone.


Class: Pontiflex

Mansel (マンセル Manselu?) is the beloved and wise ruler of the theocracy of Rausten, known also as the Divine Emperor. He is the uncle of L'Arachel and is similar to a pope in regards to his religious authority. The "Blood Beryl" Riev seeks revenge on Mansel for excommunicating him from the religious order, and carries out an assault on his castle shortly after Ephraim and Eirika arrive there. In the chapter he appears, he is unable to use weapons or magic and must be protected.

From Darkling Woods


Class: Draco Zombie

Morva (ムルヴァ Muruva?) is the foster father to Myrrh, and watches over the Demon King's body in Darkling Woods. He and Lyon converse briefly before Lyon enters the temple. He and the Demon King have a deep enmity for each other, as it was him, and not Grado, who led the attack on him 800 years before. Morva is killed by Lyon when he refuses to let Lyon into the temple, sensing the demon king has control over Lyon. After his death he is transformed into a Draco Zombie and put under Riev's command. If Myrrh and Morva fight, they can share a very short conversation where she apologizes before finishing him.

Demon King (Fomortiis)

Class: Demon King

Fomortiis (フォデス Fodesu?, Phodes in the Japanese game), a giant horned demon, is the final boss of the game.

In the year 3, Fomortiis ruled all of Magvel, via monsters. However, the heroes of Magvel (only two of which were mentioned by name - Grado, the founder of his namesake empire, and Latona, the founder of Rausten, whose namesake is the Sacred Twin staff) rose up with armies and the Sacred Stones. Then, the founders of Magvel trapped the Demon King's soul using the Sacred Stones. The Sacred Stone of Grado, also known as the Fire Emblem, holds the soul of Fomortiis. Eight hundred years later, in year 803, Vigarde's (the Emperor of Grado) son, Lyon, starts to study the Fire Emblem. He splits the Emblem into the Dark Stone and the Sacred Stone and crushes the latter, finding the Dark Stone (which contains the Demon King's soul) to be more powerful.

In the final chapter, Lyon dies in the Black Temple and Fomortiis succeeds in resurrecting his body, but his soul is again trapped within the Sacred Stone of Rausten. Eirika and Ephraim destroy Formortiis's body thus ensuring that he can never again be resurrected.

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