The Furongian (which represented approximately the old notions of Late Cambrian, Merioneth, Croixian, or Potsdamian) is the third and final geological epoch of the Cambrian Period. It spans the time between 501 ± 2 Ma and 488.3 ± 1.7 Ma (million years ago). It has been proposed to divided it three ICS stages, of which only the first (Paibian) is actually defined. Rocks of the Late Cambrian epoch are referred to as Upper Cambrian strata. During the Furongian, trilobites proliferated; they serve as useful index fossils. Mollusks also became more diverse and new groups such as the graptolites and the conodonts, probable early chordates, also appeared during the Furongian epoch.


* [http://www.stratigraphy.org/geowhen/stages/Late_Cambrian.html GeoWhen Database - Late Cambrian]

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* Cambrian-Ordovician extinction

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