Daniel Burt (comedian)

Daniel Burt (comedian)

Daniel Burt is a writer and comedian from Frankston, Victoria, Australia.[1]

Early in his career, Daniel presented programs on SYN90.7 and Melbourne's c31, including Pluck, The Reviewers, Raucous and 3 Day Growth.[citation needed]

In 2002, he won National TREV Campus Comedy Competition.[2]

In 2005, at the age of 21, Daniel became the first Australian to write for The Tonight Show with David Letterman.[3][4][dead link] He spent all his savings and borrowed money from his parents just to get to New York for the interview.[5]

He returned to Melbourne in 2006 and since then has written for skitHOUSE, The Glass House, The Sideshow, Good News Week, The Einstein Factor, National Bingo Night, Hole in the Wall, Taken Out, Crown Australian Celebrity Poker Challenge and The Biggest Loser.[6]

As a corporate speaker, he has entertained companies such as Vulcan Steel and BHP Billiton.

He has been a frequent columnist for The Age newspaper.[7]

In 2007 he wrote and presented a series of art "isms" for Sunday Arts on the ABC.[8]

Dan has acted in iSH media mobile comedy series Girl Friday and wrote and acted in The Three Day Growth, which received funding from the Australia Council,[9] Australian Film Commission,[10] and Film Victoria[11]

He has also acted on stage in The Coming of Stork by David Williamson at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival[12]

In August 2009 Daniel collaborated with Catherine Deveny for Devenyburt - An Evening Of Insight And Filth a live comedy show at the Butterfly Club in South Melbourne.[13] A cocktail was created their honour.[14]

In 2010 his Melbourne Comedy Festival Show - Yes Man Syndrome was a sell out.[15]

In August 2010 Andrew Bolt described him as apparently having "...the mark of a modern messiah".[16]

He currently writes for The 7PM Project.


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