Dalteparin sodium

Dalteparin sodium

Dalteparin is a low molecular weight heparin. It is marketed as Fragmin® by Pfizer Inc. Like other low molecular weight heparins, dalteparin is used for prophylaxis or treatment of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

The CLOT study, published in 2003, showed that in patients with malignancy and acute venous thromboembolism, dalteparin was more effective than warfarin in reducing the risk of recurrent embolic events.[1] Dalteparin is not superior to unfractionated heparin in preventing blood clots.[2]

Tinzaparin sodium is the only low molecular weight heparin shown to be safe in critically ill people with renal failure at both treatment and prophylaxis dose levels.[3]. Heparins are cleared by the kidneys, but studies have shown that dalteparin does not accumulate even if kidney function is reduced.[4]


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