Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Format Action/Adventure
Science fantasy
Starring James Maclurcan
Caitlin Murphy
Samuell Benta
Rhoda Montemayor
Gareth Yuen
Dwayne Cameron
Rod Lousich
David Weatherley
Kelson Henderson
Gerald Urquhart
Ria Vandervis
Voices of Mark Ferguson
Adam Gardiner
Nic Sampson
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 32 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Bruce Kalish
Koichi Sakamoto
Producer(s) Janine Dickins
Charles Knight
Location(s) New Zealand
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Production company(s) BVS Entertainment
Original channel Toon Disney (Jetix)
ABC (ABC Kids) (reruns)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run February 26, 2007 – November 12, 2007
Preceded by Power Rangers Mystic Force
Followed by Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (abbreviated as PROO and Operation Overdrive) is an American television program, the fifteenth installment in the Power Rangers franchise based on the Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger, which is also the thirtieth entry and anniversary of that franchise. It premiered on February 26, 2007.[1] Operation Overdrive is broadcast on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block and ABC Kids in the United States, and on stand-alone Jetix networks in other countries. The program is a co-production between The Walt Disney Company and Toei. It was also broadcasted on terrestrial network ITV in the UK.

Unique among Power Ranger series, Operation Overdrive has the Rangers exploring, operating and fighting in many different countries around the world, rather than focusing only on their home city of San Angeles. In search of their objective, the Rangers have been to Atlantis, unnamed islands in the Atlantic and Pacific, Saint Lucia, Istanbul, London, Portugal, Indonesia, Norway, Mexico, Egypt, Florida, Greece and Japan. To specifically battle villainous attacks, they have visited Rotuma Island, Australia, Brazil, and Stonehenge.



The early working title for the series was Power Rangers Drive Force, but was later changed to "Relic Hunters" and then "Operation Overdrive"[2]

In early pre-production, on July 26, 2006, the series' logo was posted on a fan message board called "Fuñaroboard." [3] This same logo was later featured on the Disney website, RangerSecrets.com, as part of the preview for the series.[4] The logo is very similar to that of the parent series Boukenger in the basic design and format.

On November 14, 2006, Disney had set up its official website for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.[5]


Five brave, skilled, and adventurous young people are chosen to search for several magical jewels that were long ago taken from the Corona Aurora (literally "Crown of the Dawn"), so as to prevent them from coming into the possession of Moltor and Flurious, who are brothers banished long ago by the Corona's guardian for having attempted to steal it.[6] When the billionaire explorer Andrew Hartford discovered the Corona Aurora, they escaped their exile and rallied their allies. In response, Andrew Hartford selected the talented youths and modified their DNA so as to grant them exceptional physical powers by which to combat the evil. Although Moltor and Flurious initially attempted to work together, they soon became rivals. The Corona Aurora fell into Moltor's hands; yet without its jewels, it could not grant the owner universal power. Later, the evil warriors Kamdor and Miratrix began hunting for the jewels, as did the extraterrestrial 'Fearcats'. Now the Rangers, joined by a Mercurian named Tyzonn who joined their ranks as the Mercury Ranger, are forced to fight multiple villains and travel worldwide in the effort to capture the jewels before their enemies can.

In order to accomplish this purpose, the members of Operation Overdrive are equipped with futuristic technology similar to that featured in previous Power Ranger continuities, which improves in sophistication and power with successive episodes. Each time a new Ranger, new weapon, or (in one subplot, if not more) new reason for battle is introduced, that Ranger, weapon, or reason produces the decimation of one major enemy (such as Kamdor and Miratrix) or a host of foot soldiers. Thereafter the odds resume their former state. The physical powers granted by genetic modification are seldom used, seen, or mentioned, except when one or more Rangers is rescued by their use. Throughout the series, legends are included or invented to give a feeling of antiquity: these include Thor's Hammer, Atlantis, and Poseidon, who is mentioned under the Roman name Neptune.



The Operation Overdrive Power Rangers and the Sentinel Knight
Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford
The Red Ranger; a fan of adventure stories. His physical power is apparently superhuman strength. He is the android 'son' of Andrew Hartford, who acts as the team's dispatcher. As an android, he has an infallible memory that can be accessed via a computer. The revelation of Mack's true nature caused some conflict between himself and his creator, who had concealed this truth from him until revealing it became necessary during the course of the series. Thereafter Mack became reckless of his own life (which he believed to be worth less than a human's), which he often put deliberately into danger during the battles subsequent to the revelation of his nature.[7] He is portrayed by James Maclurcan.[1][8]
William "Will" Aston
The Black Ranger; a spy-for-hire with the physical powers of enhanced hearing and sight.[9] Before being recruited, Will was carrying out a mission in Brazil. He is often shown expressing disbelief in supermundane phenomena, such as the existence of dragons or the oracular powers of a chalice. He is portrayed by Samuell Benta.
Dax Lo
The Blue Ranger; an under-appreciated stunt actor and practical joker with the power to leap immense distances.[10] Prior to becoming a Ranger, Dax was working in Hollywood. Dax is often the source of comic relief in the series. He is portrayed by Gareth Yuen.
Veronica "Ronny" Robinson
The Yellow Ranger; a confident and sometimes overly competitive stock car racer. Her physical power is superhuman speed.[11] Before becoming a Ranger, Ronny was competing in an Italian race. She is portrayed by Caitlin Murphy.[12]
Rose Ortiz
The Pink Ranger; a Mensa-level genius archaeologist who enjoys poetry and mythology. The latter interest makes Rose an invaluable source of information regarding the (often fictional) legends which she and her companions must use as the bases for their treasure-hunts. She apparently lacks a robust sense of humor, though she has been made a figure of fun on some occasions. Her power is invisibility.[13] Before she became a Power Ranger, Rose was studying in London. She is portrayed by Rhoda Montemayor.
The Mercury Ranger; a Mercurian with the ability to transform his body into mercury. He followed the Fearcats to Earth to bring them to justice for causing the deaths of the intergalactic search and rescue team of which he was previously a member. It is later revealed that Tyzonn's fiancée was thought dead as a result of a fall of rocks triggered by another Fearcat, Crazar. He is portrayed by Dwayne Cameron.


  • Andrew Hartford: Mack's father; an adventurer and billionaire who created the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers to find the gems of the Corona Aurora. He originally planned to be the Red Ranger, but reluctantly allowed his son to fill the position, despite his own fears of losing Mack. (Portrayed by Rod Lousich).[14]
  • Spencer: The Hartfords' butler. He has a close friendship with Mack, and gives all the Rangers advice. He makes very funny jokes, and sometimes helps in battle, as in the role of a decoy or mobilizer of Zords. Originally skeptical of the Corona's existence or powers. Despite Spencer's demeanor of being a phlegmatic, persnickety English butler, he appears in disguises incongruous therewith, including the role of a man in distress and that of a woman who is undecided as to whether or not she will marry the god Loki. (Portrayed by David Weatherley).
  • Sentinel Knight: The original guardian of the Corona Aurora. When he felt the crown was in danger, he hid the five stones and the crown on the planet Earth, in Greece. His spirit returns to demand that Andrew and his team of Rangers protect the crown. He later reappears and helps Tyzonn assume his true form by revealing that two gems of the Corona Aurora have the power to cause either a disaster or a miracle. After being given the sword Excelsior by Mack, the Sentinel became one with the sword and was more powerful than ever. After the Corona was completed and returned to him, he returned to his true form, separate from Excelsior, and then used the Crown to turn Mack into a human. (Voiced by Nic Sampson), who previously roled as Charlie "Chip" Thorn/Yellow Mystic Ranger in Power Rangers: Mystic Force.
  • Retro Power Rangers: After the Overdrive Rangers' connection to the Morphing Grid was severed by Thrax, rendering them powerless, the remaining Corona Jewels were left unprotected. The Sentinel Knight, troubled by this turn of events, recruited five former Power Rangers to take over the job of protecting the Jewels and stopping Thrax and the united four factions of villains. The returning Rangers were:
  • Alpha 6: In order to restore the Overdrive Rangers' connection to the Morphing Grid, Adam returned to Angel Grove with the other former Rangers to find Alpha, who had somehow returned to Earth from Mirinoi and was stored in a crate. After being revived by Andrew, Alpha went into the Morphing Grid to repair the damage caused by Thrax. For this guest appearance, he was voiced by Campbell Cooley
  • Vella: Tyzonn's fiancée. A Mercurian and fellow member/survivor of the intergalactic search and rescue team of which Tyzonn was also a member. Tyzonn originally believed that she had been killed by the Fearcats. She was briefly impersonated by the Fearcat Crazar; later, the real Vella was revealed to be a prisoner of Moltor, as revealed when he offered her to Flurious along with the Corona Aurora. After Moltor was killed, Flurious kept her as his prisoner. Like Tyzonn, she has silver eyes and blonde hair. After being left to be destroyed by Chillers in Flurious' lair, she was freed by Norg and was reunited with Tyzonn. (Portrayed by Beth Allen).


In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, there are four competing factions of villains that the Rangers must battle, in order to prevent them from acquiring the Corona Aurora's five gems.

  • Flurious: This master villain thrives in a subzero climate, on a glacier, surrounded by foot soldiers called the Chillers. He was originally human, until his attempt to capture the Corona Aurora. He was then transformed into a monstrous form filled with ice. He frequently engages in contact with his brother Moltor to investigate his evil doings. He was destroyed when Mack sacrificed himself by blasting Flurious with all of his energy. He was portrayed by Gerald Urquhart.
  • Norg: The self-titled "last yeti on Earth", who had dwelt in the mountains where Flurious makes his fortress until the arrival of Flurious. Thereafter Norg became Flurious' servant, being assigned menial tasks and endlessly browbeaten. Norg frequently seeks to win his new master's approval, but never succeeds in doing so. He seems overall to be a harmless, somewhat clumsy, simple-minded, emotional, invulnerable creature and doesn't seem to be evil. He was voiced by Kelson Henderson.
  • Moltor: The brother of Flurious, must live under conditions of extreme heat, and thus dwells in a volcano. He was originally human, until his attempt to steal the Corona Aurora, which transformed him into a demon filled with fire and reptiles, mainly consisting of the bipedal Lava Lizards. He was frozen solid and shattered by Flurious when he turned to the latter for refuge. (Voiced by Mark Ferguson)
  • Kamdor: An armored ninja, working with Miratrix, who lived inside her necklace until being freed by a machine that was stolen by Will. He creates and enlarges the monsters working for him. He was destroyed by Will, whom he had taunted, in a duel. Being almost evenly matched, the two fought until both were exhausted, whereupon Kamdor, who had apparently been mortally wounded against his own expectations, exploded. He was voiced by Adam Gardiner.
  • Miratrix: An evil ninja who co-leads the third faction of villains. She is the ally and servant of Kamdor until her failures to defeat the Power Rangers convinced him to abandon her as useless. He then imprisoned her in the same jewel in which he was held captive. It is not known what happened to her after Kamdor's destruction, although Flurious and Will are shown saying that Miratrix died with Kamdor. It is suggested that she had learned of the Corona Aurora's existence and the then-proceeding hunt for its gems through Dax, whom she had seduced. She was portrayed by Ria Vandervis
  • Mig: A green, alien feline who, with the assistance of fellow Fearcat Cheetar, attempted to free his kind from the mirror in which they were all sealed. After being defeated by the Rangers, he was revived by Flurious, who used his powerful Gyros to turn him into a cyborg. He was later destroyed by the Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger. He was voiced by Kelson Henderson.
  • Benglo: A large, alien, tiger-analogue whom Mig and Cheetar managed to free from the mirror. After Cheetar was destroyed by the Drive-Max Ultrazord, Benglo and Mig became the last surviving Fearcats. He was also turned into a cyborg by Flurious after being defeated by the Rangers. He was later destroyed by Mack with the use of the Red Sentinel Ranger powers. He was voiced by David Weatherley.
  • Cheetar: A black cat/cheetah Fearcat, with a violent temper, who came to Earth with Mig to search for the jewels of the Corona Aurora in an attempt to free their army from the prison mirror. He was destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord. He was voiced by James Gaylyn.
  • Crazar: A female, wolf-like Fearcat, who was thought to have been killed in the same cave-in that Mig caused to kill Tyzonn's teammates and fiancée Vella long ago. She was destroyed by the Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger. She was voiced by Lori Dungey.
  • Thrax: The son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. He returned to seek revenge against the Sentinel Knight for imprisoning him in a space dumpster. He temporarily united the four factions and successfully severed the Overdrive Rangers' connection to the Morphing Grid. He was destroyed by the newly re-energized Sentinel Knight. He was portrayed by Glen Levy.
  • Chillers: Foot soldiers who work for Flurious. They can project icy blasts as weapons.
  • Lava Lizards: Lizard-like foot soldiers who work for Moltor.


  • Overdrive Tracker: The Overdrive Tracker is the Morpher for Operation Overdrive. It is a fully functional cell phone equipped with multiple additions: a black light that can decode hidden messages, the Turbo Wheel which allows the Rangers to execute commands, and extra keypad buttons to be used for summoning their various Zords. The morphing call is "Overdrive Accelerate!". In order for the Rangers to morph, the Turbo Wheel must be spinning when the morphing call is uttered. This is usually done by running it down their arm or on any available surface like a sword.
  • Mercury Morpher: This morpher is a wrist-worn morpher that allows Tyzonn to become the Mercury Ranger. It has a rotatable bezel and LCD screen. Like the other Rangers, his morphing call is "Overdrive Accelerate!". He activates the morpher by pushing a button.
  • OO Zip Shooter: A hand tool used by the Rangers that can become a zip-line, parachute, flare signal, or wire to tie up opponents. When attached to the Drive Defender, the weapon can used as a sniper scope to zoom in and fire a stronger blast.
  • S.H.A.R.C.: Stands for Special Hydro Aero Recon Craft. The SHARC, which was built by Andrew Hartford, is a sleek-looking jet-like vehicle. It is capable of great speed in the air and on the water, and is the Rangers' primary mode of transportation. The SHARC is driven primarily by Ronny, the Yellow Ranger.
  • Control Console Drivers: Used by the Rangers to control their DriveMax Zords; they collapse into a suitcase-like form, and then expand when inserted into the control panels of the Zords. They all have a steering wheel and two gearsticks within their confines.
  • Drive Defender: The personal sidearm for the rangers, the Drive Defender features both a blaster mode and a saber mode.
  • Each Ranger possesses his/her own weapon:
    • The Red Ranger wields the Drive Lance, a spear with a retractable blade. The weapon visually resembles a vehicle's leaf spring. Using this spear, the Red Ranger can do a high-speed slash attack called Redline Time, named after the RPM term, or deliver a charged fire slash.
    • The Black Ranger wields the Drive Slammer, a giant sledge-hammer that resembles a drive shaft and axle. It can be thrown like a boomerang, can create chasms by striking the ground, or can charge up for a double slash.
    • The Blue Ranger wields the Drive Vortex, a hand-held fan that can create strong winds. This weapon is designed to resemble a jet turbine. He can use it to propel himself into the air or to launch a whirlwind blast.
    • The Yellow Ranger wields the Drive Claws, two hand-held bulldozer implements that can be used to slash or dig. They are visually designed in semblance of loader buckets. She can throw rocks and debris at opponents or deliver twin slashes.
    • The Pink Ranger wields the Drive Geyser, a powerful, water-based gun. Unlike the other Rangers' weapons, the Drive Geyser is not made to look like any specific part of a vehicle's chassis. Instead, this weapon resembles a miniature version of the Sub Driver. It can launch a powerful, concentrated flow of water at opponents.
    • The Mercury Ranger wields the Drive Detector, a weapon with three modes: lance, blaster, and metal detector (which can be used to find monsters who have hidden underground). It can launch an energy slash projectile or charged metal blast. Its power is sufficient to destroy some of the strongest monsters or Fearcats.
  • Defender Vest and Drill Blaster: A protective vest and a two ended Blaster weapon that can be used by any Ranger. One end (based on Cement Driver) encases the monster in cement with a Tri-Laser, freezing them in place. The other (based on Drill Driver) fires a drill head into the monster to destroy it. The vest is used to anchor and protect the user from the Drill Blaster's powerful recoil, and is powered by one of Fire Heart's dragon scales. The vest can also be used in combat without the Drill Blaster to protect the Ranger wearing it against attacks.
  • Civilian Vehicles: The rangers use these vehicles in pre-battle before they are morphed. Dax (Blue Ranger), Ronny (Yellow Ranger), and Will (Black Ranger) pilot their own personal ATV's or mortorcycles, while Rose (Pink Ranger), Mack (Red Ranger), Tyzonn (Mercury Ranger), and any other allies traveling with them (such as Spencer or Andrew) travel in a Humvee.
  • HoverTek Cycle: The HoverTek Cycle, developed by Hartford Industries exclusively for the Black Ranger. It can transform into a helicopter-type vehicle, and is equipped with powerful lasers. Used for land and air combat.
  • Transtek Armor: A high-powered machine that can be piloted by any of the Rangers. Its default mode is a four-wheeled vehicle mode, which destroys monstors with its claws, but it can also change into a free-standing mech configuration, which can fire powerful energy blasts as a finisher.
  • Sentinel Sword: When the Sentinel Knight merged with the sword Excelsior, it gave him the power to transform into a sword mode which the Rangers are able to carry with them. They can use the sword in battle or, by turning the knob on its hilt, transform it back into the Sentinel Knight. The sword can also be enlarged and used by the DriveMax Megazord in battle.
    • Red Sentinel Ranger: Mack can use the Sentinel Sword and a special morpher that resembles a red version of the Mercury Morpher to merge with the Sentinel Knight and become the Red Sentinel Ranger. The face of the Sentinel Knight is hidden in the chestplate and is able to talk. Attacks of the Red Sentinel Ranger include energy blasts, sword strikes, and whirlwinds.


Both the Rangers and villains travel the world in search of the Corona jewels. To aide them, they must uncover special relics that serve as clues that lead to the lost jewels.

  • Corona Aurora: The Corona Aurora is a crown, resembling that worn in medieval Europe, but claimed to be of divine origin. It is also commonly called The Crown of the Gods. To prevent its capture by those of negative interest, the Sentinel Knight scattered the crown's jewels across Earth. At the opening of the film series, the crown was in Andrew's possession, from which was stolen by Moltor. Following the destruction of Moltor's lair, ownership of the crown passed to Flurious, who then added one jewel to it. After stealing the remaining four jewels from the Rangers, Flurious completed the Corona Aurora. Flurious used its power to battle the Rangers, but was destroyed by Mack. The Sentinel Knight, now fully restored to his original physical form, later appeared with the Corona and used it to revive Mack and transform him into a human.
  • Neptune's Cocoon: This was found sealed within an altar in an Atlantian temple deep in the ocean. The rangers opened the cocoon, believing it to contain one of the gems belonging to the Corona Aurora, finding instead one of the "Scrolls of Neptune".
  • Scrolls of Neptune: The first of these three scrolls was inside the cocoon of Neptune. Rose solved its puzzle by making a picture of the sword of Neptune. When the Rangers assembled correctly all three scrolls, the scrolls transformed into the sword.
  • Sword of Neptune: When the three Neptune Scrolls were laid end to end, they became a blade called the Sword of Neptune. It was initially missing a jewel from its hilt. Upon its formation, it flew out of Rose's hands and pierced the island of Saint Lucia on a map, pointing the Rangers to the location of the pearl that fit its hilt. The pearl had been a lucky charm for the ghost Brownbeard (a play on Blackbeard) until he, wishing to repay the Rangers for the gift to him of a gem called the "Eye of the Sea", gave it to Rose (whose friend he had become).
  • Eye of the Sea: Jewel discovered on the island of Saint Lucia. Believed to be the first jewel of the Corona Aurora, but was proven not to be. The Rangers traded it to Brownbeard for his Lucky Pearl.
  • Dragon Scale: The scale of the dragon Fire Heart purchased by Andrew Hartford from Toby Slambrook (owner of the Rock Porium in Briarwood, featured in Power Rangers Mystic Force) to empower the Defender Vest.
  • Hou-ou Bird: A golden statue of a Japanese Phoenix, located in Istanbul. When directed at the sun at the perfect angle, it came to life and lead Miratrix to the next clue to what is believed to be the Toru Diamond.
  • Ancient Parchment: Before the Hou-ou Bird disappeared, it left behind a parchment that Miratrix and Kamdor retrieved, and which led to the next jewel of the Corona. However, they could not figure out what the ancient symbols meant, and soon lost the parchment to the Rangers. Moltor released a monstrous Tyzonn to successfully retrieve the parchment, though Tyzonn's resignation from Moltor's army again put the item in the hands of the Rangers. Tyzonn decoded it by pouring lemonade (containing citrus) to lead the Rangers to the second jewel of the Corona Aurora.
  • Yanomami Statue: A mysterious, bronze-colored statue excavated in the Brazilian Rain Forest and given to the Rangers by the leader of an excavation team as a reward for the rescue thereof. When given to the Rangers, it gave off a jewel signature, suggesting that it had been exposed to a jewel of the Corona Aurora. The statue itself resembled a man holding a hammer and cannon in each of its hands. The face looked like the Face on Mars, which Rose discovered had once pointed to a location in Mexico where the next artifact could be found.
  • Cannon of Ki Amuk: A legendary blaster that was unearthed from under a mountain by the Fearcats, only to be claimed by Tyzonn and the Flash Point Megazord. It exhibits the same jewel signature as the Yanomami Statue. By loading Mjolnir into the cannon's barrel, the Rangers and Thor, the God of Thunder, were able to recover the next artifact, which was encased in hard rock.
  • Mjöllnir: The legendary hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. The Rangers raced Moltor in an effort to retrieve the treasure while in Norway; although Moltor obtained it first, the Rangers were able to take it from him. The hammer had the ability to increase an item to incredible size when used, and also had a connection to the Cannon of Ki Amuk. Neither the hammer nor the cannon was powerful enough to destroy the rock which encased the next artifact on the Rangers' quest; but by combining the two weapons, the Rangers successfully recovered it. The artifact was immediately stolen by Moltor. Unlike the mythistorical Mjolnir, this version produces blasts of sheer force (colored yellow) when brandished by Thor and directed at an enemy.
  • Piedra Aztec del Compás: The combination of the Cannon of Ki Amuk and Mjolnir was powerful enough to destroy the stone in which this ancient compass was entombed. After the Rangers discovered it, Moltor intercepted the Rangers and stole the artifact. He gave the compass to one of his minions, who was able to use its power to manipulate Qi and Li energies in order to cause Mack nothing but bad luck. Mack overcame the influence of the compass and in turn used it against the monster, allowing it to be destroyed. The Rangers then used the compass to lead them to the location of the third jewel of the Corona.
  • Super Armor: Moltor gave the Fearcats a map to find powerful samurai armor that would make them invincible in exchange for their promise to destroy the Rangers. The Fearcats used the armor on their new giant robot and quickly proved to be too strong for the DriveMax and Flash Point Megazords. The Rangers implemented several Megazord formations, attempting to overpower the Fearcats, finally ripping the armor off of the robot using the DriveMax Megazord Crane Formation. The Rangers took the armor and were then able to easily destroy the Fearcats' robot.
  • Excelsior: A sword belonging to the Goddess of War. Thrax sought it out as it was the only weapon cabable of destroying the Sentinel Knight. Mack found the sword first, but in doing so led Thrax to it. After failing to remove it from the statue of the Goddess, Thrax fled to continue his destruction of the world. The Rangers attempted to retrieve the sword themselves, but could not and chose to leave. Mack stayed behind, inspiring the others to do the same and causing the statue to awaken and grant the Rangers ownership of the sword. Mack gave the sword to the Sentinel Knight, restoring his powers and returning him to his true form. From then on, the Sentinel Knight could transform into this sword, and could be wielded by either Mack or DriveMax Megazord.
  • Centurion Torch: The Fearcats sought the Centurian Torch, hoping to harness its power to set the world on fire. They found the torch and used it to empower their new robot, with which they fought the Rangers. The robot was destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord, allowing the Rangers to take possession of the torch.
  • Golden Scarab Beetle: Andrew discovered a compartment in the torch that held a rare golden scarab encased in amber, leading the Rangers to Egypt, where they found that the scarabs are rumored to be found deep underneath the desert sand.
  • Tablet: While in Egypt's deserts searching for the source of the signals they were receiving, the Rangers encountered Kamdor and Miratrix in an underground chamber, and fought the two for a hieroglyphic-covered tablet they were trying to take. The Rangers successfully managed to get the tablet from them after a short fight, and teleported it back to their base.
  • Octavian Chalice: The Fearcats managed to find this artifact after an extended search for it, during which they distracted the Rangers with the help of a third Fearcat who was previously thought to be dead. The Chalice acts as a receptacle that synthesizes the energy of other relics. After losing in battle against the Rangers, the Fearcats stated that the Chalice had more than one use. The Rangers then destroyed the Fearcats and took possession of it so they could decipher its other uses. The Chalice led the Rangers to Greece, where they invoked it in a ceremony to give guidance in finding the last jewel. Miratrix interrupted them and used the power of the Chalice to turn into a supernaturally powerful, bird-like monster form.
  • Sands of Scylla, Minerva's Staff, and the Root of Heisker: Three relics retrieved by Flurious, Moltor, Kamdor, and Miratrix, but all stolen by the Fearcats. Once placed inside the Octavian Chalice, the energy of these three items was merged together to create the legendary beast Agrios.
  • Golden Plate: After Miratrix's separation from the Octavian Chalice, the Chalice answered the Rangers' question, finding the final jewel by turning into a Golden Plate, the discovery of which sent them back to Egypt. There they found an Anubis statue, which when the plate was placed in its hands, opened a secret passage to a sealed stone sarcophagus which held a golden coin. The Rangers attempted to open it, but discovered that they needed a key to do so.
  • Tri-Dragon Key: The Rangers traced the key needed to open the sarcophagus to Japan, where they were met by Moltor and one of his minions. After engaging in battle, Moltor approached the key and tried to take it. The key burrowed into the Earth and out of sight. Both the Rangers and Moltor tracked it to a waterfall, where they again engaged in battle. The key emerged from the water and moved toward Moltor, but was intercepted by the Black Ranger, allowing the Rangers to return to Egypt and open the sarcophagus.
  • Golden Medallion: When the Rangers opened the sealed sarcophagus, they found nothing but the coin inside. When they presented it to Andrew, he recognized it as matching an indentation on the sarcophagus of a mummy which he had been given as a gift years earlier. When the coin was placed in the indentation and came into close contact with the three Corona Jewels in the Rangers' possession, it brought the mummy to life. The mummy gave the Rangers' the fifth jewel of the Corona before it was blasted by an army of invading Chillers.
  • Compass of Keats: A treasure only featured in Power Rangers: Super Legends. The Overdrive Rangers use it to detect errant time crystals.

Corona Jewels

The five jewels were scattered around the world and have taken on new gem forms. When they are brought to the Corona, they revert to their original, diamond-shaped form.

  • Brownbeard's Pearl: When the Eye of the Sea did not fit on the hilt of the Sword of Neptune, the Rangers gave it to Brownbeard. In exchange, he gave them his lucky pearl, which fit the sword and was therefore revealed as the first jewel to the Corona Aurora. The gem's original form is the black Corona jewel.
  • Toru Diamond: The ancient parchment revealed the location of the second jewel within a volcano. Mack and Tyzonn flew into the volcano using the Sonic Streaker. Tyzonn's scales protected him from the heat of the lava, allowing him to descend on a rope and retrieve the diamond. The power of the two jewels was enough to transform Tyzonn into his Mercurian form. The gem's original form is the yellow Corona jewel.
  • Blue Sapphire: An ancient compass showed the Rangers the way to the third jewel, which was hidden underwater, whence Will, Dax, and Ronny retrieved it. Will was given the duty of delivering it to Hartford, but was attacked by Miratrix and Kamdor, and the Sapphire was stolen. To keep the Rangers busy while he searched for the final jewel, Kamdor used the gem's power to create a meteorite that nearly destroyed Earth. While Kamdor was battling the Rangers, Norg discovered the Sapphire in the Ninjas' lair and then presented it to Flurious. Flurious then used the Sapphire's power to destroy Moltor's lair. The gem's original form is the blue Corona jewel.
  • Star of Isis: The Egyptian tablet's hieroglyphics translated into a code that led straight to the fourth jewel, hidden in the Floridan Everglades. By sneaking a computer virus into the Rangers' base, Kamdor and Miratrix were able to get to the location first; the Rangers nevertheless arrived, and the two groups battled fiercely for possession of the jewel, resulting in Mack's having to become the Red Sentinel Ranger in order to successfully defeat their enemies. Kamdor and Miratrix attempted to leave with the jewel in hand, but Ronny was able to use her superhuman speed to snatch it from Kamdor's hands right as they were leaving. The gem's original form is the red Corona jewel.
  • Pink Emerald: The fifth jewel was given to the Rangers by the mummy before the creature vanished. The jewel was kept inside of a special box, which blocked the jewel signature from being detected by the Rangers' trackers. The gem's original form is the pink Corona jewel.


As with every Power Rangers series, each Ranger gets his or her own personal Zord that can form a larger Megazord. In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, these are collectively referred to as the DriveMax Zords and are based on exploration, construction, demolition, and emergency vehicles. The Megazord's arms can also be interchangeable with the others. Many of these Zords are similar to the Auxiliary Dino Zords of Power Rangers Dino Thunder and some of the Auxiliary Wild Zords of Power Rangers Wild Force in that they usually replace one of the arms of the core Megazord, except the Sonic Streaker.


# Air date Episode Title
1 2007-02-26 "Kick Into Overdrive"
2 2007-02-26 "Kick Into Overdrive II"
3 2007-03-05 "The Underwater World"
4 2007-03-12 "Heart of Blue"
5 2007-03-19 "Weather or Not"
6 2007-03-26 "Pirate in Pink"
7 2007-04-02 "At All Cost"
8 2007-04-09 "Both Sides Now"
9 2007-04-30 "Follow The Ranger"
10 2007-05-07 "Lights, Camera, DAX"
11 2007-05-14 "Face to Face"
12 2007-05-21 "Face to Face II"
13 2007-06-04 "Man of Mercury"
14 2007-06-04 "Man of Mercury II"
15 2007-06-11 "Behind the Scenes"
16 2007-06-18 "Just Like Me"
17 2007-07-02 "It's Hammer Time"
18 2007-07-09 "Out of Luck"
19 2007-07-16 "One Gets Away"
20 2007-07-23 "Once a Ranger"
21 2007-07-23 "Once a Ranger II"
22 2007-08-06 "One fine day"
23 2007-08-20 "Ronny on Empty"
24 2007-08-27 "Ronny on Empty II"
25 2007-09-10 "Things Not Said"
26 2007-10-01 "Red Ranger Unplugged"
27 2007-10-08 "Home and Away"
28 2007-10-15 "Home and Away II"
29 2007-10-22 "Way Back When"
30 2007-10-29 "Two Fallen Foes"
31 2007-11-05 "Nothing to Lose"
32 2007-11-12 "Crown and Punishment"


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  2. ^ Bridge was originally the Green and later Blue S.P.D. Ranger. (See Once a Ranger)


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