Tamsui Line (TRA)

Tamsui Line (TRA)

The Tamsui Line (Chinese: 淡水線, Tongyong Pinyin:Danshuei) is a non-operational Taiwanese railroad branch line, located in Taipei County (now New Taipei City) and operated by the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). It connected the city of Taipei with the town of Tamsui.


The Tamsui Line was opened on 25 August 1901 and had 17 stations, two of which (Dadaocheng, Beimen), located before Taipei Main Station were closed to passenger traffic by 1916 and 1923 respectively (the former station, located on a branch, continued to be used by freight trains until 1937). Changan and Jiantan Stations were shut down in 1950. In 1954 a temporary Fuxinggang Station was built for the 9th annual Taiwan Province Games, which closed after the games ended. In addition, Tatung Company had a station located between Shuanglian and Yuanshan Stations, which was originally built during World War II, finally opened on 7 October 1946 and closed on 1 March 1980. The Tamsui Line was finally closed on 15 July 1988 and was later demolished.

The TRTS Tamsui Line currently operates along a route similar to that of the one occupied by the TRA Tamsui Line during its existence.

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