David LeBatard

David LeBatard

David LeBatard (also know by nickname LEBO) is a Cuban-American graphic and fine artist based in Miami, Florida, best known for murals, live painting, and sculpture. He has been described as one of South Florida's "most recognizable artists",[1] and "almost an institution" in the art world for his wide range of media, projects, and locations.[2]


Personal history

Lebo was born in New York City in 1972 to Cuban parents.[3][4] He was raised in South Florida,[5] where he attended the Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School in Hollywood, Florida.[6] then Florida International University. Overcoming a lack of support and encouragement from his school, he entered and won the 1990 Silver Knight Award for art in Broward County, Florida[7], and later judged that competition.[6] He was a lecturer in residence at the International Museum of Cartoon Art while attending Florida International University, which he graduated in 1995.[4][5]

LEBO is brother of Miami sportswriter Dan Le Batard.

Themes and influences

LeBatard refers to his work as "postmodern cartoon art expressionism".[8] He often depicts musicians and musical metaphors, inspired by street art and Cuban music.[5] His visual style involves "soulful" line-based abstractions against bold flat color backgrounds.[1]

Works, collaboration, and commissions

LEBO's first public exhibit was at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami in 1996, after which he began selling paintings and receiving commissions.[9] He has since exhibited in galleries throughout the United States.[9] His works include a number of murals and other public art installations in Detroit, New Orleans, and South Florida[10] and bicycle racks.[11] A mural he painted for American football star Ricky Williams appeared on television when Williams' home was featured on MTV Cribs.[4]

LeBatard has collaborated extensively with various musicians. He appeared and toured with Thievery Corporation, the Beastie Boys, Bela Fleck, Burning Spear,[12] Disco Biscuits,[13] Cuban band Conjunto Progresso, and Arturo Sandoval,[14] among others, creating live art while the groups performed. He has also designed CD cover art and other artwork for Phish, The Spam Allstars, and the Latin Grammys.[15] He has appeared in Mexico City, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Jamaica for various site-specific art projects, including a trip to the Amazon funded by the Ford Foundation.[9]

LeBatard has been commissioned for commercial art by Bacardi, Adidas, Gibson Guitars, Nestle,[1] Macy's,[16][17] the Miami Heat,[18] Calvin Klein, "Zoe's Summer Groove", and the Langerado Music Festival.[5][19]

He has also worked in the media of fabric,[20] aircraft exteriors,[21], stained glass, furniture (he collaborated with designer Ralh Pucci, among others),[2] and flower shows.[17][22] In 2008 he collaborated with an Italian tile manufacturer to design the world's largest mosaic mural in Venice, Italy.[23]

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